Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Recruitment Events JULY 2014 – Cabin Crew:

Location Date Time Venue Event type
U.A.E., Abu Dhabi 02-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
Romania, Bucharest 07-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
Romania, Bucharest 09-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
U.A.E., Abu Dhabi 09-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
Germany, Frankfurt 14-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
U.A.E., Abu Dhabi 16-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
Spain, Barcelona 16-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
U.S.A., Los Angeles 21-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
U.A.E., Abu Dhabi 23-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
South Africa, Johannesburg 27-JUL-2014 Assessment Day
U.A.E., Abu Dhabi 30-JUL-2014 Assessment Day









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To be invited to attend the Assessment Days, create your application here.

When participating in any recruitment events with Etihad Airways, you need to bring along the the Application form (download here) together with all the documents specified in the form.

Etihad Airways is also recruiting Food and Beverage Managers and In-flight Chefs. Both of these positions are ideal for candidates who want to combine a cabin crew lifestyle with their expertise in the Food and Beverage Field. For all recruitment events, refer to Etihad Careers Website.

To enable you to book a space at an “invitation only” assessment, you must APPLY ONLINE and receive an email invitation to book an assessment.

As you prepare for a recruitment event, build a great CV, fill in a perfect online application and learn how to dress for your assessment day. If you want to be one step ahead of everybody else, practice for the group exercise and know what to expect from the final interview. Don’t forget about the 9 mistakes to avoid during an assessment day.

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