The Final Interview is the last step of the Cabin Crew Assessment Day. It usually consists of questions aimed to provide the interviewers with the right information to help them with the hiring decision – these can range from your experiences in school to your job or skills.

Some popular questions:
• Why do you want to become a cabin crew?
• What do you know about our company?
• Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
• How are you planning to compensate for your lack of experience?
• Tell me about a time when you solved a conflict.
• Tell me about a time you dealt with a colleague who was not doing his share of work.
• Why should we hire you?

Preparing for this interview is crucial to your success. If you are caught by surprise, you may reveal something you didn’t want to share just because you didn’t have any example ready. This could jeopardize your chances of getting the job.
To prepare your answers, check out 25 Question and Answers for the Cabin Crew Final Interview.

Here are some other important aspects to consider:

1. Body Language

The little signals that we unconsciously send to the people we interact with show precisely what we feel at that particular time. We can decode somebody’s body language better than their words, so it will pay off to be aware of it.

• Sit upright, but not too stiff in your chair – this shows that you are comfortable and confident.
• Lean slightly forward – this shows you are interested and involved.
• Very slightly tilt your head to one side – this shows you are friendly and open.

• Rest your hands loosely clasped in your lap or on the table.
• Do not touch your face – touching your nose or lips can indicate that you are lying.
• Do not elevate your hands above the neck – this shows that you are nervous and annoyed.
• Do not cross your arms across your chest – this shows a defensive attitude.

• Cross your feet at the ankles or place both your feet on the floor – this shows a professional and confident look.
• Control your leg movement – shaking or bouncing your leg shows nervousness and is distracting.
• Do not rest your leg on top of the other knee – this is perceived as arrogance.

Tone of voice
• Breathe and pause before answering the questions.
• Vary your tone and pitch.
• Smile and nod at appropriate times, but don’t overdo it.
• Don’t laugh on your own – laughing along with the interviewer is more appropriate.
• Always use words to answer questions. Don’t reply just with nods and head shakes.

Don’t forget!
• Get plenty of sleep the night before the interview. Yawning in front of the interviewer suggests boredom.
• Don’t consume alcohol the night before, and avoid spicy or garlic rich food as these may taint your breath.

2. Questions and Answers Session

Stay Relevant
You have to listen to the question and provide a concise answer. Always stick to the question you were asked. Don’t stray away from the discussion and move to irrelevant and unrelated topics.

Provide Examples
You can say you can do something, or you can give examples of things you have done. Prepare in advance some examples and answer the questions in specifics, not in generalities. You can say “Yes, I have done that before. Here is an example of a time I did that… Did this answer your question?”

Be Honest
Dancing around a difficult interview question is not the best approach. If you don’t have a skill, just tell the interviewer and don’t try to cover it up by giving examples that are not relevant. Even if you don’t have that particular skill, you might have some related skills, and you can discuss them further if the interviewer wants to hear more. You can say “No, I never had that experience, however, I encountered a situation when I was faced with… [similar issue]. Would you like me to expand on this subject?”

3. Your turn to ask questions

When the interviewer asks you if you have any questions for them, don’t be silent. By asking relevant questions, you show your enthusiasm and interest in the company and the recruitment process. Prepare in advance couple of topics or ask about any matters that may have resulted from the information exchanged during the interview.

This may be your only chance to receive feedback, so one of the best things you can do is to ask the interviewer “Can you offer me any feedback based on my performance today?” It might be the company policy not to offer feedback, but if it’s not, this might be an opportunity for you to become aware of a couple of areas of strengths and possible developments. Once they gave you their feedback, receive it gracefully without starting a conversation on the subject.
If they refuse to explore this point, don’t take it personally.

4. What’s the next step

Unless it has been described before the cabin crew final interview, you need to know what follows in the hiring process. Try to establish the time frame for a hiring decision to be made and who you should get in touch with to follow up the status of your application. Should you phone or email? Clarifying this information not only lets you know what is happening but also shows the interviewer that you are professional and organized.

5. Thank the interviewer

Sincerely thank the interviewer for the time spent with you. Make eye contact when doing this and shake their hand if it is initiated by them.

Being successful at your cabin crew final interview is all about confidence. Confidence comes from being prepared. You are on your way to success, trust that!

Get 101 Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

To see who is hiring and where are the interviews, check out

Qatar Airways

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    140 replies to "5 Tips for the Cabin Crew Final Interview"

    • priya

      Hi kara,
      I am 25 years old. I would like to attend the interview on 25th feb 2018 in bangalore. (The thing is I am nervous). I need an idea about the cabin crew interview. I have an experience of working in a hotel industry for 3 year.

    • Winnie

      Hi Kara,
      My name is Winnie. I am a Tanzanian by nationality but i currently live in Nairobi, Kenya. I have tried to look for open days for etihad, qatar and emirates….but there is none within Kenya. Not even within the countries around. What do i do?? Do i travel all the way to Dubai for an open day??

      • Kara

        Hi Winnie. This year, Emirates and Etihad didn’t conduct any recruitment events around the world. Qatar is still recruiting, but the only destinations in your area are in South Africa. I suggest you use this time until the airlines become more active in recruiting and prepare as much as you can to become the best possible candidate.

        I hope this helps you.

    • kajal kshetri

      hey !! m from delhi india …i want to know where would be the interview if i apply for emirates online?
      n how many interviews will be conducted ? n if we get selected do we have to live at their centre ?

      • Kara

        Hi, Kajal. Emirates is currently not recruiting cabin crew. When they restart, you can apply for the vacancy. And yes, if selected, you must be willing to relocate to Dubai.

    • Rahul Vishwakarma


      This is Rahul Vishwakarma.
      In India I have attended Qatar airways interview where so many applicants were present.

      but Qatar HR only took my CV and said, we will notify you till evening and
      then did not get any reply.

      but one of my friend got the job as an HR in Qatar with same CV drop off.
      how that happened, I was also fully prepared but couldn’t get success.

      please reply what went wrong????

      • Kara

        Hi Rahul,

        I am obviously unable to tell you the exact reason for being rejected. Open Days are highly competitive events and only the best of the best will be selected. There are many factors that are taken into consideration such as language abilities, soft skills, customer service experience as well as impeccable first impressions. This is all measured against the rest of the candidates.
        I can only advise you to keep on trying and apply for all airlines hiring, even if it’s just to gain experience.

        Focus on improving yourself and your skills, as well as broaden your experience.

    • bela

      Hi Kara I want to apply as a cabin crew for INDIGO but my teeth is gaping I should try or not. Please help me

      • Kara

        Hi Bela. Here at FlightAttendantCentral we are focusing on Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways only. I can’t help you with advice about the interview process for any other airline.

    • Malinda

      hey Kara, thanks for your feedback. I misinterpreted on how we should check our height. I am about to buy contact lens so it is okay if the lens is in color as well? Please let me know. Thanks

      • Kara

        Hi Malinda. Your contact lenses should be without color.

    • Neeraj bohara

      Hey kara,
      Can u plz tell me what is the processor for stand by Candidate in air India for cabin?.. I mean when will be inform me?.. They will call me or not?

      • Kara

        Neeraj, here at Flight Attendant Central we offer guidance to candidates applying for Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways. I am not an expert in other airlines, such as Air India.
        I’m sorry I can’t help more.

    • Malinda

      Hey Kara, my height is 169cm on tip toes. So will Qatar airways take me?

      • Kara

        You can be accepted by Qatar if you can reach 212cm on your tip toes, Malinda.

    • Shubham

      Hey, I jus wanted to know m doing pgdm this year. I’ll b done with my post graduation in coming two years. So can I apply for cabin crew after that ?

      • Kara

        Yes Shubham, you can apply then.

    • Sumitra

      Hi Kara
      I applied for Qatar airway n they mail me an applicant no.
      What i want to know is I can go for the open day or i should wait for the invitation letter for the open day.
      And my height is 159cm n airways requirement is 160 cm for the 1 cm different r they going to reject me
      Please help me n thank you in adv

      • Kara

        Yes Sumitra, you should go to the open day personally and provide the CV and photos as well as the applicant number.

        Qatar Airways doesn’t have a minimum 160cm height requirement. Their only requirement is that you reach 212 cm on your tip toes.

    • Anne

      Hey Kara,
      Can you please advice about the Etihad’s assessment in India? When can i Apply?

      • Kara

        Hi Anne,

        Currently, there are no recruitment events organized by Etihad in India. You can apply online, and if shortlisted, you have six months to book an assessment either in India or in a nearby location you can travel to at your own expense. All the best!

    • akhtar ansari

      hi kara

      17 december in Kolkata india Qatar airways interview. and they mention cv drop off what does it means ? i have to submit cv before the interview or i have to carry cv and reach to the given location directly please give me idea.
      kra my voice is bold and getting some mistake in pronunciation but I have a confident to reply their answer . please give me you suggestion

      thank you


    • vineet sharma

      Hello kara,
      I want to try for jet airways cabin crew can u plz tell me if I am 28 years old can I try fr crew in jet airways d age criteria is 21 to 27 as per requirement I really want to try plz help.

      • Kara

        Vineet, I am not an expert in Jet Airways. I only advise candidates who want to apply for the airlines in the Middle East. I’m sorry I can’t help you.

    • Wijy

      Hello kara first of all i want to thank you for all those informations plz can you help me . I want examples for qatar airways interview questions and writing topics and could you give me an advise how can i succed with qatar airways really i tried many time but i didnt succed😢

    • Anna

      Hello Kara,

      I have a question. Many resources are advised to be youself on the assessment day. But what to do if my personality does not match that all recruiters looking for in their cabin crew. I really introvert person and don’t feel comfortable keep a speech around people. What should I do with it? I want very much to be a flight attendant. But I do not want to play not my role in the interview. I want to look natural

      Tnank you Kara for any advaices

      • Kara

        Anna, I’m an introvert as well and so are many of the cabin crew. You don’t need to be obnoxious or loud. But your voice must be heard. Yoru opinion in the group is important. They don’t ask you to step in the role of a leader, just to show that you have the very important skills such as team spirit, problem-solving and customer service mindset.

    • Priyanka

      Hello iam priyanka

      Recently i filled cabin crew reqruitment form in Air India. Thay are asking for gils height 155cms. And I am 154cms. They could reject me for my single cm less than minimum requritment?

      • Kara

        Priyanaka, here at Flight Attendant Central we specialize in the recruitment process for Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways only. I am unable to offer any advice in regards to other airlines. I’m sorry.

      • Harsh Vardhan

        No neee to worry about Priyanka… jus wait for your call letter and go through with the interview process
        and if you will perform good in your interview then your height can considered that’s not a big issue
        I’ve also given a once in air india
        prepare your introduction and why you want to be a cabin crew
        Good lukk lady

      • saikumar

        could you help in the process of interview as my sister had been selected i want to make through in the interview.

    • sagar

      I have interview at Qatar airways in India . I don’t have any work experience . How can I prepared for it ?? My height is 166 cm, male . I am eligible or not ?? If yes , how can I prepared for it ??

      • Kara

        No previous experience is required Sagar. The interview questions will be directed to your experiences and encounters in school and in your personal life. Download this report and adjust the questions and your answers

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    • zara

      what is preliminary interview? before i went to cabin crew interview and it didn’t went so well lost at last round and now after 2 weeks i got mail from airlines for preliminary interview i’m confuse can you help me with this. thank you!

      • Kara

        Zara, was this happening through an agency?

        • zara

          no. it was through airline company for freshers

          • Kara

            I am not aware of how these companies conduct recruitment. If you are in a country that uses a recruitment agency, they are the only official and approved company to conduct pre-screening.

            • zara

              thank you! and you blog is good and helpfull

    • Mary

      Hey,fast of all good job you doing. I am about to go for a cabin crew interview and its my first time. Through your information I believe my interview will be successful

      • Kara

        Good luck Mary 🙂

    • Lee

      Good day Kara:Im very interested to read your book,when I want to purchase online,I dont know how to make it.
      Ill go for an OD after 8days.
      please advice where to get your book.
      My email is:

      All the best&God bless

      • Kara

        Lee, The book is available in electronic format (eBook). As soon as your payment is processed (usually a matter of seconds), you will receive an email with a unique link. The book is ready for you to read right away on your computer, smart phone or tablet. The price of the book is USD 29.97 and you can use your credit card to process the transaction.
        If you prefer to use PayPal, I will send you a separate link for that.
        Click here to get to the book order page.
        Let me know if you need more help.

    • Ali Khan

      Hi KARA,

      I have read your some things regarding interview that is very nice and helpful information but i just wanted to ask some questions regarding cabin crew interview preparation because this 1st July have interviews regarding this and i have to prepare of some answers before going for interview which can make me helps and i cant buy this book so what is the second way how can i find some answers with out buying this book.



    • SK

      Hi Kara,

      I had my final interview 07 Feb this year for Qatar and was successful. A few days later was asked to make sure my photos were uploaded. (I had done this right after the final interview with the light blue background) I am still pending and its been 5 months. Do you think I am unsuccessful? I have emailed and been told I am being considered still. Other people have been asked to complete medicals as of yesterday. How much longer should I wait? Oh and being a male do you think it takes longer as preference is given to females first? I also have previous exp as cabin crew.

      Thank you


      • Kara

        Hi SK. They definitely take longer with male candidates. I can’t tell you anything, but the fact that they stated you are still considered is a good sign.

        • Inez

          I had my final interview last February 28, 2015. Then on March 2015 I received an email from a representative of QR requesting and remainding me ragarding the submission of photographs to complete my application. I already sent them my photographs. It’s been almost 6 month that I’ve been waiting for their email yet up to this moment, I’m getting no response. How much longer should I wait? (I’m a female)
          I’m worried that after waiting for so long, it would just be a regret email instead of congratulations emai. Please helm me….

          • Kara

            Inez, the wait time is usually 6 weeks. You should contact them and ask them if there is any additional documents you can provide to assist in them processing your application.

      • Rt

        Hi SK. I answered my interview in August and am in a similar situation for almost five months now.
        So did you finally hear from them? Was it positive ?
        How long did you have to wait ?
        Was the delay coz you had any scars ?

    • Jappie

      Greetings Kara,

      Thank you for all your enticing posts about the industry. Your information is well-presented, very thorough and easy to read.
      I am a male currently about to start my video interview with FlyDubai. I hope my question isn’t too complex but here it goes: I believe that as with all candidates, FlyDubai has considered me thus far because of a combination of my previous Hospitality experience and the picture I have sent them. The tricky part is that I am really thin. I used to be below an acceptable BMI but in recent years I have overcome that, it’s acceptable now but borderline. The funny part is that my suit hides all thinness. 1) are they very strict about this? I see that most cabin crew members have a good physique/are well-built and i seldom see a very thin individual. Are amount of fat of hands important as they are in sight a the time while serving passengers or demonstrating buckle-up and safety procedures? Lastly, to your knowledge of an airline like Flydubai, is it optional to choose to wear a long-sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved collared shirt or does this depend solely on the climate or the airline’s dress-code policy? How I wish I can just wear a long sleeve shirt with a suit.

    • Ankita

      Sir, i dont have clear idea about cabin crew inerview….
      Can u assist me in brief about the steps from initial to final…. I mean how many rounds will be there and which kind??
      Waiting for reply

    • Mohammed Ibrahim

      Hi Kara Thank you so much and you are doing a wonderful job….

      I have a video interview with flyDubai. i shaved my head 3 days ago as i was not aware about getting an invitation for video interview, will it effect the interview in any sense. please help me

      • Kara

        Mohammed, I can’t help you with advice for Fly Dubai, I am not sure what are their requirements are. For all the other airlines, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways it is recommended that your head is not completely shaved.

    • Mohammad Najmul Hossain

      Thank you so much for your helpful advise.

      • Kara

        I’m happy I can help 🙂

    • Shaid

      This is smartly future….i like this….

      • Kara


    • Nadine

      ohh wow I see!! u’r right!! :))))))) how silly of me I stressed so much abt it abd thought it was a “tricky” question…….guess I got so used and “obsessed” with the hard questions and the rlly tricky questions, that I didnt even thought or suspected that it was just a simple abd funny question 🙂
      THANK YOU SO MUCH for puting me on the right track once again!! <3

      • Kara

        Nadine, many things are usually simpler than we make them be 😉

    • Nadine

      hello dear Kara!!

      I am a reader of yours and your book which by the way is great like the blog and all this project u are so into and dedicated to help all those who want so much to become a CCM.
      I have a problem, there is this really strange question they asked during the FI of one of the top 3 middle eastern airlines. It was something like “During the video presentation about the company we also talked about the Training part…so about this, if u could put these ideas into one box, how would u call that box”???

      something like this….and it seems a rlly stange question, is it a tricky one? Plz help us and tell us what should one answer in such a case? really as much as I think I cant find an answer or what they really want to see through this question 🙁 🙁

      Thank u so much in advance!

      • Kara

        Hi Nadine, this is a pretty funny question to ask and it is by no means a tricky one. They just need to see how you define training and education. There is obviously not a right or wrong answer. You can say something like “vision”, “knowledge is power”, “confidence comes from knowing”, etc

    • Muhammad

      Dear, Kara
      Thank you for your information, it’s a great work.
      I have an assessment day the next Wednesday in Etihad airways, actually I am very afraid and nervous, I hope I do good.

      • Kara

        What are you afraid of Muhammad?

    • Abror

      Good day Kara. How are u? I saw how is your answers and recommendations useful for everybody.
      Kara I wanted to know your opinion, if I can apply for cabin crew position. Is it possible, can I send you my CV just to review it. My email is thank you in advance.

    • parvez n

      wow sooo good info,,,

      • Kara

        Happy to hear that Parvez 🙂

    • Vinay Kumar

      Kara I need help
      I’m interested in cabin crew & now I’m pursuing Hotel Management in in last year
      what do you think did I go for cabin crew interview?
      if they asked about my education what did I tell them?
      please help me kara

      • Kara

        You tell them the truth Vinay. You are pursuing your diploma and you are now in your last year.

    • Rafael

      Dear Kara,
      Thanks for this site and your patient to entertain us. If we want to apply for FA or Cabin Crew for an Airline Can we go to any countries as we want to attend the open day or assessment?

      thanks for the answer Ma’am.

      God bless!

      • Kara

        Yes Rafael, you can go to any open day location. For the assessment days, you must apply online and be shortlisted for the event. Priority will be given to the residents of that specific country.

    • Mina

      Dear Kara,

      Thank you once again for your time and dedication for this site. 🙂
      I got my answer 8 days ago and it’s positive. I am in the process of collecting all needed medical documentation. Medical system is little bit slow in my country, but I will do my best to upload everything on Tuesday.

      Best Regards from B&H!

      • Kara

        Congratulations Mina! Well done!!! 🙂

    • surabhi kandala

      i want to become cabin crew plz iam insterted

      • Kara

        To become a cabin crew you must apply on the careers website of the airline you wish to work for.

    • Anna

      Dear Kara,

      In the meantime I finally received an email informing me to start processing my medical clearance documentation. I already collected everything they asked for so now I just need to upload my documents and hope that I will pass this phase as well, so that I can soon find myself concerned about getting my visa, or whatever comes next. 🙂

      Once again, thanks a looooot for all those precious advices!

      • Kara

        Congratulations Anna! Well done!!! 🙂

        • anna

          tell me please after how many days of the interview you receive the email

          • Kara

            It is usually within 4-6 weeks from the date of the interview, unless they give you another time frame Anna.

    • Mina

      Kara, thank you very much. I sent them an e-mail 🙂
      No matter the outcome, things will be ok. I did my part as best as I could, now I just need to stay calm and patient and wait little bit more 🙂

      Have a nice day!

      • Kara

        That’s the attitude Mina!

    • Vishnu Navroji

      Hi Kara,
      While I was going through the official Qatar Airways website ,I saw that in india there is only one open day interview this month that’s in Mumbai, but I came to know that there is another open day interview in Banglore this 18th, I cant send online application for the open day in banglore. But when I called the hotel in banglore they said that the interview is confirmed on 18 of this month, Kindly help me how to get an invitation for this Open day.

      • Kara

        There is no need to apply online for an Open Day Vishnu. Just go to the advertised location with the required documents. Good luck!

    • Mina

      Dear Kara,
      Thank you very much, very useful web page and comments. Very nice of you to share all this information and advices. 🙂

      First I would like to add to Anna’s comment, I completely agree with her, I guess we share same experience. I also would like to mention professional but in same time very nice Qatar airways recruitment team that were in Bosnia and Herzegovina in August.
      I still feel little bit optimistic about everything, but as days are passing by and my inbox is still empty, I guess slowly but surely I am loosing my optimism and getting more confused.
      I wish I can influence somehow on all waiting process, because new Open day is coming for just 13 days. My problem is that I will not be able to attend that open day for 13 days. If you think you have any extra advice for my situation, I would be more than happy to hear it ( I mean read it). 🙂

      Enjoy in your job and wish you all the best! 🙂

      • Kara

        Mina, you can only send them an email in which you express your keen interest to join the airline and your desire to provide them with all the necessary documents to speed up your clearance process. And then hope all will be good 🙂

    • Anna

      Dear Kara,

      Firstly a huge thank You for all the guidance and tips You provided to everyone. Absolutely everything we need is written and explained in detail. It’s more than useful.
      I’ve red some of Your tips few days before my Open Day (for Qatar Airways), held in Sarajevo on the beginning of August. I passed both, the OD and the assessment day. So I reached the Final interview, and everything went well. 🙂
      After the interview, members of the amazingly nice 🙂 Qatar recruitment team told us (me and the other shortlisted candidates for the FI) that they will inform us after two to three weeks about the results.
      Three weeks later I received an e-mail as a reminder to upload the required documents, photographs, etc. through the Advanced Candidate Zone, and that I will be adviced accordingly through e-mail as soon as they have the result.
      Right now we are soooo confused (me and two other girls which are in the same situation as I am). And I doubt that they will contact us at all considering that it’s been eight weeks since our OD.
      But the most confusing thing is that the next Qatar Airways OD in Sarajevo, will be held on the October 25th, so in less then twenty days .
      I would like to ask Your opinion as I’m not sure, if we get no answer until 25th, will we be able to apply again?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Kara

        I understand Anna. Your patience is much tested during the waiting period. They will get back to you no matter what, but if you want, you can go to the recruitment event.
        Approach the recruiters with your CV, tell them about the situation and ask them if it is ok for you to be there and if they recommend you participate in the interviews again. They might shed some light onto your case. I hope this helps. All the best 🙂

    • saki

      Hey Kara, just wrapped up the final interview and now waiting for the golden call. thanks for tips and advice they were all spot on

      • Kara

        Happy I can help Saki 🙂

    • angel

      itzz really helpful for mee thnks alot

      • Kara

        Anytime Angel!

    • thomas

      Thank’s ,yes it makes sense 🙂
      ofcourse next time,i’ll be prepared properly,and i’ll do my best! thak’s a lot
      Best Regards 🙂

    • thomas

      Hi Kara
      This is amazing,all answer’s are here,thank you so much, wish i found it befoe i go for an open day 🙁
      obviously i din’t pass,i was not ready in many things,one of those are my cv.,and i did said something bad about my last employer,i was jut honest,but now when i think about it,it was sooo stupid ahhh. and i didn’t sleep,was not wearing appropraite bussines attire…
      so i was wondering can you give me some answer please :))
      I wish to attend second time,and i’m worried about previous mistakes and do they keep this kind of the informatons about candidates, somewere,since they are asking,did you attend allready date and place. Thank’s a lot 🙂
      Best regard’s

      • Kara

        Hi Thomas. This is an excellent question. Yes, they do keep track of your performance, however not in the most detailed manner. What is important is that you are able to show that you were willing and able to improve yourself and your skills and you really want this job, so you are trying again. Past is not going to be held against you. Repeated poor performance though has no excuse. Makes sense?

    • azhar khan

      Hi kara

      Belive it or not ,,you have done great job by this kind of interview was so helpful ,,one of my friend Mr Ashish got interview call from Jet Airways for cabin crew..while searching tips on google.we found your sample of interview..its same as they said..if u have tool box,your half work in done,
      its help my Friend to appear in interview.

      thanks a lots..
      god bless you

      azhar khan

      • Kara

        I am happy this helped others be successful in reaching their dream. Thank you for taking the time to write to me here 🙂

    • R.k

      Hi kara
      Firstly thank you for all the tips and guide you have been providing to everyone. For me it was very useful. I went to the Auckland interview and made it to final interview. I received a phone call on Wednesday evening saying I was successful and now I need to wait for email containing all information and link to follow it’s now Friday and I haven’t got the email and
      Very worried that something might have gone wrong. Is it normal to take this long and if yes how long does it normally take for the email?

      Many thanks in advance

      • Kara

        Hi R.K.,

        Congratulations for making it so far. Well done. There is normally a small gap between the golden call and the information email. I can’t give you the exact number of days, but Friday and Saturday are days off in the Middle East, so I wouldn’t stress about it to long. You should have something by next week. I know you are so close and really don’t have much patience left, but you’re almost there 🙂

    • Alejandra

      Dear Kara:
      First of all, thank you so much for the support! 🙂
      I have just received the e-mail from Etihad. Unfortunately, they will not proceed with my application. I’m so sad now as it’s heartbreaking…
      I will definitely keep on trying because I know I have the potential. I already have all my papers, I have studied everything, I have it fresh in my mind, and I will think about the things I could have answered better and will rephrase my answers for next time, and in some cases I will just need to enlarge on them because I feel (though we can never be sure if this was the case, but no harm in trying) maybe they were ok but not so complete (and they pay attention to the fact that you go the extra mile). I had a really nice time and I’m proud of myself for all the effort I’ve made. Every time I try (this was my first time with Etihad but my third time trying interviews) I reach further: my first time in an OD with Emirates, I was not called back after showing my CV; my second time in another OD with Emirates, I reached the group interview but I didn’t pass that one. This time, I passed that one and reached the FI, so I suppose next time I will succeed 🙂 There is another OD with Emirates soon in my country, so I will try that, and I still have some time ahead to collect myself, recover emotionally, and think about what I could have done better.
      Although we never know exactly what could have gone wrong as there is no feedback, I think I didn’t enlarge upon what I was doing now, my duties in the jobs I have as a teacher or as an independent sales representative, as I felt that I had to be a bit quick, so, for example, I mentioned I am currently working as a teacher and as an independent sales representative, and the recruiter had to ask me what the last thing implied, and I should have explained without being asked. Then, I think that I couldn’t express that even though I don’t have so much experience in the field, I understand their philosophy and their ways and their service, and I didn’t mention the fact that a company can sometimes benefit better with an employee with not so much experience, as training is easier than untraining… I can try to remember to mention that next time.
      When I was asked about the problems in relocating, I mentioned that one can miss their family, and then I was asked about the problems in adapting to a different culture, and, again, I think I should have tackled that point without being asked… I said that I don’t think that will be a problem and that can even be exciting as I like meeting different people because that enriches my life and puts me in a good mood, as I am aware of the different cultures and respectful of them, but I forgot to mention that I really enjoy taht because I have many friends who are different nationalities.
      When I was asked about what I learnt from a colleague who was a different nationality, I could have mentioned an example that I had which was quite good (my head teacher is English and I learnt diplomacy from her, because even when she has to fail a student and give bad news, she is very nice and professional, and so it’s a pleasure to work with her), but at that time that answer didn’t come out, so I talked about a time I had to do a substitution in an elementary level course of English and I had a student who was Polish and he didn’t speak Spanish or English very well and as he didn’t tell me he was a different nationality, I realised by his facial expressions, so what I did was to keep an eye on him, I spoke more slowly and checked that all the time he was following me and understood everything and at the end of the lesson I asked if he had a nice time, etc. and I learnt that you have to pay a lot of attention and be aware that there may be people who are a different nationality and so you can realise by paying attention to their gestures etc so as to help and assist them. But as this was what I learnt from the exprience and not from him, I had to be asked what I learnt from the Polish people (and I should have answered directly without waiting to be asked for that, in order to answer the specific question I was asked, so in a way task achievement was a point that was not achieved by me there). I said that, even though I met him once, I learnt that they are a very nice people as they smile a lot and that’s good because it’s like a mirror: when someone smiles at you, you smile back. Of course, the other example about my Head Teacher was a lot better.
      When they asked me if I had any questions, I asked how they found relocating to another culture, but as I had said that I would not have problems with that and that relocating can even be exciting, maybe my question came as contradictory… They told me they liked Abu Dhabi and that I will like it too, which gave me a lot of hope because they were talking as if I was going to be taken for sure and would travel there soon. I said that I was sure I will like it.
      It is a pity because the questions I was asked were easy in a way, and next time the questions will be different most probably, but if this was not my time yet, next time will be and so I will be asked the questions I will be able to answer perfectly to pass 🙂
      It’s a bit difficult for me to understand now why this is not my time yet, but I knew this was a possibility when I decided to attend the AD and travel so far. And as I had such a nice time, I feel it was worth every penny. It’s been a great learning experiece. And they told me I have to wait for six months, and this is good because I thought that now I wiould have to wait for one year, but apparently this is only for Emirates, right?
      The main problem for me is that, even though I can imagine what could have gone wrong, I can never be sure and I can think of millions of possibilities and even become obsessed with the situation but I still don’t know if those things were the ones that made me fail…
      Another thing that may have been the cause of my failure could be my lack of experience in the service field: apart from being a teacher, I am an independent sales representative for Avon (a cosmetics company), but maybe this is not enough… Maybe I have to contemplate doing volunteer work in a restaurant or a hotel. In Argentina, it is easier to make ends meet as a teacher and it is also easier to ask for a day off in case I have an OD or AD, which is not the case in a restaurant (at least here): that’s why, if I do it as a volunteer, it may be easier if I need to attend an event and be absent for a day or two…
      Maybe they saw something they didn’t like in my letters? They said only good things about me, but as writing recommendation letters is not a policy in Argentina, I had to give my head teachers a model/template for them to write one for me, and both letters from different schools were perhaps a bit similar in the organisation and maybe they didn’t like that?
      I don’t want to make this so long, as it already is, but I would like to ask you one question: I’m already 30 years old although I look younger… could my age be a problem? Do you think I still have time? However hard the answer may be for me, honesty is greatly appreciated 🙂 Sometimes I feel that time is running out, but I remember that the recruiters in Emirates said there was no age limit 🙂 And I was told by a girl who’s working there that people of all ages are taken. And most importantly, I always mention my age or date birth in my CV or when they ask in the application forms, and they call me anyway, so I suppose it’s not a problem, right? Even if I still have time, would you recommend I do volunteer work in a hotel or restaurant so that even though I’m already 30, at least I have exprience in that?
      The best thing – and I have to remember to keep this attitude next time – is that in my previous interview with Emirates, I was so nervous that my voice trembled and I couldn’t think clearly. This time, even though I was very nervous and at times I also had blanks, I could speak clearer than last time and I even had fun, which didn’t happen so much previously.
      I was anyway hopeful that maybe this time was my time… It’s heartbreaking for me… I had already pictured myself with the uniform, in Abu Dhabi… I feel that there must have been a mistake and that I should have been taken…
      Well, I don’t know… I guess it’s normal for me to feel like this (the same happened to me last time with Emirates) and this is part of the process and life.
      I will keep on trying and I’ll definitely keep you posted 🙂 I’m almost there! The more I try, the closer I get 🙂
      Big hugs!!! 😀

    • Alejandra

      Hi, Kara!!!! I’m so happy to tell you that I have been to the Etihad Assessment event in Barcelona the 27th of January!!! The Etihad recruitment team are so nice and make you feel so special! I had the best time ever! 🙂
      I reached the Final interview!!! I did it the following day, and I had a lovely time as well 🙂 No question came as a surprise, as I had planned and rehearsed my answers for all of the possible questions and the course you created for us is GREAT: everything was exactly as you had said and I knew exactly what to expect as your training is so complete :), and the questions I was asked were the ones I had practised and were not difficult at all. I was so happy when I left the room 😀
      However, even though I continue being happy, I started freaking out some hours later (as I knew would happen, haha!) remembering the situation, the questions I was asked and my replies, reproducing everything again in my mind, etc., and I think that I could have given a lot more complete answers and I could have done a million things better… It’s only one chance, and at that exact time they were the answers I was able to provide, but when I reahearsed, my answers were better, I think (at home or in my mind it was perfect, but when I was there, even though I kept as calm as possible, smiling at all times and looking happy) it was different because I was nervous anyway… So now I started thinking that maybe I have ruined my opportunity, that maybe I was not able to provide the answers that they wanted to hear and I couldn’t express how great I am for the job and how well I understand their service philosophy even though I don’t have so much experience in the customer service field… I wanted them to feel that, although I don’t have that much experience, I still understand SERVICE and their way of doing things… but I don’t know if I was able to express that with my words… (and I am now remembering that I didn’t tell them – although it was not asked but I could have included it anyway – that a company could profit more with an employee who has not got so much experience because training is easier than untraining… I knew that, but at that time it didn’t come ou! Ahhhhhhh… the worst thing is that I knew all the answers perfectly, but at that time they didn’t come out so easily, and they were so easy questions! It would be a pity if I ruined my opportunity, because the questions were easy – for me at least, as I had studied so much! – and I passed the assessment easily as well, just being me, without pretending anything, without changing or modifying anything in me…). Besides, I made a great effort to attend the AD because I am from Buenos Aires, in Argentina, and the AD was in Barcelona, Spain, so I spent my savings on the trip (it was the cheapest destination for me and also the nearest, as we never know if South America could be their next destination and my application was about to expire).
      I know the past is in the past now and I cannot change it: I just have to wait, but now I am losing my hope…
      Anyways, I was so happy after the interview, I felt a great sense of achievement and anyway I am happy now that I gave my best at that moment, under those circumstances… but I hope I get it… I don’t know… I have mixed feelings…
      I guess it’s normal to feel this way because I’m so excited and anxious for the results…
      My intention in writing this is to take it off my chest, and now I think a bit better 🙂
      Wish me luck, please! Pray for me! 🙂
      Thanks for the support and very big hugs!!!

      • Kara

        Alejandra, I am so proud of you and so sure that everything will be fine. I know you are a perfectionist and there will always be things that you could’ve done better. But knowing that you’ve done your very best at that time is enough to know that success is yours. You’ve prepared long and hard for this, and your hard work will pay off. They will get back to you soon, so keep me posted 🙂

    • Ali

      Hi Kara,
      I deeply wanna thank you,your tips really let me learn alot.

      Thank you very much


      • Kara

        I am very happy to hear that Ali. Well done for being open to learn more and improve yourself.

    • rihane

      -To Whom it May Concer

      Could You please give me some exemples of team work activities



    • Ramadan

      thank xxx

    • mina

      dear kara
      i would like to know if the psychometric test do count in this final interview??? can you give us examples and tell us more about the psychometric test???

      • Kara

        Mina, the psychometric test used by Emirates is 16PF pr 16 personality factors test. It consists of 180 questions meant to establish your personality and preferences. It is not a pass or fail stage, however it will weigh when making the final employment decision.


    • Jihene

      Actually when i was ah the basel OD we were only 20 so we go through the group exercice directly. It’s for that I don’t know how it’s happen when you have to pass a fast interview. Is it the same question a as at the FI?
      It’s tomorrow, I think I’m quite ready, indeed I’ve passed all the year to improve myself but now it’s near I’m completely frightened.

      • Kara

        The first stage that you have to go through is the CV selection, so you must make sure that your CV and photos look great. Some of the questions that will be asked during the CV drop off are similar to the ones asked during the Final Interview. Just be yourself and relax, you’ve been there before 🙂


    • Jihène

      Yes it’s working, so happy !!!!! Thanks a lot. Now I can work on it. I’m going to EK OD on Saturday in Paris. Can you give me an advice for beeing receive to the next step ? I know that in Paris there is lot of people and that we have to said something catchy. Last here I was in Basel (Switzerland) and we were 20 at the beginning and 6 at the FI. So I think it’s not really a reference to an OD in Paris. I don’t want to miss anything this time :-/

      • Kara


        As you’ve already been through an assessment day, you really know what to expect. You CV should be clean and easy to read and your photos professional. Approach the event with a mindset for success and think about what you’ve done last time that you would rather change this time. I am sure you spent all the time between the assessment days improving yourself and finding out what is the best way to present yourself. Most importantly, be confident and believe in yourself 🙂


    • Ana

      Hi Kara, congratulations, these are very important and useful tips. I would like to ask your opinion as i´m going to an OD for Emirates this week, but i´m conserned about my age.
      What are my chances with 33? Is it often people after 30 being shotlisted?
      Thanks in advance.

      • Kara


        You shouldn’t worry about your age. Mature, experienced people are always an asset. Just make sure that you show your skills and experience and you perform well during the assessment day stages.


    • Jihene

      Hi Kara. I really line jour web site which is vert helpfull. I’m Going to an Emirates OD this week and I would like to train with your 25 questions but when I put my email for getting your file,it’s not working. I don’t know why,I didn’t received your document. Can I receive it by another way? Can I give you my email right here? Hope to read you soon and really thank you for your help. It’s my second try,I have been until the FI the last time and it doesn’t make it,I don’t know why so this time I would like to be more and more prepare. Thanks again for sharing

      • Kara

        Hi Jihene,

        I just sent you an email with the activation link. I hope it works this time 🙂


    • Amelie

      Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article!
      It is the little changes that will make the greatest impact.
      Many thanks for sharing!

    • Morgan

      Dear Kara,

      Thanks a lot for answering my previous question!!! And now I am asking you to be so kind and answer one more,please:

      Do you know anybody or have you ever heard of anyone who got a Cabin Crew position with Emirates after once failing a Final Interview?

      When you go to the Open Day, you have to fill out a paper, stating whether you previously attended a FI. So, once they see that I have already attended a FI (and obviously got rejected), is there any possibility to get invited to the AD and hopefully progress to the FI again?

      I will really appreciate your answer, Kara! Thanks in advance!

      Morgan: )

      • Kara

        Hey Morgan,

        There are people who tried many times until they were successful. Some failed at the tasks during the assessment day, some the final interview. The most important aspect is to show that whatever skills you did not posses or customer service mindset you did not have, are now addressed and corrected and you are now more prepared and even more motivated to get the job this time. It will work against you only if you show that you did nothing to improve yourself.


    • Nitish Tyagi

      Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Morgan

      Dear Kara! First of all I would like to say “Thank You so much for all the useful info that you have provided here for us!!!!” Your website is absolutely amazing and I truly appreciate all the great tips!

      Could you, please, help me to answer this question, that might be asked during the interview:

      “What type of customer you dislike?”

      Thank you in advance! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!: )

      • Kara

        Hi Morgan,

        Obviously there is only one answer to that question:
        ‘I believe that customers come onboard and expect to find the highest level of hospitality. Personal preferences are irrelevant. I will deliver outstanding service to every single one of our passengers.’

        You can never say that may dislike a customer, regardless of the reason. Makes sense?



    • Rosie

      It’s difficult to find educated people for this topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    • Mmoniq

      This is excellent advice! Also thank you so much for making the questions and answers available for all of us, it has been a great resource for me.


      • Kara

        You are very welcome Mmoniq!



    • jimmy

      if only I had found this page a few months ago..but now I’ll have it for the next time. can’t wait to receive the 25 questions email

      • Kara

        It is never too late Jimmy! Wishing you good luck for the next time…


    • samia

      Kara, I want to send many thank you for the questions and answers book, it come very handy for me. I am hoping to be cabin crew soon and I look everywhere for what to do. This is very good and a lot of information. Thank you again!!

      • Kara

        You are very welcome Samia! The book was designed to be the most useful guide you can find about the Final Interview.


    • Coraline

      And thank you for the questions and answers book, I could not believe you are giving it out for free 🙂

      • Kara

        You are very welcome Coraline 🙂


    • Coraline

      Just wondering if maybe we should not shake the hand of the interviewer as we walk into the room? As a “Hello” sort of thing?

      • Kara


        We normally shake the hand of people we just met and/or the people we say goodbye to.
        If you spent the entire day with the interviewers during the various stages of the assessment, it is not necessary to shake their hand as you walk into the room.
        If the final interview is scheduled on a different day, or if you are being interviewed by different people, then you may shake hands as you walk in.
        Either way, try to do what seems natural to you.



    • Zara

      Hi Kara, I just want to thank you for this incredible article and for the Questions and Answers. It comes just in time for me as I have my assessment next week. Wish me luck…

      • Kara

        That is exactly why I created it! You are very welcome Zara and good luck with your assessment!


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