Very few people go to interviews relaxed, confident and knowing what to say, do and expect. An airline assessment day for cabin crew puts even more pressure because it is a full-day event – sometimes it will spread over two days, and after every stage of the interview the people who did not make it are being sent home. It is more nerve wrecking than American Idol.

Knowing in advance what are the most significant mistakes of job interviews could be a real help – you become more aware of your gestures, dialogue, and even body posture. The list below focuses on the aspects your interviewer sees as unacceptable, and will probably cost you the job even if you have the perfect CV.

MISTAKE#1: Dressing inappropriately

Have you ever been to an interview and in the waiting room there is always that one candidate who stands out? I certainly have! Just when I was waiting to go in for an interview, across from me sat somebody wearing very high platform heels and a very red short skirt and a lot of metallic blue make-up.
The chance of this person to be taken seriously was much lower than if she just wore a classic suit.

At the other extreme, do not dress like you just went to grab a sandwich at the deli downstairs. No jeans, T-shirts, flip-flops, sports shoes, unkempt hair or no makeup. You are not interviewing for a hip creative web-design company or a painter’s PA position.

Your are interviewing for an airline which puts a high value on perfect appearance and a professional look at all times.

For ladies, wear a business-like skirt-suit with comfortable high heel shoes and some mascara and lipstick. For gentlemen, go for a suit with a collared shirt and tie and polished shoes. If you don’t own one, you can always rent it for the day. Read more about how to dress for the interview in this article. >>>>>LINK

MISTAKE#2: Talking negatively about your current or past employer

People who are negative tend to bring us down. If your friend talks negatively about other friends, will you not start thinking that she does the same behind your back?

When you get hired, you might be there for ten years, or just one month, however, no company wants to take the chance that you will go around badmouthing them.

Any gossip and negative comments about your previous employers is a deal-breaker during the interview (or after).

Keep the conversation light, be positive and encouraging when discussing a former employer and give a diplomatic answer when asked why did you leave a previous job.

Things to say:
“I enjoyed my time at Company A. I joined their sales team right after school, and I was grateful for being given a chance to apply my knowledge in the work environment. I decided to leave as I was pursuing my graduate studies and I was looking for a job that will give me a chance to be flexible with my working hours while attending school.”

Things NOT to say:
“I hated working at Company A because my supervisor was strict and always breathing in my neck about customers and deadlines and even during lunch break I had to work. And when I wanted to go back to school they told me that I have to work around their schedule and attend classes after working hours. So I left.”

MISTAKE#3: Not listening to the interviewer

During the first session, you will be given the “house rules”: which groups go first, mobile phone policy, what liquids you are allowed to bring in, what papers need to be filled in, etc.

At the beginning of every task, the interviewer will give you a set of instructions. Listen very carefully and take notes that you can consult later. There will be relevant information provided to you at the most unexpected times.

Not paying attention is disrespectful to the person talking and shows no real interest in the company and the entire assessment process.

MISTAKE#4: Not interacting with the other candidates

You have to become very comfortable at the thought that during your assessment day, everything you say and do is of specific importance. You will be observed during the entire day – not only during your exercises but also during the breaks.

Make it a priority to interact with the other participants in a kind and respectful manner. You are not looking for your new best friend, just polite conversation.

Some lines to break the ice:
“Hi, my name is Kara, what is your name?”
“Where are you from?”
“Is this your first time doing an assessment day?”
“Have you worked as a flight attendant before?”
“I love you shoes/lipstick/purse/blouse… Where did you get it?”

You can never know if the stranger you just talked to might become your batch-mate and even your flat-mate when you join the airline.
Greatest conversations start with “Hello!”

MISTAKE#5: Over-confidence or under-confidence in a group exercise

The purpose of the group exercise is to show the assessors how you interact in a group.

Being a cabin crew means being part of a team, working together with other people, helping them even if it’s not “your side of the cabin” and being there for each other.

During the assessment, the interviewers need to see the team spirit in you. Here is how you can show it:

  • Do not interrupt other people when they are talking.
  • Do not take charge of the task unless you are asked by the assessors or the group to do so.
  • The success of the task is not your goal. Focus instead on how you interact with others even when you do not agree with what they say.
  • If you see somebody of the group not participating, you can include them by saying: “So Anna, what do you think of this idea?”
  • Do not be silent. Try to contribute with pertinent opinions about the task ahead, even when other members of your group might seem in charge of the situation.
  • Help your colleagues without being asked.
  • Volunteer to do certain portions of the task such as taking notes, keeping the time, etc.

No matter what the task is, settle your position somewhere in the middle: Do not take charge unless you are named the group leader by the assessors, but in the same time remember not to be silent and invisible.

Voice your opinion, give arguments why your point of view should be considered, but do not insist on it if the other members of your group do not accept it or seem to be going in a different direction.

MISTAKE#6: Mobile phone ringing

During the intro and company presentation, you will be asked to switch off your phones or activate the silent mode. If you forget to do so, it will show your assessors that the interview is not as important to you as a call from your friends. If you have a family emergency and it is critical that you keep your phone on, approach the assessors, explain your situation and ask permission to do so.

MISTAKE#7: Checking the time

The assessment day is a full-day commitment. You should expect your day to start at 9 AM and finish after 6 PM. Do not make other appointments for that day and do not be eager to finish faster. The more time you have, the more the assessors can see more of you and what you can offer to their airline.

Remember being in a boring class and checking the time? A glimpse at your watch, as subtle as you think it might be if one of the interviewers spot it, will bring you a negative point.

MISTAKE#8: Asking about the salary and benefits too early

On every airline’s career website is a section that explains the remuneration. It is a standard fixed basic salary and an hourly rate for every flying hour or training hour that you are required to undertake.

If the salary package is not public, it is relevant to ask about it at the end of the interview, when it has been established that you are what the company is looking for, and the airline is what you are looking for in an employer.

Show that you did your homework and during the initial Q&A session ask other relevant questions such career advancement, lifestyle in the country of the airline, company’s expansion plans and fleet, colleagues, atmosphere and other company facilities, but stay away from salary questions at the beginning of an interview.

MISTAKE#9: Your enthusiasm is missing

Being genuinely passionate about having a career as a flight attendant is the area that will truly separate the people who are there just because it sounds like a decent job to have, and the ones who are there because they dreamed all their life to travel, they are passionate about meeting new people and experiment new cultures and have an honest desire to be of assistance to others. This is also what ultimately will separate the people who get hired and those who don’t.

In your final 1-on-1 interview, the first question will most likely be “Why do you want to be a flight attendant?”
Tell them your story! When was the first time you thought about it, what did you do to get closer to your dream, a little inside information that will show them not only your desire and motivation but also the skills which will put you “up there” with the high performers and ambassadors of the airline? Talk from the heart and communicate your full commitment. If you genuinely desire it, you cannot fail!

Now that you are more aware of what you should be saying and doing during the assessment day, and more importantly, what you should avoid saying and doing, proceed with more confidence and make the best out of your interview!

To be truly prepared, read How to Become a Flight Attendant for airlines in the Middle East

Check out the Open Days for Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways.

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    • Kudzanai


      • Kara

        I’m very happy to find myself in the privileged position to help others 🙂

    • Ra'ees

      Hi, thanks so much for all your responses, it’s highly appreciated.

      I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve just completed my online application and have submitted it.
      How long, more or less, would it take to hear back from them?


      • Kara

        It usually takes 6 weeks Ra’ees. Good luck!

    • Winnie

      Hello,what do I do if I want to be called for assessments

      • Kara

        The first step is to create a really good online application (CV, photos, all fields filled correctly). After that, the decision lies with the recruitment team. I hope this helps you, Winnie.

        • Winnie

          Hi,your response will be very passport is not yet ready can i still send my application and submit it later??

          • Kara

            The system won’t accept your submission without all the required documents. You can try attaching your National ID card and the explanation that your passport is not yet ready. I hope it works.

        • Kaushi

          Hello Kara. I am kaushi.I am applying for Emirates cabin crew. I know it is such a hard thing to go through it.But at least i want to give it a try.Now i have to do my digital interview.Actually i am quite nervous about it since i haven’t done anything like that before. And the other thing which makes me so sad is that i have few scars in my hand and it is quite visible.I am doing so many things to remove those but i will never be able to fully removed .Will it be a big issue even if I passed?? should our hands 100% perfect for it.

          • Kara

            Hi Kaushi,
            You will not be inspected head to toe using a magnifying glass. So if your scars are not very visible, you should be fine.
            Don’t forget that confidence is an inner state. Believing in yourself and knowing that you have so much to offer puts you half-way through on the road to success.
            Here is an article to help you with the digital interview:
            Have a great day!

        • Amin Shirzad

          Hello dear Kara Grand.
          We really appreciate your valuable opinions and advices.

          There is no problem of traveling to any country with my pass but I hear it from horses mouth that they wont consider it seriously for this position
          I will really appreciate your genuine
          Thanks again

          • Kara

            Hi Amin, I’m afraid I don’t understand your concern. Are you planning to participate in an Open Day in another country but you fear you might be rejected just because you came from a different location?

    • popi

      Hi kara

      previously I worked as cabin crew for 3 years and I resigned to start my own business. Now I am 30 and married. last month I submitted my application for Etihad but I wasn’t shortlisted. is that because of my martial status or my age?

      • Kara

        Hi Popi, I am obviously unable to tell you the exact reason for being rejected. These are highly competitive events and only the best of the best will be selected. There are many factors that are taken into consideration such as language abilities, soft skills, customer service experience as well as impeccable CV and photos. This is all measured against the rest of the candidates as they have limited spots for the assessment.
        I can only advise you to keep on trying and apply for all airlines hiring, even if it’s just to gain experience.
        Your age and marital status are not deciding factors.

    • gigi

      Hello, i would like to ask if they still hire over 30 years old… i have been working as a customer rep but i really want to become a cabin crew. i hope its not too late. Thank you kindly.

      • Kara

        It is not too late Gigi 🙂

        • popi

          Hi kara

          previously I worked as cabin crew for 3 years and I resigned to start my own business. Now I am 30 and married. last month I submitted my application for Etihad but I wasn’t shortlisted. is that because of my martial status or my age?


      Hi Kara,

      You are doing great job, though your article is containing best possible details & information to have an idea about interview with airlines. I am working in UAE with Budget Rent A Car Company and i just have kicked off with my preparation to apply for Cabin Crew job. I must say, your article helped me a lot to start with my prep. But i am still seeking an advise to prepare CV to get shortlisted for an interview, as my resume is consisted on four pages and i don’t find it professional. Could you please help me with my Resume as well as photos, i will be great full to you.

      Sorry in advance for such long a text.

      Looking forward to hear from you.

      Thank You

    • Fjona

      Hello Kara,

      I got an invitation from the Emirates 5 months ago but I couldnt go to Interview so my question is can i apply again or should I wait 6 months…?

      Best wishes

      • Kara

        You can use the same invitation if it’s within 6 months Fjona.

    • Mariia

      Hello, Kara)
      I’m a bit confused now, because I don’t know, if it’s appropriate to mention on AD of Etihad, for example, that I had an AD with Emirates almost a year ago..
      Preparing my answers to FI questions I would like to mention a guy, who is at Etihad College now, he tells me very inspiring stories and facts about the company, however, I met him on Emirates AD and he is from another country 😞
      So, should I create a story of knowing him?…)

      Thank you in advance )

      • Kara

        Mariia, think of this as a date. You don’t want to bring up other people into the conversation. Your previous attempts and choices of airlines are irrelevant. Don’t go into details that are not necessary.
        You can talk about your friend and his inspiring stories, they will very likely not start the conversation about how did you two meet.

        • Mariia

          Thanks a lot! ) then l’ll just skip this details ))

    • Syikin

      Hi Kara,
      I went to Emirates cabin crew Open Day last month in Malaysia & the interviewer said the one who did not get through the Open Day will need to wait 6 months before coming to the next Open Day. I am a bit confused since I read that if you did not make it to the next stage at any Open Day, you can always come to next available Open Day. Can you please enlighten me? Thanks Kara.

      • Kara

        Syikin, the official communication is to wait 6 months. It has always been like that and Emirates has never published any change to this rule.
        This past year however they used to verbally communicate to the candidates participating in the Open Days that they might apply at any time if they didn’t make it through the Open Day. If they say you need to wait 6 months, then you should wait this time before you apply again. Use the time wisely and prepare as much as possible.

        • Syikin

          Hi Kara, thank you so much. I will never give up on my dreams.

    • Leul Mesfin Erkabie

      Dear KARA how are you I want to purchase your book but I could not access it because of I do not have credit card so how would you help me please?

      with regards


      • Kara

        Leul, you can only pay for the book via credit card using this link
        or by PayPal by selecting the PayPal option on the checkout order form.

        At this point we are unable to accept bank transfer, western union or any other methods of payment.

        If you don’t have a credit card, you could ask a friend or relative who might be willing to do the transaction on your behalf and then reimburse them the amount.

        I hope this helps.

    • Amina

      Dear Kara , nice article,pls concerning the experience in my own case i have never worked as a flight attendant,what’s my chançes of getting the job…thanks

      • Kara

        Amina, none of the airlines in the Middle East require previous airline experience, so go ahead an apply 🙂

    • eirini

      p.s. Im sorry for my mistakes It was beacause I am onh a hurry.

    • eirini

      Dear Kara,
      I have a problem. Last September I went on an OD for Emirates.I passed also the FI. But from since that day nathing. No news. Neither a rejected email nor a golden call. And my status turned from under review to complete all the time. The last time that my status changed to complete it wa One month ago. And I don’t know why this happens. It’s been a loong time from September. What doyou think?

      • Kara

        Hi Eirini,
        Absolutely! You should contact them and ask for a follow up on your application. Sometimes, things just get lost. It usually takes 6 weeks, maximum 2 months to receive an answer. Fingers crossed 🙂

        • irene

          Τhank you for your help!!
          But I had tried to contact them once, and they replied to me automatically. Do you know any email that i can use????

          • Kara

            Usually the recruiter provides an email address during the final interview that can be used for communication Irene.

    • Kunjan

      Hello Kara,

      I was a cabin crew with qatar airways for 4years. I wish to join etihad.everytime I fill in the form with different email id I get a reject email? If I can get a light on this part. I am really keen in joining etihad airways

      • Kara

        Kunjan, you must ensure your CV is suitable and your photos are spotless.
        Read more about how to pass through the different stages here
        If you don’t make it online, try to go to one of the open days and see what the outcome is.
        I hope this helps you.

    • faith

      hi Kara, I really appreciate how u answer all th
      e questions, u are amazing, pls I hv a scar on the left part of my hand which is extremely old because I had it since I was a baby and its blending into my skin tone now, do u think that is a problem? thanks a million

      • Kara

        It shouldn’t be Faith. But it really depends on the airline. Some are more strict than others when it comes to grooming.

    • Angie

      Dear Kara,

      Firstly, Thank you for inspiring and helping individuals reach for the stars.

      I was wondering if I apply online for Emirates or Etihad while I’m in the UAE for a few months and am successful, will I be invited to an assessment day here? What happens if I’m invited to an assessment day in the UAE, after I’ve returned home? can I attend an assessment day if there is one in my home city?

      I graduate university soon. Would it be advisable to start applying now or after I graduate.

      Thanks for reading all my questions 🙂

      Kind Regards

    • Jenny

      Hi, Kara.

      I applied for Emirates and they called me for an open day. I made it to the assessment day but unfortunately that was all.
      Now I want to apply again, but there in a new requirement: 160 cm of height.
      Can i apply if i measure 158,5 cm?

      • Kara

        Unfortunately not Jenny. 160cm is one of the new minimum requirements and it is measured before the actual assessment starts. I’m sorry I can’t give you better news.

    • Carolina

      Hi Kara! If I use glasses can I apply for the job?
      I have to use them whether I like it or not, so that I can see normally.
      Thanks in advance

      • Kara

        Unfortunately not Carolina. If your vision requires correction, you must be comfortable wearing contact lenses.

    • Mika Rodriguez

      Hi Kara!

      what if i have a scoliosis? would it be possible for me to be a flight attendant? Thanks in advance =)

      • Kara

        It depends on the angle Mika. Usually it should be less than 30, but it depends on the airline.

    • Lanee

      Hi Kara

      I received May, June, July and August invites but I havn’t received one for September or October yet. I havn’t been able to attend because none of the days have been in my city until the October listing which I applied for. Havn’t heard anything back yet.

      Please advise. Could I attend a October invite with an August invitation letter?

      Thank you.

      • Kara

        Yes, it is possible. The invite is valid 6 months.

    • Gema

      Hi kara,

      First of al I would like to thank you for this great blog and all your answers!

      I have a question about Emirates online application. I applied 7 months ago and received no answer, 3 months after applying I withdrew the application, since the email said we should consider ourselves unsuccessful if we hadn’t received an answer by that time. Then 4 months ago I applied again with a new email and new account, again no answer, so I decided to send the first application again a month ago. I now have 2 applications with two different accounts which I check almost daily but the status is always under review. Is this normal? Should I just delete them both and create a new one? Or should I keep waiting.

      I find it strange because my boyfriend and I booth sent thee first application at the same time and he received an invitation two weeks later. I also know my CV is not the problem since I helped my boyfriend completing his, and I received an invitation to Etihad and I’m now waiting to join British Airways with the exact same CV. However British Airways its not where I really want to be, I’ve wanted to join Emirates since I can remember.

      Sorry for the long post, I hope you can help me!

      Thank you for your time,


      • Kara

        Gema, it is a bit weird. It might be because your location is not frequently visited by the airline? I really can’t say what the exact reason might be.

        • Gema

          Thank you for your answer! I guess they receive so many application that mines must have gotten lost in between. I live in Manchester so the location shouldn’t be an issue. I just wish I could receive an answer, even if it’s a no.
          Do you think I should delete those applications and create a new one? Or do I make a new one but leave the other two as they are? I’m worried they could see I have send too many and consider it annoying.

          • Kara

            Gema, that would be your best bet. Use a new email address and start on a clean slate. Keep me posted. Fingers crossed for you 🙂

    • Nourihan Waleed

      Hi Kara.

      Hope you are doing fine, As i understood from the previous comments that emirates airlines does not permit wearing hijab as part of their uniform, however can i go to the open day with hijab, will they accept me if i told them that i am willing to take it off if i got accepted.

      thank you for your support

      • Kara

        Nourihan, if you are willing to take it off for the job, you should be willing to take it off for the interview. You need to make it easier on them to picture you in their uniform.

    • mainka sharma

      Hi kara,
      I have a question regarding tattoo. I had a tattoo on my hand that I am getting removed now through laser treatment and its still.under process.can I still.appear for the open day and convince the recruiters as about it’s removal in a months time or so??? Its looking more like a scar now but it will fade away with time.

      • Kara

        Mainka, there is no convincing. If you have a tattoo, regardless of it’s appearance, size and shape, you will be automatically disqualified. Be patient, wait until the removal process is complete and then go for an interview.

    • maywu

      Hi Kara,

      I had interview with Qatar Airways 1 month ago,it was my first time interviewing with an airline,and I was so lucky to got into the final. There were 18 other girls are waiting for the news from recruitment, I just uploaded my tatoo photoes last week. Don’t know if my tatoos are acceptable to them, though the tatoos are at the areas don’t show. Do you know if it’s a problem to Qatar Airways?

      • Kara

        Maywu, as far as I am aware, Qatar Airways is quite strict when it comes to grooming. Unlike Emirates and Etihad who mention as part of their minimum requirements “no visible tattoos while wearing the uniform”, there is no official mention of tattoos being accepted regardless of their location for Qatar Airways. At this point, you can only wait, be positive and hope for the best.

    • Fatin Nabilah

      Hi Kara… I have a questions here regarding the facial scars. I am attending Emirates Open Day in just 4 days from now. What makes me worry now is I got chicken pox scars on my face including my cheek. This scars had been on my face since 14 years ago. Is it okay to have that? I can cover with make up but still the scars is deep and noticeable. My friend said is doesn’t ruin my appearance at all. Should I worry about that too much or I just have to be confident on the OD?

      • Kara

        Just be confident Fatin!

    • Ling

      hi Kara do you perphaps know what documents will be required on the assesment day of Etihad. i want to put all documents together so if needed i dont have to run around looking for this or that. i am wishing to apply soon.

    • Sol

      Dear Kara:
      I went to an OD for Emirates last year, because i was invited, and I made it to the AD but was eliminated after the first assigment. I waited 6 months and reapllied but in my submission still appears Unsuccessfu, do you know why? Can I go to another OD with the same invitation that i got last year?? And one last question: for the reach test I reach 212cm with the tip of mi fingers, does that count?
      Thank you for all the answers you give.

      • Kara

        Sol, I recommend you create a new application using a new username and password. Clean slate.

        • Sol

          Kara, thank you for your answer I will do what you recomended. What about the reach test? I reach 212cm with the tip of mi fingers is that okay?

          • Kara

            That’s fine Sol 🙂

    • ipy

      Hi Kara
      thank you for such an informative
      blog. i am already preparing myself
      for the open day for both Etihad and
      Qata respectivly.
      my question to you is, I read as part
      of documentation i will need
      reference letters from previous to
      current employer. currecly i work at
      an informal salon and we dont have
      a formal email adress let alone logo
      n cover letters. what should i do in
      this regard?

      • Kara

        You can bring this up with your recruiter Ipy, and they can advise what they expect you to provide. In the initial stages you don’t need the recommendation letters.

    • Lerato Mosia

      Hey Kara
      I would like to thank you for your help. I passed my assessment and interview with Qatar airways at South Africa, I have a little scar on my left hand that’s fading day by day and a birthmark on my lower back..its unnoticeable but I mentioned it. I’m waiting for them to give me a green light to do my medicals and they asked me to send a picture of my scar and birthmark last week. Is it a problem having a birthmark or a scar?
      I have also been invited for open day with Emirates this week and I’m attending because I don’t want to count my eggs in one basket. Must I mention my little unnoticeable scar if I pass? Again thanks in advance for your response

      • Kara

        Lerato, I am not advocating providing false information, however I firmly believe that over-sharing or excessive worrying about insignificant aspects such as a birthmark in places that are not visible will only complicate matters that usually are quite simple. Qatar Airways is a very strict airline when it comes to grooming. Etihad and Emirates are less. I hope this helps.

    • Nour

      Dear Kara,
      First, I appreciate so much your efforts and the kindness you have for sharing with us your knowledge.
      Well, I will try to make my message as short as possible. I’m from Egypt and I’m willing to attend the OD of Emirates airlines. I’m really confused what should I do? Should I wear a dress code as if I will be attending the assessment day? Can I wear simply on the OD a pair classic black trousers, blouse and white jacket? and leave the black skirt for the assessment day? Also, can i wear simply a skirt and white blouse, or the suit is a must?
      My second question Kara, I didn’t do any online application!! All I can see on the website is the calendar list!! What kind of documents do I have to bring with me on the OD besides a passport copy, CV and professional photos?

      Is it possible for the recruitment team to ask us to attend the interview phase and all the processes in the same day if we are got shortlisted?

      I’m really sorry Kara for this sooo long message but i feel confused and i’m not well prepared yet specially that the OD is very soon.

      Thank you in advance for your time.

      • Kara

        Hi Nour, you should be wearing a skirt for the Open Day as well. It is recommended. The color combination is your choice, but keep it simple. You don’t need to have a suit, but whatever elements you choose to wear should be matching.
        There is no need for an online application for the Open Day. Just bring your CV and 4 passport photos. If shortlisted, you will be asked to bring more documents and photos.
        The assessment day can be in the same day if there are not too many candidates.
        Read through these articles
        Good luck 🙂

    • Salma

      And yes i forgot to ask, is it ok to wear the same business attire in the open day as well in the assessment day? or we have to wear different business attire?

      Thank you again

      • Kara

        Absolutely Salma. You can have a different shirt, or another shade of lipstick, but it is not necessary to have two separate attires.

      • Naana

        Hello Kara,

        Emirates will be recruiting in my country next week and i did my online application yesterday; but a friend yold me wearing stockings is necessary in my full photo. How true is that please? And i used a red lipstick as well. Is it also appropriate?


        • Kara

          You need to wear stockings. Red lipstick is fine. Good luck!

    • Salma

      Hello Kara,

      Im planning to go to emirates open day, can i wear a red nail polish?


      • Kara

        Yes Salma, you can.

    • Millie

      Hello Kara thanks for all the guidance please I need your help. I recieved an invite only from emirates cabin crew but the date on my invite which is 14th July 2015 is different from the one I cross check from their website which is 18th July from their assessment page. How do I comfirm the date so I don’t miss it. Thank you

      • Kara

        Millie, does it mention on the website that the date has been changed?

    • Lina Kh

      Dear Kara,
      Thank you for replying. Actually I got an invitation to attend the assessment day and in this e-mail they ask to bring the registration form along with the introductory statement (so they are not the same form).. what you sent me was the registration form which I already have. I just can’t seem to find this introductory statement form anywhere on the web.

      • Kara

        In this case Lina it is something that will be provided to you by the recruiters.

    • Lina Kh

      Dear Kara,
      First of all I want to thank you for all the useful info you provide here.
      I need your help in something. I applied for Etihad Airways online. I downloaded the registration form to complete it and have all required documents ready for the assessment day. I noticed that they require a Completed Introductory Statement Form. Can you explain what is it and where I can find this introductory statement form?

    • khawla

      Hi! What should I wear for etihad cv drop off?

    • esether

      HI kara, I kindly want to know if I get your book from a book shop because I can’t purchase with any of the credit cards thank u.

    • Ala

      Dear Kara,
      Thank you very much for your message and information about the test. All of those questions were apparently not even a little bit important as I atended the Emirates Open Day and did not even get through after a cv drop off 🙂 Well, it;’s meant to be this way I guess 😛
      It’s very kind of you, you are helping everyone who is curious about all the recruitment processes.
      Best wishes,

      • Kara

        Happy I can help Ala.

    • Ala

      Dear Kara,

      thank you very much for your response. I have to admit I was a little bit shocked reading your message as it appeared to me that someone can get a lot about me just after reading a medium length message that I wrote :p
      Well, it is true that I underestimate myself a lot, but I just think I am very much aware of how many precious and interesting people there are around. I do try to be confident but it comes to me when I am sure of certain things. Here, with applying to 3 best Middle Eastern Airlines I cannot be sure of anything,honestly.
      Last week there was Qatar Airways Open Day. I got through to an assesment day, done my english test well and then there came a reach test. Reach test was followed by tatoos and scars questions as well. I am tall so there was no problem about the reach test, I do not have any scars or tatoos. Or maybe my skin is just not perfect and I am not well aware of it? I mean obviously it is not perfect but not many peoples is,right? After test I left the room and I was 95% sure I will not go through. and guess what? I did not 😛 to be honest I was really not surprised,but still I can not exactly say what happened in the room with 2 recruiters. I stood at the wall, they said okay, asked me for body signs and I said i do not have any tatoos or scars or permanent make up. And they said okay and I left the room. And 15 minutes later it was the end of my story with Qatar 😛
      There is Emirates open day invitation only next week . I am going to see my chances as I applied a long time ago. If this one does not work out I am going to be really upset. I think there will not be any better period of my life rather than this. I do not think I can be any better at this point for a cabin crew member.
      I am sorry for writing such a long letter but it is actually the 1st time ever i have an online conversation at such website. Could I just ask about the tests at Emirates Open/Assesment days? I have been reading much about that and it all seems like 100 times more difficult than with Qatar. The english test alone is very long and quite tough, and what is that psychometric test? Is it really something that people are supposed to do on Assesment Day? This is basically some IQ test but when I tried it appears i am not intelligent at all,like seriously 😀 The info about that test I just found few days ago, never seen this before. Does that really exist on Assesment Days? I would rather focus on prepairing myself to be positive although stressed, confident, smiling and talking well instead of prepairing for such a test 🙁
      Thank you for any response in advance. Thats a long letter, I know.

      With my best regards,

      • Kara

        I am obviously unable to tell you the exact reason for being rejected Ala. Open Days are highly competitive events and only the best of the best will be selected. There are many factors that are taken into consideration such as language abilities, soft skills, customer service experience as well as impeccable first impressions. This is all measured against the rest of the candidates.
        I can only advise you to keep on trying and apply for all airlines hiring, even if it’s just to gain experience.
        A psychometric test is not an IQ test. It is more of a personality profiling. Read more about the test used by Emirates here

    • cams

      Hello Kara,
      I’m a Filipina and I really want to work as a cabin crew, especially with the Middle East Airlines. I tried to apply in Etihad through online although there is no upcoming OD in our country anytime soon. I got a rejection e-mail days after 🙁 Is it maybe because there was no upcoming schedule or maybe I just didn’t do well with the online application? Thank you very much! 🙂

      • Kara

        Cams, I really can’t say what the reason is. It can be either one or both. Don’t give up and try reapplying after 6 months have passed. Meanwhile focus on enhancing your skills and your resume, taking professional photos and reading more about how to pass through the initial stages.

    • Ala

      Hello Kara,

      Thankfully I have got an invitation and I am going for a Qatar Airways Open Day this week and I do feel really stressed about this.
      What really bothers me is actually my weight or body in general. I am tall 175 cm but I am not skinny or even slim. I do feel fit as I do sport a few times a week but I would say my body looks rather strong. Are there any restrictions on the general look of a flight attendants’ body? Like some proper body type? The picture that I have sent with my online application was a very recent one as I took it just a day or two before applying but still I am not sure if I look appropriate.

      Another thing is that because I have not had any business clothes I had to purchase a knee length skirt and a white shirt. This cost me quite a lot as I wanted to make a good look but I dont really think I look really great. I have got a white shirt and I am thinking now that It could maybe look better in another color. Black and white attire might make me look a little boring so I would really love your advice on it – should I exchange the shirt to blue maybe?

      The last question is – if it is written that the Drop Off Cv is anytime from 9am to 5 pm does it mean i do not have to come sharply before 9? I have to come from another city and there are no early buses so if still I should come before 9 i would have to go the day before and stay at some hotel.

      I would very much appreciate any response.
      Best regards,

      • Kara

        Hi Ala,
        It sounds to me that what you need to be focusing on is improving how you see yourself. It has nothing to do with the number on the scale or the color of your shirt. It has to do with how you feel, how you perceive yourself, how worthy you think you are of getting this job, how you believe you deserve to become somebody who travels the world and makes money out of it. Try to think of why are you not confident? Is it your inner dialogue, or perhaps how other people talked to you or perceived you? The path to fixing these issues is being more aware, acknowledge and be kind to yourself. You deserve a better life and you deserve this job!
        As for the timings, you can be there anytime between 9 and 5. The interviews will be set for the next day or another date.
        I hope this helps you.

    • Jennifer Wu

      Hi Kara, I have two questions:

      1) Instead of a suit-skirt combo, would it be appropriate to wear a conservative one-piece like this:

      2) About your e-book (not the free one):
      Do you update your contents, since it has been sometime since it’s published? Or is it still relevant now 100% ? And does it have extra stuff or is it just a compilation of the things you’ve written here?

      • Kara

        Hi Jennifer,

        The dress is very appropriate, so yes, you can wear it.
        The ebook is regularly updated. What you will get now is revision 1. We are already reviewing the contents for revision 2 which will be launched later in the year. All revisions will be sent for free for the people who previously bought the book.
        The book contains a very detailed description of assessment day stages, with group exercise examples and suggested behaviors, sample English test, 101 questions and answers for the final interview, sample CVs and sample photos and many more topics needed for success.

    • Minahil Naveed

      Hello Kara, i am a muslim who wears the hijab and would like to join the cabin crew for Emirates in the future. I would like to know if there are ways to cover my hair but have the right look. For example, putting my hair into a bonnet cap an putting on the hat on top as this way i won’t show my hair but can still have the right uniform. It will look as if my hair is put up. Thank you in advance! 🙂

      • Kara

        Hi Minahil,

        None of the 3 airlines accepts candidates wearing the hijab. You must be willing to remove it when in uniform. What you wear when you’re not working is not an issue.
        Also, you will be required to serve alcohol on board.
        The only airline that accepts candidates wearing hijab is Saudi Arabian Airlines.

    • Jurate

      Hello Kara i would like to aked u one question.I have interviu day in Tenerife for Emirates company.But they just take my Cv and i dont pass,even i dont have time to speak and prove my English.I am 33 years old ,179 taler Have good customers service skills.My dress coude it was like they asking for,hier nails as well:).I am engaged so maby just why??? because they have strick roules.Can u give me idea what was wrong.Do they have special prioritys for people.I will be so happy to get the answer from u.So next time i now mine mistages.Thanks for answer

    • Lily

      Hi Kara,

      I have a question regarding my scar on the back of my hand. I attended my FI 3 weeks ago and currently waiting for my on hold email. I have this scar about 3cm long but not very noticeable, it is also in the same color skin tone as the rest of my skin on my hand. I can easily cover up the scar with some concealer, but if examined closely you can tell the difference in texture. I got this from a minor hot water burn back when I was a baby. I am afraid this is a big no for Emirates even if it can be covered up and end up getting sent home. I have been very stressed out about this scar, any advice would be great. Thanks in advance!

    • Allan

      dear kara am 32 years old am i eligible to apply for a cabin crew job with qatar airways ?

      • Kara

        Yes Allan, there is no upper age limit.

    • nadia

      Dear Kara,

      My English is not that perfect do i have chance to succeeded at the assessment day? , I do have a lot off experience and good skills i also speak fluent Arabic,dutch,african and I’m an easy learner , i applied for a open day In amsterdam and they did invite me for the open day and to submit my Cv..
      I’m so nerves and scared that they may regect me just because off my english , I really wanna work for Qatar airline so badly .. Do u have any advise for me pleas,
      thnx Kara

      • Kara

        Nadia, the requirement is fluency in English, so I don’t really know what to tell you to do to achieve that in the next couple of days. Try practicing as much as possible until your assessment and do some online practice tests. Fingers crossed for you!

      • Gui

        Hi Nadia,

        My English is not that perfect as well and I just wondering if that was a problem for you and you got interviewed.

        • Kara

          It is Gui. English fluency is one of the minimum requirements. Perfection is not required, but being fluent is.

    • Benard

      Hello Kara,
      Thnk u for sharing that experience, I got a question, I applied for a Cabin Crew position yesterday in South Africa but Iam in Kenya, if successful, will I cater for everything myself or the Qatar Airline will help in catering for some things? thnk u.

      • Kara

        You need to pay for everything Bernard. Qatar Airways will not reimburse any of your costs.

    • Sarah

      Dear Kara,

      Great sharing on the website!

      Unfortunately, I always got a question in my mind.

      I went for an assessment for Emirates (twice) and Etihad (once). Each interview I received the golden call for the next day interview after CV Drop Off.

      The first section was a group exercise, but I failed after the first round for the 3 times of assessment. While discussion, I believe I am not over or under confident. I speak after a member giving out his/her opinion, then I continue with it. Thus, I always put on a smile while speaking to the members and also while presentation.

      May I know where should I improve or any mistaken while I speaking?

      Thank you. 😉

    • Emran Hussien

      I have always wanted to b a cabin crew member but in our country Uganda we rearly get Assessment days do know how I will fulfill my dream.

    • Eizhelle De Guia

      Dear Kara,

      There will be open days of Qatar Airways here at Hongkong. But the thing is im 20 y.o only turning 21 2months from now. Do you think I should try still or just wait for next open days? Hope for your response thanks a lot.


      • Kara

        Eizhelle, for Qatar Airways you must be 21 years old at the time of the interview. I am afraid you need to wait just a bit longer.

    • Appy

      Hi Kara! U’ve been a great help to people like me whose dream is to be a cabin crew member 🙂
      Thanks. I’ve a question, I’ve my interview this week in qatar airlines, they’ve asked for a passport size n a full length photograph. I don’t have a full length photograph with me. I’ve a passport size photo which is with eye glasses on. Can I go for it widout carrying a full length photograph?? I’m going for the interview in blue shirt and black pant n not in skirt because anyway this attire is professional. I’m not sure if I should go for the open day without a full length photograph and with eye glasses on..

      • Kara

        Appy, they require a photo without spectacles. As a cabin crew, you are not permitted to wear glasses (only contact lenses).
        You must have with you all required documents:
        1 x CV
        1 x passport photocopy
        1 x passport photograph taken in formal business attire dress code (without glasses).
        1 x full length photograph taken in formal business attire dress code (without glasses).
        1 x photocopy of your highest education certificate (in its original language is fine).
        The only document you can skip at this point is the passport copy if you don’t yet have a passport.
        As for your attire, it is highly recommended you wear a skirt instead of the pants.
        Good luck!

    • kawtar

      Hello everyone!
      Please i want to ask if anyone is invited for the assessment day the 23rd dec 2014 at casablanca

    • Muhammad Afzal

      Dear Kara
      Reading your pointer’s about Assessment day were really helpfull.I am 32 and have been trying to get in Emirates,Qatar airways and Etihad for cabin Crew but so far i have had no luck in obtaining my dream career .Could you kindly tell me where do i lack ? or if a guy my age could do some course available to get in aviation industry.Thank you

    • Paula

      Hello Kara,

      I have started to go through the 100 possible FI questions at the end of your E-book, but some of them give me a hard time as I’ve only got two years of work experience. Five years ago, I did a internship at a front desk of an adult education center (it’s a German institution thing). Later I returned to there for roughly one year to do voluntary work, however it was more like a part-time job and to earn more money at the same time I worked as a service personnel for an event service company. That’s four years ago, since then I’ve been studying, and although there’s a lot of things I remember about that time there’s enough things I don’t remember anymore. So how am I supposed to name situations as examples if I don’t recall any? I can’t say that I have never been in such a situation yet, but saying that I don’t remember would be just as bad.

      The questions I’m racking my brain about are:
      – Tell me about a time you made a suggestion to improve business.
      – Can you describe a time when you had to be flexible in your job?
      – Can you describe a situation when you had to take charge at the job?
      – Give me an example of a time that you felt you went above and beyond the call of duty at work.

      Especially the last question is hard for me. I know that there were such situations but I simply can’t remember them, but I’ve got the feeling that this question might be asked and that the rest of the interview depends heavily on my answer. Is there any advise you can give me?

      • Kara

        Paula, it sounds like you have quite a bit of work experience and you should be able to find some examples of when these things happened to you. You just need to be a bit more comfortable talking very positively about yourself and your accomplishments (especially for the last question). It must have been at least one situation when you did something that was more than your job description – even when you think it was normal. Talk about these things. You can write to me with some examples and we can discuss further in formulating that answer. The first question can be answered with “this has not happen to me”, but the other 3 must have an answer. Makes sense?

    • sads

      Hi Kara .
      trust you are well…
      I received an invite via email for the AD it states that I need to bring a photo im not sure as to what size should that be also if its a full length or headshot picture ..pls help?also im extremely nervous and excited to …please give me some tips on what I should expect

      looking forward to your response

      • Kara

        You need a passport photo and a full length photo. Both should be in business attire. All the best Sads!

    • Sol

      Hi Kara, one question. I went to an open day on october and i passed to the assesment day but i was eliminated after the first excersice. Now I’m updatting my Cv on the Emirates page and i submited it but this is what appears Submission Status: LM -Assessment Regret, what does it mean? DoIi have to wait if I want to present myself to an Open day? I wanna know because there is one in my country on December.

      Thank You so much Kara, for all you do here.

      • Kara

        Sol, the status is the result of your first attempt. The official rule is to wait 6 months between open days, however, unofficially people have been accepted to interview before that period provided they did not reach the final interview stage.

    • Blanche

      Hi Kara, than you for all the advises you give on this site. I’m trying to get your book but I don’t see the option of paying via paypal. Please respond, I’m going to the open day next week. Many thanks

    • Ghiath

      i have tomorrow an assessment with Air Arabia airline i am just concern about the English test
      i have no idea how is the system of the test could you please advice me now coz after a few hours i have to be there

      Many thanks

      • Kara

        Ghiath, here at Flight Attendant Central we only discuss the recruitment process for Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. I cant help you with advice about any other airline.

      • Ryspek

        Hi Ghiath !!
        I have an Assessment day with Air Arabia Could you please advice me how is 1st assessment day ?thank you !

    • jasmine

      Hi kara! I was very disappoited at the first time i joined with emirates assessment day in Viet Nam. Even if i good at every section you advised they wouldn’t choose me. They chose the candidates who are not good looking, not friendly, very shrewd. That’s a bad experience. They don’ t have even some water for candidates. While Vietnamairlines is a more and more smaller airline but when they recruit cabin crew inside and outside Viet Nam, they have water, food, sit, and good welcome. When i came emirates assessment day i was wanting to go home immediately! So disappoited

      • Kara

        Sorry to hear your experience was not positive Jasmine.

    • Rouba

      Hi Kara,

      I’m not sure if you’re aware but my cousin is cabin crew for emirates and she wears head scarf, You may need to update your records…

      • Kara

        Rouba, a cabin crew is not permitted to wear a head scarf when working in the aircraft. If she is part of the ground crew, then there is an option to wear the uniform with the hijab.

    • Martin

      Dear Kara thank yoy for the article. I want to know if Qatar employ bald headed males?

      • Kara

        Martin, there is no official restriction for it.

    • Jesica

      Hi Kara, thanks for your answer. I just realized i did the wrong question. I wanted to ask if is not too soon going again for an OD on december??

      • Kara

        Jesica, for Emirates and Qatar there is no waiting period. For Etihad, you must wait 6 months before re-applying.

    • Jesica

      Hi Kara, i just had the AD for Emirates and unfortunalety i was eliminated after the first excercise. Also they sent me an e mail asking me to go to the ope day that was yesteday. There is an Open Day in my country on December, shoul i apply for that one? Thanks

      • Kara

        There is no need to apply for an open day Jesica. Just go to the location with your documents.

    • Amelia

      Hello Kara and all! I know that maybe is not the right topic but I want to ask you if you know how many days it takes all the interview session? If I pass the AD (God helps me), when it will be the final interview, because I have to book my flight and hotel and I really don’t know for how many days I should take it. Thank you in advance!

      • Kara

        It depends o the airline Amelia. For Emirates, the final interview is one day after the assessment (most cases), while Etihad and Qatar will have the final interview in the same day of the assessment day. All the best 🙂

    • asma

      Hello Kara!

      Thanks for your huuuuge effort to help us! you are a real angel!

      I got the offer letter by Qatar Airways and they asked me to fill a document but i cannot understand what nomination beneficiary means and percentage .
      Also, they ask if i have migraine, menstrual disorders., if i take medicine. Do you think they will check when im in their clinic all this? or it is just formalities?
      Thank you again !

      • Kara

        Asma, I am here to help you get through the interview. Whatever specific questions you have about paperwork that needs to be filled should be addressed to your recruitment officer.
        All the other medical questions need to be answered honestly so they can establish your profile and obtain the cabin crew medical certificate.

    • zorita

      hey dolls, i should attend to assessment day 4day later, would u give me the exact address? tnx

      • Kara

        You can only participate in an assessment day if your online application is considered successful and you are shortlisted for that event. In case you are, you will receive an email with an invitation to the event and the details (venue, timings, etc)

    • leiiy

      May i know the schedule of the Open Day Recruitment of Etihad Airways in the Philippines? I would like to know as well the last time they conducted an open day in the Philippines this year?
      Thank you very much and hoping for your prompt reply.

      • Kara

        Leiiy, there are currently no events scheduled for Philippines and there were none organized in the past 3 years by Etihad.

    • rubina salhotra

      Dear Kara
      I really want to give it a try in eithad airways.
      But I don’t know when is it coming to delhi for
      Recruitment.please can you help me with the
      Dates n time when will the interview will held.
      Thanks a lot kAra

      • Kara

        Rubina, there are currently no dates for India, however I encourage you to apply online. If shortlisted, you have 6 months to book an assessment, so there might be a chance that they will organize something in your area by then.

    • Moni

      Hi Kara,
      I would appreciate an answer to my dilemma. I have received an invitation for an AD with EK for august. I was unable to attend so I emailed to inform them about it. Few days after, even before the AD, my status changed on the site from Completed to LM-assessment regret. Since I did not attend the event but I have contacted them I supposed they were aware of my notification. There is another AD for this month in my city, but I am afraid if the status is a mistake I will not get any invitation. I would call them to ask about it , but could not find a number of the HR.

      Thank you very much!

      • Kara

        Moni, the only way to be in touch with the HR department is via the careers portal. You can withdraw you application and reapply for the position. If this was an error, it should not be any problem to receive the invitation one more time.

    • laith

      Hi kara
      So I got my regret letter today, but it also said that I had skills and experience that were matched for other positions.
      Is this just a way to soften the blow of rejection or am I reading into this too much?

      • Kara

        Laith, they might call you for a ground position in the airport or in the lounges, but that is not a guarantee. Try to prepare more and reapply next time they come to your country.

    • Khaled

      I also would like to mention in the QR letter of experience it’s only mentioned the period i worked for them, like from when to when, and my job position, the reason i left is not mentioned.

      • Kara

        That’s ok Khaled.

    • Khaled

      Thanks a lot Kara, however i would like just to clarify that i officially quit due to the extreme illness of my mother, since i am a lonely child with no siblings and my mom lives alone so i had to resign and go back home being with her till she gets better, which i had done already, i was only thinking they might think it was illegitimate or poor reason to quit from QR, however this is what happened and this is what i am going to say because for me my family comes first and i had to do that step and take that decision at that particular point,

      Thank you

      • Kara

        I am sure that whoever leaves a job have strong reasons to do so. Try to keep it short and simple and everything will be fine.

    • Khaled

      I also would like to mention i worked for QR for 5 months and 6 days before i get terminated, so do you think i should mention this to Etihad on the assessment day,although i believe they saw it already on my CV during the screening process when i applied online, so what do you recommend me to do regarding this?,


      • Kara

        You should always be truthful. Do not discuss at length reasons for being let go or how you felt about it. If the discussion comes up and they ask you about it, formulate a short but very diplomatic answer.

    • Khaled

      Hello Kara,

      I got an invitation for an assessment day with Etihad, and in the ” what to bring with you” section, it says : “Two work related service letters including the Contact Details of Referees (their names, position titles, telephone numbers and work emails). The service letters have to be issued by your current or previous employers and need to be printed on official letterhead and include a company stamp.”, does that mean just the Letters of Experience or does it mean another type of papers?, and also it says that my passport must be vaild for at least 18 months, is that really important?

      • Kara

        Yes Khaled, those are the letters of experience stating which company you worked for, which position you held and the period. You passport must be valid for 18 months before they apply for your resident permit. If your expires before, just tell them you are in the process of getting a new one and you will submit a copy as soon as you have it.

    • Gladish

      Hi Kara,

      I want to have an updated scheduled for Qatar airways. How to do it? I was not able to drop my cv here in kuala lumpur during the drop of day. I feel so sorry to myself. Can you advise me how to keep updated for the invitation?

      Thank you so much..

    • Sellinah

      hello Kara, I am a South African female who is now 35 years old,I want to apply for Emirates cabin crew but now im not sure if I can fit to this position due to my age??Thank you

      • Kara

        Sellinah, you must contact the agency iCrew. They handle the pre-screening for Emirates. As far as I am aware, they do have an upper age limit, however I can’t give you any details about it.

    • asma

      Hello kara
      I applied online for ETIHAD 15 days before the assessment day interview in Casablanca and I’m waiting for the invitation
      do you think they will reply to me or not

      • Kara

        It depends on the number of applications they are dealing with at the moment. They are quite efficient, so let’s hope you will get an answer very soon.

    • Ahlam

      Hi Kara. I am a young Morroccain girl aged 19 years. I want to become a flight attendant but I wear Hijab. It is ok Kara? please write to me as soon as a possible.

      • Kara

        Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways do not accept their cabin crew to hear hijab. You can look into Saudi Arabian Airlines, they seem to be the only ones accepting international cabin crew wearing hijab.

    • chelsea

      thanks kara. what about emirates and etihad? are they accepting married applicants?

      • Kara

        They do Chelsea, however you will only be offered a single status contract, meaning that company provided accommodation and other benefits are provided for you only, not for your entire family.

    • chelsea

      hi kara, I’m 29 years old already, do you think i can still apply for a cabin crew position? Do qatar airways accepts married, female applicants with a daughter? thank you.

      • Kara

        Your age is not a problem Chelsea, however as far as I am aware, Qatar only offers contracts to single candidates.

    • Nate

      Hey Kara, first of all i just want to appreciate you for all the help, in saying that i have an assessment day in a couple of days for emirates airlines and was wondering if having a facial hair is acceptable or not, i prefer to keep my facial hair because i’m not use to not having any, is that an issue or is it fine, thank you again, much appreciated
      P.S if i have to then i will but finger crossed i don’t have to.

      • Kara

        Nate, a cleanly shaved face is professional looking and recommended when going for an interview.

    • franchesca quizon

      Hi kara,
      I really wanted to get a copy of your book how to become a flight attendant for airline in the middle east but i don’t have international credit cards nor paypal account.i only have account here in the philippines what’s the other option for the payment?thankyoi

      • Kara

        Hi Franchesca. Credit card or PayPal are the only options for payment we offer. If you don’t have access to either one of them, you could ask a friend or relative who has a credit card and is willing to do the transaction on your behalf. You can reimburse them cash or by bank transfer. I hope this helps.

    • Jasmin

      Hi Kara,
      I am in Australia and I have been looking for someone in the industry that can help me with some questions I have. I am a muslim woman who wears the hijab and know that cabin crew cannot wear any head coverings but is it ok for ground staff? Also would training for ground staff take place in my local city? Or is all training done in the middle east? I know the volume of job application the airlines get every month so I was wondering if having a certificate III in aviation services would make my CV stand out? I’m trying to decide if doing the course will be worth it. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

      • Kara

        Jasmin, I’m sorry, but my expertise lies solely with the cabin crew position. I can’t help you with any advice regarding other jobs.

    • Maggz

      Hi Kara,

      Thank you for all this information it is a great help. Just a few questions. I am slightly heavier than I should be and definitely not as skinny as most cabin crew ladies but I am quite fit, will this be a problem? I would also appreciate if you could tell me if it is normal to wait over a month for Qatar Airways to respond after the final interview?

      Thank you.

      • Kara

        Maggz, your weight and height must be in proportion. This is measured using a BMI calculator. Your BMI must fall between normal ranges. Calculate yours here
        The airline can take up to 6 weeks to get back to you with an answer. Think positive 🙂

    • joyce

      hi kara,
      i received an invitation for cv drop in emirates next week, do i still continue to go because i am trying to reach 210cm for cabin assistant but can’t make it, i can only make 208cm i think?? or i measure it wrong? please help? thanks

      • Kara

        Joyce, keep on stretching. Your arm reach is supposed to improve with time.

    • tara

      Dear Kara,
      Thank you so much for your awesome guidance
      I have just completed a fresh profile online and I did receive the acknowledgement email.
      Hope I’ll be shortlisted and get through to my dream job this time.
      Will keep you posted
      You are a life savour indeed

      • Kara

        I am happy I could help Tara 🙂

    • tara

      Hey Kara,
      Thank you for your quick response.
      I have just deactivated the account and will create a new one asap.
      Just for my information, what does ‘LM Assessment regret’ stand for?
      Don’t they generally send an email to acknowledge the submission online along with a registration number?
      And don’t they also email to inform if shortlisted or not?
      Hope you can throw some light on this as I’m quite confused with all the varied informations you read online.
      Thank you once again and kind regards

      • Kara

        Tara, the assessment regret is the status used if you failed during one of the stages of the assessment (group exercise, English test, etc)
        In your case, the system seems to be stuck to this status even though your 6 months have passed. In order to reset this, you must start a new application. When a new application is received you will get the conformation email and a registration number. Hence, my recommendation you create a new profile.

    • Tara Atashband

      Hello Kara,
      I went for an emirates cabin crew assessment day in January 2014 and had also registered online, but did not make it to the final interview. It has now been over 6 months and i have applied again, but this time for an invitation only, which is in September. After completing my online application (on August 19th) and clicking submit, I did not receive any acknowledgement email and my submission has this coming up
      “United Arab Emirates
      Job Posting:11-Jan-14 – Job Number: 130000X8
      Job Status: Active (Accepting Job Submissions)
      Submission Status: LM -Assessment Regret – Updated: 23-Aug-14”

      So I don’t understand if the LM Assessment Regret is for my January application or has my recent application been validated? Did i need to deactivate my old application and start new and if so should I do it now?

      Thank you 🙂

      • Kara

        Hi Tara. The assessment regret is from Aug 23rd. It might be a technical error, as usually the unsuccessful status following the online application is “not shortlisted”. I suggest you withdraw your application or create a brand new profile with a new email address.

    • Rita Kudjonu

      Hi, kara please I would be attending emirates screening for cabin crew in 3 days to come , can you please help me by telling me exactly what I should do and expect as well as what to take along with me on that day.

    • Sahil

      i submitted my cv on, cv drop of day. But still i didn’t receive any call or e-mail from them for second round. What to do?

      • Kara

        Go through the CV and try to modify it, take new photos and try again for the next event in your area.

    • Erick

      Hi Kara,

      These information are so helpful, and really thank you for your help..
      I’m Male 172cm, and I’m not really clear about the rules 212cm reach point in Emirates.. Do you think I can make it ?
      And Kara, I’m applying online like 3 weeks before the “invitation only” AD, do you think I can get the invitation in such really close time?

      Waiting for your info Kara,
      Thanks alot.

      • Kara

        Yes Erick, you should be fine. A person of 160cm is usually capable of reaching the 212cm mark.
        As for your application being shortlisted, it really is a matter of how many applicants they have for that specific location. You may be ok 🙂

    • hadil

      Hey emirates
      my name is hadil. Am an ethiopian bt born and lived in saudi arabia and now it have been 3 years since i came to ethiopia. I’ve applied for emirates a week ago but didnt get a reply yet so i wanna ask if there i is a nearby assesment here in ethiopia?? And thank you

    • yvette

      hi kara! ive been in QR open day just recently a hundreds of people came…. but it was just a cv drop-off i dont know why they didnt call me.. 🙁 i did my best to look at my best im 22 by the way….but why they didnt entertain me???? pls give me an advice kara 🙁 thank u in advance

      • Kara

        Yvette, I am obviously unable to tell you the exact reason for being rejected. Open Days are highly competitive events and only the best of the best will be selected. There are many factors that are taken into consideration such as language abilities, soft skills, customer service experience as well as impeccable first impressions. This is all measured against the rest of the candidates.
        I can only advise you to keep on trying and apply for all airlines hiring, even if it’s just to gain experience.

    • Muhammad Tahir Sharif

      i’m going to attend an open day assessment with Shaheen Airways on 18 of this color is not to much fair..also my weight is more than my body requirement.can this become my rejection cause.

      • Kara

        Muhammads, here we only discuss the assessment process for Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. I can’t help you with the specific requirements of any other airline.

    • niharika

      Hi kara… i’m going to attend an open day assessment with Qatar airways on 23 of this month.I’ve maligned teeth. I’ve protruding canines. I want to ask you should I go for the interview. Can this be a reason for my rejection.

      • Kara

        Niharika, your teeth must be clean and cavity free. Your smile must be warm and pleasant. The airline is not looking for perfection. Your self image will affect your performance, so try working on improving that.

    • Lavina

      Thank you so much Kara 🙂

    • Lavs

      Hi again Kara, also would like to know if the shirt can be neck less or you can say collar less or not as needed to be worn on skirt ?

      • Kara

        It doesn’t matter Lavs as long as your neck is visible.

    • Lavs

      Hi Kara, i have an Interview with Qatar Airways in the following days, I have an query related to the full length photograph, I just wanted to know if the same Business Attire needed to be wore in the Interview as well as for the photograph. will it do if i wear the same suit skirt with jacket in an Interview ?? Also, would like to know if the shirt needs to be tucked in or is it ok if I don’t as my hairstyle would be Bun, so requesting you to please advice accordingly. Awaiting your response.

      • Kara

        Hi Lavs. You can wear the same attire in the photos and the assessment. The shirt should be tucked in in your skirt. Your hairstyle should be neatly tied back.

    • Mary

      Hi Kara!
      I’m planning to apply for an AD and I was wondering can I send photos of me dressed in pants or do I have to wear skirt? And would it be ok, if get invited, to appear in pants?
      Thank you !

      • Kara

        Depends on the airline Mary. Most prefer to see you in a skirt. Your final photos must be submitted while wearing a skirt. You can initially submit the ones with pants, but if successful, you will be asked to provide new ones.

    • Siyas

      hi kara, you are doing a great job …

      • Kara

        Thank you Siyas.

    • me

      Hello,I am trying to apply for ethiad airways and sm interested to go to
      Abu Dhabi since they do not come to my country,so is there a way that they
      will send for me the air ticket or fo I have to pay.

      • Kara

        You will need to pay it for yourself.

    • sunny

      Hi kara,
      wanted to ask you that is there any requierments for in flight chefs ,i.e, do they check for any scar on face or body mass index

      • Kara

        Sunny, the in-flight chef position is not my area of expertise, but I can only assume that the basic requirements and fitness levels are the same as the cabin crew, as the chef will be an cabin crew with extra responsibilities.

    • Alina

      Hi Kara,
      Can you please tell us how should the photos for Qatar OD be? What are the requirements(suit or short sleeved shirt, colour of the backgroud)? Thanks

      • Kara

        The requirement is formal business attire. That means a skirt suit (jacket included), pantyhose, court shoes and full hair and makeup done as per professional standards. The background can be white, grey or blue without props.

    • Joyce


      What is the age limit for a cabin crew?I am 26 and i am getting information from friends that when I reach 30years there will be no chances of getting a cabin crew job in any airline.Kindly brief me

      • Kara

        There is officially no upper age limit to become a cabin crew, however if you live in a country where assessments are organized in conjunction with recruitment agencies, the agency will only select candidates from a certain age group (it depends on each country).

    • Lyndon

      Hi Kara,
      I am 24 years old, I have been trying many times to become a Flight Attendant but never got through. I have been for the Qatar airways interview held in Mumbai, I was there till the group discussion round and after that I didnt get through. please suggest me.any tips so that I can make it this time. I am eager to become a flight attendant as it’s my dream job and where my knowledge and skills of Guest service will be best used. I have found this job the best because here responsibility, team player, guest service is applicanle.

      Please Kara I need your help and guidance.

      Thanks in advance..

    • Rahil

      Hi dear,

      I’ve gone through all the details on your website. I’ll be attending cabin crew Qatar Airways interview soon on 19th of this month.

      I’m fresher to this profile but gave couple of interview in the past but was rejected at the last.

      I know I’m deserving however I even know that there is some point were I’m making mistake but can’t make it out.

      I need your help Kara… Can you please tell me what exactly I need to do… I really want to crack it this time..

    • jerry

      Hi Kara
      Thank you very much for your reply!!
      Do i have to diagnose prior to the assessment and wear the contact lens? or should i let the airlines do that? its a little unclear and what is the acceptable level of short sight problem per the airlines medical Standard?
      Best Regards.

      • Kara

        Jerry, my personal opinion is that if you are not able to see, you should definitely consult a doctor and be offered help. Here are the medical requirements in regards to vision:
        Your vision is acceptable if
        -Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye
        -Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm and N14 at 100cm
        It is unacceptable if you have
        -spectacles for visual correction (only contact lenses are accepted)
        -visual field defects
        -functionally monocular vision

    • jerry

      ki kara
      i am 23 years old, i live in Ethiopia,Emirates airlines used to come here but now they stopped with unknown reasons is there any chance they will be back in my country? if not, how can i attend the assessment? i can come to Dubai, if i am shortlisted but the schedule for Dubai is only for Arabic speakers ,Please advice me.
      The other thing is i am short sighted , cant read words in distance, is there strict rule regarding a person who have short sight problem?
      Thank you!!
      Best Regards.

    • Renuka

      Hi Kara ,
      I’m 37yrs of age from Mumbai & divorced with height 178 cms, & would like to apply for Emirates open day assesment scheduled in Mumbai on 23 June & in Kolkata on 26 July however this is on Invitation only . I’m unbale to apply only on this . Please advise how can I attend in Kolkata & would my CV be selected?

      • Kara

        Hi Renuka, for all recruitment in India, you must contact the agency Frankfinn Management Consultants. They handle the pre-screening for Emirates.

    • Aminah

      Hello Kara, I want to know if cabin crew allow anyone to be employed if you are married. If you are married, can you still apply for cabin crew role and will they consider taking you or not. Especially in the middle east airlines, do they employ anyone who is married.

      • Kara

        Aminah, all 3 airlines will only offer you a single status contract, meaning that whatever benefits they provide, they are for your use only. Your spouse can’t live with you in the shared company provided accommodation, they will not receive sponsorship for their visas and they will not be included in your medical insurance.
        If you want your husband to join you, all of these costs must be supported by you.
        Other than that, yes, you can be married.

    • Jaclyn

      Hello Kara,
      My final interview with Emirates was 4/29,
      I have yet to receive an email or a phone call regrading if I received the position or not, tomorrow will make it 7 weeks since my final interview.
      I checked my application on and it states “LM-assessment regret”, what does that mean?
      Thank you.

      • Kara

        Jaclyn, nothing is official until you receive an email from the airline, however your status is not too encouraging. I am sorry I can’t give you better news.

    • Daniela

      Hi Kara, I received today an invitation for an upcoming open day in my country. I checked my profile and my jobpage and in one of my submissions i have this: LM -Assessment Regret. What does it mean? I did attend a Open Day 2 months ago and i didn’t make it till the Final Interview. I thought that i have to wait 6 months to apply again, but im getting this new invite, so I’m really confused now! Should i go to the OD or not?
      Thank you so much!!

      • Kara

        Daniela, if this is for Emirates, there seems to be an unofficial new rule that you can participate in another assessment before the 6 months waiting period, so unless you reached and failed the final interview in the past 6 months, you can go ahead and participate in this Open Day. Good luck!

    • Ellen

      Hi Kara! I was invited for a open house coming soon, I’m fluent in English, but I know that my English is not 100% yet, there are some things to improve. Could I not be hired because of this?

      • Kara

        Ellen, you must be able to understand English at an advanced level. Being your second language, nobody expects you have control over it as a native speaker would, however you must be comfortable using it. In other words, you must be fluent.

    • Raluca

      Hello, Kara! Thank you very much for your advice. It is indeed very nice of you to spend your free time and try to help others. I have a question for you. Could you tell me if during the interview ( all the three days) we must ALWAYS speak English, even with our colleagues, when we have to solve the tasks. Because I am Romanian and I want to attend an open day recruitment in Budapest, Hungary. And I do not know Hungarian at all. 😀 Thank you! Hugs!

      • Kara

        Yes Raluca, it is all happening in English. You shouldn’t feel out of place if you participate in a location that is not your home country. Common courtesy calls for speaking English when somebody who doesn’t understand your language is present. You would do the same if the situation was reversed and you would be in the presence of a foreigner who traveled to Romania for the assessment.

    • Aminah

      Hello Kara,

      Thank you for your reply,

      I want to make sure that, is it true that only on ground operation they allow female to wear there full muslim entire in middle east airline such as: Emirates and Etihad ?

      I want to become a Lounge Agent and if I do get the job, will they allow me to a muslim entire airline suit or it will uniform standards the same on ground operations ?

      Also, I have no issue wearing the uniform, as I’m from UK and i do understand that uniform standard I hv to abide to in UK to get a job. I understand the requirement you made below for international airline. But will this stop me wearing my hijab when I’m not in work as cabin crew/other job in Dubai or will this be a discrimination ?

      when I’m not in my working hours for airlines as cabin crew, I’m I allowed to wear my hijab then or will it class as discrimination or abuse from them. Also are you allowed to wear flesh coloured leg tights below the skirt as cabin crew or not when working Emirates or Etihad ?

      I heard alot about the airline how horrible they are to crew so wanting help to clarify.Can you please answer all question, as it will help, thanks.

      Kind regards


      • Kara

        Aminah, UAE is a Muslim country. You will not face any sort of discrimination for wearing your hijab or abaia when not in uniform.
        I can’t advise specifically about the Lounge Agent position. You will need to ask these things during your interview. I know though that as a general rule, you can wear the hijab and pants when working as ground staff.
        When working as cabin crew you must wear a skirt with skin colored pantyhose and no head coverings.
        If you believe the rumors that the airlines are horrible to their employees, you should definitely reconsider applying for such a position. I lived and worked in the Middle East for 7 years and I had a wonderful experience. Before I went there however I expected to be treated fairly and have a great time. You get what you expect to get and what you think you deserve.

    • Aminah

      Hello Kara, I just want to know if emirates, etihad and Qatar airways employ female Muslim cabin crew at all. I hearing from other people that they do and some say that they don’t.

      Are there female Muslim cabin crew operating in the middle east or not ?

      On open day or assessment, as I am Muslim female I am allowed to wear trousers with my business entire suit and will they accept me for this. If i do get place for my training will they allow me to wear trousers with my uniform or not.

      Can you please help me to clarify this for me. Thanks



      • Kara

        Hi Aminah. Muslim girls are employed from all over the world by the airlines in the Middle east, however the uniform requirements must be followed regardless of your religion. That means you agree to wear the uniform skirt (knee length), remove your veil when working, as well as agree to serve alcohol no board.

    • Nozipho Dhliwayo

      hie kara, im going for an assesment day tomorrow for Qatar. I travelled all the way from my country to South Afric a for this interview. they siad they needed a photo with the same business attire.. does it mmean the same attire i will wear on the day of the interview or it just means a formal attire? i had sent my online application wearing a black dress that i will not wear on the interview day cause i left it home. im afraid i will ose some points..also give me a few tips on how to increase my confidence, im very nervours and have some esteem issues. thank you in advance

      • Kara

        The requirement states “full length photograph taken in the same formal business attire dress code mentioned”. You don’t need the exact same dress or suit, but you must still wear a formal business attire. Good luck with your interview Nozipho. As for your self esteem, you are the only person who can start working on that. It all comes down to thinking you are worthy of having this job and the right to happiness. If you don’t believe it, you can’t expect anybody else to believe it.

    • kate

      Hi Kara, I know about the tattoo restriction of Emirate. The problem is I am invited to go on assessment day on 22nd this month. I had a small tattoo on above my ankle and it’s currently in the removal process. The clinic said that they can give me the tattoo removal certificate to prove that its been removing. Can i bring that to my assessment day ? Or should i contact them to delay my assessment day next time? I’m thinking about covering it by make up, but i want to be honest.
      Thanks kara

      • Kara

        Kate, this is my personal opinion. If you can conceal it for the assessment and if the clinic guarantees that there will be no scar left after the removal process, don’t mention it. Having tattoos in a visible area is a reason to be disqualified immediately, so there will be no chance to explain that you are in the process of removing it.

    • Asma

      Hi kara, i read all the comments regarding the rules in the attire for the emirates and etihad..lots of comment and reliable information stated that they doesnt allowed the cabin crew to wear hijab,then i personally message them through the facebook page, and they said that they are allowed the cabin crew to wear im bit confuse i dont know which sources should i go with..can u help me with this?thanks kara.

      • Kara

        Asma, the cabin crew in Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways are not permitted to wear hijab. It is only permitted for the ground staff. I don’t know who do you refer when you say “them”, but this is the official information.

    • Luis

      Hi Kara, Qatar has an assessment day in my city next week but I’ve a doubt, I don’t have full suit (not same fabric pants-jacket) but is a business attire I use regularly to my day to day work, is black and dark-grey. Is this ok? Other question is about full-length photo, has an specific size? 11′? Is my first time in a crew requirement activity. Tks.

      • Kara

        Hi Luis, the dress code requirement is “formal business attire”. This usually means a full suit with shirt and tie. If you don’t have the same fabric, you can go ahead with the different colors, however you want them to match.
        Full length photo is 10x15cm and it should be taken in the same formnal business attire.

    • Chloe

      Thanks for the response Ms. Kara. Yes, I understand your point. I will not change my language/nationality/etc. I will just make it appear that my current address is in Taiwan because I am on vacation in Taiwan. Like, “since I am currently in Taiwan, then why not apply for the Assessment Day”. So, basically, it just means that I have a permanent address w/c is outside Taiwan. I will tell them this (if ever I pass the Assessment Day) and ask if I can change into my permanent address in my online application. If ever I get invited for the Assessment Day, I will clearly put in my resume that I have a Taiwan address, and a permanent address which is in my country. Thanks Ms. Kara, you are such a great help!

    • Chloe

      Hello Kara. I am planning to apply to be invited at the EK’s Assessment Day in Taiwan next month. I read in your past response that EK prioritizes the citizens of that country in terms of invitation. I am not from Taiwan though. Is it wise for me to put a Taiwan address in my application just so I will be given a higher chance of being invited? I will put my real nationality, but I will make it appear that I am currently staying in Taiwan using Tourist Visa. Then maybe if I get an invitation, say one-two weeks before the event, then I will be arranging my travel to Taiwan. If ever I get successful in my Assessment Day, I will explain to them that I have a permanent address that is outside Taiwan, where I really live. Will that be okay? I wish you could enlighten me on this matter. Thank you very much!

      • Kara

        Chloe, I really don’t know what to say. I firmly believe that lying in any form is not good when dealing with a potential employer. You can never predict their reaction when finding out the truth.
        If you are just planning the get shortlisted for this specific event, make sure that the residence country is the only thing that is altered. No nationality or language skills changes.
        I also don’t think the discussion about your real address comes up in the interview. At the point of the assessment everybody is more focused on the skills you need to get the job.

    • maggy

      Hi kara, I attended qatar interview about 6 weeks ago, I have done my medicals, they sent me a message to get a simple doctors report stating the cause of my scar below the knee which I declared , if there was any stitches or fractured involved. I have sent the doctors report back to them. I’m awaiting their response and waiting for medical clearance. I hope this will not spoil my chances because there was no stitches or fractured involved and the scar is not visible under panty hose. Or should I send them a mail stating that the scar isn’t visible under panty hose? Because I really need this job.

      • Kara

        Mostly, all the investigation is done for medical insurance coverage, however grooming is also very important. It wouldn’t hurt to mention the scar isn’t visible under pantyhose.

    • Amy-Louise

      Hi Kara

      Thank you so much for this WEALTH of knowledge and advise that you have supplied so generously here!

      I’m from Cape Town, South Africa and was wondering if you knew when the next Etihad or Qatar Open or Assessment days are in my country. I know that Emirates have an Open Day coming up in July, Etihad had one recently (sadly I missed it) but I can’t find listings of Assessment or Open days extending past the end of June for Etihad. Is that simply because Etihad posts these lists every few months and not more than 2 months in advance?

      Also, I’m a first-language, fluent English speaker and a second-language fluent Afrikaans speaker with basic Italian and intermediate Spanish. Do you think Afrikaans will count as a useful language in my favour? It is not spoken outside of South Africa but DOES allow me to understand, read and speak Dutch reasonably well, as it is an offshoot of Dutch from their colonisation of South Africa. Should I explain that in my application or interview? I know that fluency in several languages is an asset and would like to maximise mine. I’m also thinking of formally learning Dutch. It would be very easy as most of the differences that affect fluency are pronunciation-related, as well as small word differences. Then I would formally be able to say that I am fluent in Dutch. Will that make a big difference in my interview process? I am looking for the edge to help me compete for a position at one of these airlines. Should I rather focus on improving my Spanish as it is a widely spoken language?

      Sorry for the essay, haha. I’d appreciate any advise you can give me.

      • Kara

        Hi Amy-Louise, let me start by saying how important it is to have an attitude such as yours: looking at ways to improve your profile so that you have more to offer. It’s wonderful.
        Firstly, for whatever events organized by Emirates, you must contact the agency iCrew. They are the official recruitment partner of Emirates and they handle the pre-screening. If successful, you will be invited to the next available assessment day in your city.
        For Etihad, the July dates are not yet finalized. With them, you can always apply online. If your application is successful, you have 6 months to book an assessment.
        Qatar Airways comes quite often to South Africa, I am sure they will be back in the next couple of months.
        Explaining in your CV the definition of Afrikaans is really a waste of space and time. Most people working in aviation have more knowledge about languages than average. Focus on learning Dutch and then you can bring it up during the interview when asked “What have you been doing int he past 6 months to improve your skills” or other similar questions.
        You can start with Spanish as well, but your main focus right now should be on “quickest results in the least time”. Any extra language you speak fluently is an asset, as for every destination the airline needs to assign at least one language speaker on board for public announcements and communication with the passengers.
        Wishing you the very best, keep me posted how everything goes.

    • Marchelina

      Hello kara!
      I applied online for qatar airways, then They invited to participate on pre-selection day? Do you have any idea what will i do there? Im very appreciate and that’s really useful if you could help me. Thanks

    • Maria

      Hello! I am aware that in order to attend AD, you have to apply online and receive an invitation. But you can’t apply to a specific country, am I right? Then how does the EK recruiters decide which country you can attend? Because the only Asian country with AD this June is Indonesia (Vietnam only screens Viet applicants), will it automatically assume that since I am from an Asian country, then I will be invited to Jakarta AD?

      How does this work? And how long until you get an invite usually? Thank you!

      • Kara

        Hi Maria. This is an excellent question.
        When you apply online, your profile will be screened by the HR department. If shortlisted, they will keep your application on hold for a recruitment event. If an invitation only assessment is organized in a certain country, priority will be given to the residents of that country. If they are unable to fill in the spots they need for the assessment, they will send out invitations to candidates from neighboring countries. This however is tricky, as many people can’t afford the cost of travel or accommodation, hence participation can’t be confirmed or estimated correctly.
        If however the recruitment event is an Open Day, any candidates can participate and be considered for the job, regardless where they reside.
        It usually takes 2-3 months for you online application to be screened.

    • Rae

      Hello Kara!

      Hoping you can shed some light on my attempts to join both Etihad and Emirates as cabin crew. I have made it pass the first cut but never to final interview with Emirates twice, and to final interview with Etihad twice but always received the “sorry, not this time email.” The first time I interviewed, I was incredibly nervous and unprepared. The second time, I had my answers ready and practiced, and felt like I aced the interview. It was soooooo positive (especially compared to the first interview). Still rejected. *Any* idea what might be going on? Is it because I have an advanced degree, lived abroad in a country they don’t like, smile wrong? I’ve asked a recruiter before and she just said, “Keep trying!” I plan to, but that doesn’t really help me know what to change…

      • Kara

        Rae, I obviously can’t assume what went wrong in your interview. It may it be your answers, or just the chemistry between you and the recruiters. I wasn’t there so I don’t know. They go through the file one more time before they decide. Can it be perhaps something in your application form?

    • Ellyna

      Hi Kara,

      I would like to know, does Etihad Airways held any assessment day in Malaysia previously?

      • Kara

        Not in the past 3 years Ellyna.

    • azman

      thanks for da tips kara

      wish me luck for my EK open days on 1 may at Johor Bharu Malaysia…


      • Kara

        How did your interview go Azman?

    • Aseye

      hi kara.
      i really appreciate the help and advice u give here. i would like you to help me understand something. i am a 23 years old ghanaian girl.
      i went for qatar airways open day in ghana yesterday and was invited to attend the assessment day today. i was dressed in formal attire. i expected group activities, arm reach test and all of that but that’s not what i experienced. the first test involved picking an item from a group of them that were on a table and explaining why it was picked. for me, there was a pen, a mic, versace perfume, mint toffee, yoghurt etc.these are the ones i remember. i picked a yoghurt and said i have always liked yoghurt because its sweet, comforting and nice.

      i was then asked whether i preferred to be in a room with a smoker or non smoker. i said non smoker (because i am asthmatic though i didn’t tell them that.).unfortunately, after that stage was over i was asked to go home. so i would really appreciate it if you could tell me what exactly i did wrong or how i can improve.
      thank you

      • Kara

        Hi Aseye,

        Telling you exactly what you did wrong is impossible as I wasn’t present thee to judge your performance. Everything counts, from how you carry yourself, your body language, where you smiling, friendly and approachable? How was your grooming (a very important factor for Qatar Airways)? Your answer could have been a bit more memorable than “I choose this because I always liked it.”

    • SAFA

      Hijabees, listen up!

      I was looking forward for today’s cabin crew recruitment in Boston, and I was hoping that I will be giving the opportunity to become part of the Emirates group. Unfortunately, HIJABEES Emirates Airlines will not allow you to wear your hijab upon hiring. I found this out like yesterday and to be honest with you, I am in shock. Considering this Airline is owned pretty much by Muslims and UAE government yet discriminating against basic Muslim women practices. I don’t know what to tell ya’ll but that I am disappointed by the the people responsible for making such a cruel, unjust, prejudice rule.

      AL salam

      • Kara

        Hi Safa. There are very few airlines accepting cabin crew wearing hijab as part of the uniform. You might want to look into Saudi Arabian Airlines and some airlines in Iran. The hijab is accepted as part of the Emirates uniform for their ground staff positions. The same policy applies for Etihad and Qatar Airways.

    • Andreia

      Hi Kara.
      I’m 30 years old and no experience as cabin crew.
      A years ago, when I was younger, I’ve tried TAP Portugal,.The recruitmet is by phases and if you pass you move on to the next:
      1st appearence
      2nd languages
      3rd psychological tests and one on one interview with a psychologist
      4th medical tests
      I did all the phases starting in the end of May and ending in the beginning of July and in the beginning of September I’ve got an e-mail saying that I didn’t pass. ??
      So I don´t know what went wrong that time, maybe it was something with the health. ?? (I wear glasses or contact lenses)
      TAP have limite of age 26, so I decided to try Middle East airlines, but I’m a little afraid due to age or lack of experience. What´s you opinion?
      I’ve been working at Lisbon Airport since 2012, as handling assistant, but I keep on dreaming with being flight attendant…
      Emirates will be in Lisbon next 27th of April, but I don’t think I’m ready and Iwould like to hear from you before and maybe I will try next time.

    • john

      is true that a cabin crew member should not have scars and tattoos?

      • Kara

        No tattoos on face, neck, hands, arms and legs and the scars shouldn’t be visible.

    • bashir

      hello kara can you help me with a link to apply for the EK general cabin crew general application?

    • bashir

      hello kara,i attende the qatar airways cv submission day in kampala and i was called up for the assessment day.
      should i believe that my cv matched their requirements?
      unfortunately,after the english and arm reach tests,i was not selected to proceed to the next level.
      I was smart but not dressed in a suit.i was also wearing dark brown suede shoes.did my dress code cost me the chance of proceeding to the next level?
      my height is good enough and i believe i answered the english test questions properly.
      please tell me what could have been the problem.

      • Kara

        Bashir, Qatar Airways specifies on their website that they expect you to present yourself in formal business attire during the assessment. That is indeed a full suit, with matching jacket and pants, collared shirt and tie. I don’t know if this was the only reason you were rejected, however whenever you go for an interview, a full suit is highly recommended.

    • Gilbert Otieno Odago

      Hello Kara!
      I was unable to attend today’s open day @ Intercontinental,Nairobi due to unavoidable circumstances..Is there a chance for me to be part of the team?
      Thank you..!

      • Kara

        You can reapply whenever there is a new event being conducted in your country or in a neighboring country you can travel to at your own expense.

    • Islam

      Dear Kara

      I am trying to get your book but something wrong is going on and i don`t know it !!!
      after i type the required information including the visa number and cv code …i get a notification that something wrong …Can u help??

      • Kara

        Islam, it might be because your card is not international.

        You can use this alternative link

        Select checkout with PayPal and use Option 2 “Don’t have PayPal account”. You will be prompted to enter your card details and debit cards are also accepted.
        Let me know if you need more help 🙂

    • saber

      Dear Kara, I think everyone can be a flight-attendant from this super information .
      What about the inflight-chef i have an interview next week, can you provide me withe some idea please.

      • Kara

        Hi Saber, the structure of the interview is the same as the cabin crew, however you will also have a knowledge base interview related to your chef qualifications and also during the final interview you will be asked couple of questions related to performance management. This shouldn’t be a problem if you ran your own kitchen or you had staff reporting to you. Good luck 🙂

    • julie

      Hi Kara, am preparing for the open day here in Nairobi on 20th,but i still don’t have my college papers,do you think this may act as a barrier for me being invited for the assessment day? though i got experience? Thanks for the 25 Qs and As

      • Kara

        No Julie, the minimum requirement is a high school diploma. You can provide a copy of that and just tell them your college paper just takes longer to be released, hence the difference between your CV and diploma. Experience is very important, so focus on that.

    • Annie

      Hi Kara,

      I hope you are well!

      I made it to the final interview however I have not recieved a rejection email or “the golden call”. It’s now been 2 months since my final interview. I know the airline recieve a large amount of applications however is there still hope for me? Two other girls I became friends with during the prices have both learnt their outcome. One being positive and the other was unfortunately rejected.

      Thank you!

      • Kara

        Annie, I think this may be an appropriate time to get in touch with your recruiter via email and ask about the outcome of your interview. There might be something holding your application or simply a system error they could be unaware of. It never hurts to ask. Fingers crossed for you 🙂

    • Ana

      Hello Kara, thank you so much for your help guide. I would like speak with you privately. Please send me an email, thank you –

    • ALAA

      Hello Kara, Thank you very much about this useful points
      however I would like to Ask you that I have an assessment day with Etihad next two days
      what will be the group discussion about please if you have any Idea.
      thank you again

    • zaara

      kara,thnx for ur advises,wanted to ask you ,i made through both qatar and emirates final rounds but later got a rejection letter fom both ,wonder what is the reason,this yr july i am gonna be 30 ,do you think i stand a chance after geting rejected from both the airlines and my age,its been a dream to be a cabin crew ,wonder if it will ever become a reality,it was really difficult to accept rejection after making it through to the finals:(

      • Kara

        Zaara, that must indeed be very difficult for you. If you were rejected after the final interview, you can only assume that your performance during this particular phase was not satisfactory. So you can only prepare more to give the completre and relevant answers to the final interview questions. If you haven’t done so already, download the free 25 Questions and Answers or the 101 Questions and Answers for the Cabin Crew Interview.
        Your age is an advantage if you see it as such. If you fear that 30 is just an age without experience, then this is exactly how it will be perceived. It is all in the mindset Zaara.

    • Alex

      Hi Kara , thank you for all the answers that you can give us.
      Could you please tell me if I did not pass my assessment day for a Ground Service Agent , does the 6 month waiting period still stand for a cabin crew position if I want to apply?

      • Kara

        Alex, my area of expertise is with the cabin crew position only. Sorry I can’t give you an answer about any other jobs.

    • Daisy

      Hello Kara,
      I have been to two emirates interviews in my country. Often, i get the unfortunate letter at the first stage. I think i am calm but collected, i interact well, am a good listener. i mean, i think i got the attributes they always look for. But to this moment, i really dont know why or what i luck when in there for the interview. The other time i talked to a friend of mine whose worked there for a pretty long time and she told me its because i wear the 6” heels for the interviews. I am tall, 5’11” tall. Am wondering if this is true. What should be the maximum height for a cabin crew?

      • Kara

        Hi Daisy,

        It can not be that the absolute reason for your rejection is your height. I am the same height as you and when I was hired I was wearing high heels. But tall people do stand out in a group and the attention will be more focused on you. So your presentation must be immaculate. If it brings any peace of mind, go to the next interview with lower heels 🙂

    • Aicha

      Hello Kara,
      Thank you for answering. I am graduated for cabin crew in my country Senegal and two times I made it all the way to the final interview with emirates in Senegal but did not make it finally. The first time I knew it was because my English was not so good but the second I still don’t understand why. Anyway now I am living in Dubai to be closer to my dream and am working like hostess in one restaurant for now.
      However am still applying in emirates but all time am not shortlisted. Could u please tell me how to apply for etihad and when etihad and qatar have open days in Dubai or a near by country.
      Should I precise that I am ready to come over for an interview if I am invited?
      I speak fluently French and little bit Spanish.
      By the way thank u so much your site is useful and helps me keep believing.

      • Kara

        Hi Ayesha. There are regular assessment days organized by all 3 airlines in the UAE, either in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You need to keep an eye on the careers page of the airlines and our recruiting now section. It is always best to create a general application and see if it gets shortlisted.

    • tahirih

      Hi Kara, thanks a lot for the insight shared. I recently heard of OD for Fly Dubai can I attend an open day without an invitation? I have not previously applied to work for Fly Dubai.
      I am married and i don’t have any children, is it going to be a problem?

      • Kara

        Tahirih, open day are open for all candidates. You don’t need to apply online. Your marital status is also not a problem.

    • Rochelle

      Hi Kara,

      I just got an invitation for an Assessment Day on the 22nd of January, and I honestly have no clue on what is going to happen. Luckily, I stumbled upon your article and it sure gave me relief. I’m very excited about it, at the same time VERY nervous. I cant imagine how I’m shivering even with the air-conditioning turned off. The fact that I’m going to an Invitation-Only Assessment Day is really taking over me right now. Anyway, just one quick question: I know that being able to speak a different language is an advantage, however I couldn’t gauge my level of fluency. I could its a little over basic, and a little over intermediate. Should I bring this up during the interview?

      • Kara

        Hi Rochelle. How exciting! Your languages are relevant only if you are fluent enough to sustain a basic conversation with a native speaker. Otherwise, they just show that you are interested in learning, but that’s pretty much it. Good luck!!!

    • karim

      dear Kara

      first of all i want to thank you for helping people, you are so kind, i just want to tell you that i have an assessment day by next Monday 3 days more, and really i am so nerves and afraid because this is my first time for assessment day, i have 1 year in customer service Carrefour customer service officer and i speak french english and arabic and i’m 27 yrs old do you think that i have a good chance to have this job ?!! i have a doubt that they will not accept me for this job because i have read-glasses i want to ask you Ms. Kara if this is a big problem or not ?! and how can you help me or advising me to pass that assessment ? because i really want to work as a cabin crew, thank you so much for reading my email

      best regards

    • ana

      thank you!

    • ana

      Thank you Kara, but that would be just in the first month?And can we chose to share the accomodation?

      • Kara

        Yes Ana, you can discuss all these issues with your recruitment officer after the final offer of employment. They will do their best to accommodate you in the same flat. As for the flight requests, you can request to fly together every month.

    • ana

      If both me and my sister pass the interview is there any chance for us to work together on the same fight all the time if we require it?

      • Kara

        Hi Ana, it will not be possible to schedule you and your sister to work together all the time, however you entitled to one monthly request called ‘buddy bid’. You will be assigned as many flights as possible together in the given month. That does not guarantee though that each and every one of them is together.

    • Sarah Mahdavi


      I am 24 years old and I have never had any experience in Cabin Crew Flight Attending. I have applied online for the Emirates Cabin Crew Assessment Day which is on the 8th of FEB. My question is on Tattoo’s, I have a few tattoo’s on my body none on my bottom half although I have one on the top half of my arm sittting just under my shoulder, back of neck & wrist. Due to tworking in an office, it is also a rule here that tattoo’s must NOT show. On the daily I use a tattoo concealer which covers my tattoo’s so I ab able to wear short sleaves to work. Do you think doing the same routine each morning with Tattoo Concealer for Cabin Crew is okay? I am also willing to look into laser tattoo removal.

      Thanks, form Australia.

      • Kara

        Hi Sarah. All 3 of your tattoos are in areas that are not accepted. One of the pre-requisites is ‘no tattoos visible while wearing the uniform’. That is short sleeve blouse and knee length skirt. Concealer and coverings are not acceptable. You can look into some tattoo removal options. I’m sorry about it.

    • vangjush

      Hi Kara! hope ur doing well in these day and let me first wish u lot of happiness and joyful things for the coming year 🙂

      I would like to ask u smth. some days ago i applied for qr experienced FA and they sent me mail of accepting me for assessment centre in doha. they said i will be a 1 day event and qr will arrange for my tkt and stay in doh. do u know if is it the same process as in OD>AD>FI?


      • Kara

        Hi Vangjush, the assessment centre is the assessment day, so there will be no Open Day. Just the stages of the assessment: introductions, group exercise, English test and final interview.

    • Kamel

      Hi kara,
      I was shortlisted by a local recruitment agency for emirates and i was invited for which they call final it all right for me to be dressed in grey coat and black pants?would that be unprofessional

      • Kara

        Kamel, I would stick to the classic same color pants and jacket. Good luck with your interview 🙂

    • Roca

      Hello Kara,
      Thank you for this valuable information. I have an important question, I was planning to go to Emirates OD after 10 days, but I was hesitant because I had chicken pox 6 months ago and there are some scars at my face and body but make-up can hide 80% of the scars at my face, do you think it would be a problem to have scars at my body!? And what about my face!??
      Thank you in advance

      • Kara

        Hi Roca, they will not check you body, however your face should be scar free. Maybe wait couple of months more?

    • Clara

      Kara, thank you so much for answering me. I have 6 month to go before the next OD, so from now on I would try to work on everything I can upgrade about myself and to get prepared as much as I can; you have given me very useful infos. Thaaaaaank you from Italy 🙂

      • Kara

        That’s the spirit Clara! Fingers crossed for your success! 🙂

    • Max

      Hi Kara
      how do you think should I say on interview that this is not my first Open Day for Cabin Crew
      (does it matter for recruters that im trying and trying….. is this plus or minus for me, will they think that Im too bad to be rejected previously or Im good one never gave up ?)
      10 Q very much

      • Kara

        Hi Max,

        It is really up to you to answer that question honestly or just keep it for yourself, unless of course is with the same airline – in which case the recruiters know how many times you tried and failed before.
        The whole point is not that you failed, but more focused on how you addressed the issues that made you fail last time. If you can show that you worked on these areas, and you are committed to become the best version of yourself so that you are as close as possible to the cabin crew profile, then by all means bring it up.
        If the fact that you failed makes you feel insecure, then do not share it.

    • Clara

      Hi Kara,
      I am just coming to discover this very informative page. Thank you for doing that.
      I would ask you to help me to understand something. Two days ago I took part in a recruitment open day of Emirates here in my city. There was not an interview at all, only giving them the cv & photo, the only thing they asked me was “have you got any tattoo?”.
      That day I was very confident, well-dressed (as they have specified on the email), light make- up on, no glasses on, smiling as much as I could (I am a shy person, but always try to challenge this limit).
      So what’s wrong? Why was I not successful to take part to the next level?
      Someone said me that I had to be more affable when they asked me about my tattoo (saying “Hi, how r u? No, I don’t have any tattoos, but I would like so much having one, but in a very hide part of my body!”), or making some questions (even silly!) during they were giving us all the infos.
      I think the reason is that I am not so slim, even I use to go to the gym (and hey, pilates is very useful to reach 2,12 cm – I am 1.60 cm and I reach it without any problem 😉 ) and having a very balanced diet.
      What do you think? I think this kind of work suits to me, even it is very hard. I feel that day I didn’t have opportunity to show my best :-/ and I would like to know which kind of parameters they have to do the very first selection.
      Thank you 🙂

      • Kara

        Hi Clara 🙂 Achieving success at the Open Day may seem sometimes a very big mystery. While the answer to the question ‘Why did I fail’ is something that only the recruiter that rejected your CV can give you, here are some things to take into consideration:
        -The number of people who participated in the Open Day. An assessment day (the next step) is usually started with no more than 50 people. The best of the best are selected.
        -One of the criteria of selection is the number of languages you can fluently speak. If you can speak Japanese and the airline is currently in need on Japanese speakers, you will be given priority for the assessment.
        -CV should be easy to read and relevant, photos should be impeccable.
        -First impressions are lasting impressions. We form them quickly and most of the time they are based on our gut feeling. As much as a recruiter is a professional, their preference for a candidate or another will weigh on their decision to select or reject somebody. Master first impressions and you will be much closer to success.
        -Emirates has a very competitive selection process.
        -Appearance is important for this job, however it is not the main criteria of selection.

        I hope this will help you a bit. If this is really your dream, do not give it up!

    • Hanan tewodros

      Dear kara i have no any word really to thank u the only thing i seaid is thank u once again!!

    • Nana

      Thank you for ur answer i started a diet…i’ll keep u informed thank you so much.. 🙂

    • Hoosain

      Hi there just would love to know when is Eitihad coming to South Afirca to recruit for Cabin crew ? Would really appreciate the feedback

      • Kara

        Hoosain, There are no dates for South Africa for the moment. You can keep an eye on their recruitment page, or sign up for the 25 Questions and Answers and you will receive monthly newsletters with the recruitment events organized by all 3 airlines all over the world.

    • Nana

      Hi Kara
      Just read your post thank you so much.i’ve did a online Cabinn crew application for qatar airways they sent me an invitation but the things is i wanted to know that with 177cm and my 84kg is that possible?wich weight it’s suitable for me?i’ll have to lose weight.the meeting is in a week ..what should i do?? thank u for ur answer

      • Kara

        Hi Nana,

        The airlines use BMI as a tool to establish healthy height/weight proportion. You can calculate yours here:
        You need to fall between 18.5-25 to be considered normal weight. You current status is slightly higher than that.
        If you are a perfect candidate, they will tell give you a certain time frame for you to lower your BMI to normal ranges.

        I hope it will all work out for you!

    • Hanan tewodros

      Dear kara thanks really for your support!i apply the first step in sept 5 still i didnt heard any thing from them i heared that in oct there was an assasment day in addis abeba ethiopia what shall i do i need ur advice thank u once again!kara

      • Kara

        Hanan, the places for the assessment day book really fast. They have a lot of candidates applying for the assessment in Ethiopia. A regular application take 2-3 months to be reviewed. If your application is shortlisted, you will be having a spot reserved for the next assessment day. But your application will not be considered until you fulfill all the steps and submit it. Make sure you’ve done that. Next step is just a waiting game.

    • Isra

      Thanks Kara for your reply 🙂 Can you please tell me when the Emirate,Etihad or Qatar airways open assasment day come to Pakistan ?? How often they come to Pakistan any idea ?? When was the last time they came?

      • Kara

        Hi Isra,

        There was a recruitment event organized by Qatar Airways at the beginning of this year. Emirates and Etihad have not been there for a long time. If you have the possibility to travel, look into the neighboring countries where you can go and participate.

    • Nancy

      Dear Kara,
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience in this website. It’s pretty help.
      I was joining emirates open day on september but I failed and the recruiter said we can only reapply after 6 months. Is it a mandatory? Because at that time, I didnt make it into interview stages. I made it until english test n failed on group disscussion. I already find out emirates will held an open day on 19 dec in KL. I want to join their open day if possible. Become a cabin crew is my dream since I was young. And now, I’m 27. I’m not sure I still have time if I have to wait until the next 4 months. Do have any advice for my problem? Thank u!

      • Kara

        Hi Nancy,

        The 6 months rule is very strict. They have a database with your name and previous attendance and even if you make it to the final interview, they will send you home. And they will give you 6 months more from that moment on. I would say that it is not worth it. Use this time wisely and learn what you needed to improve and what can you do better so that next time you will make it. And you have all the time in the world. March is just 3 months after December 🙂

    • Luca

      Hi, I applied 5 days ago for the Open day that will be hold in Milan in Decembef 15th. I’ve just noticed that, next to my application a mark “not shortlisted” appeared. Does this mean that I can’t go to the Open day?
      I ‘m 33 yo now and have been working in the airlines for 10years. I heard that they rather prefer candidates under 30 yo and not particularly expirenced in the position. Is that true?

      • Kara

        Hi Luca,

        If your application shows shortlisted, indeed it means that you may not participate, however you can always give it a try and see if your CV makes the cut. There is no upper age limit to apply for Emirates, and your experience is always an asset. Did you consider looking for higher positions considering your background? Cabin crew is considered to be an entry level position.

    • Isra

      Hi Kara …I love reading your posts…Can you please reply My sister wants to join as a cabin crew but she is not confident with her teeths it’s like lil bit big or uneven…So do u think this will be a problem in selection for this job ?? As she had recently given interview for Saudi Arabian Airlines.

      • Kara

        Hi Isra, I get this question a lot. You don’t need to have absolutely perfect teeth to be considered for this job. As long as your appearance is pleasant and natural, all is fine. Confidence is a state of mind 🙂

    • Hanan tewodros

      Thank u kara,when the emirate open assasment day come to ethiopia?

      • Kara

        You’re welcome Hanan. There was an Assessment Day in Addis Ababa in October. Keep an eye on the Emirates careers page and make sure to subscribe for the 25 Questions and Answers so you can receive the monthly newsletter with the latest recruitment events organized by all 3 airlines all over the world.

    • Hanan tewodros

      Dear kara in emirate online form almost all i did i think the only left part is cv what shall i do i have degree in enviromental and geography management i am 23 years old from ethiopia n i need very well to work in emirate cabincrew postion its always my dearm i need your support.thank you

      • Kara

        Hi Hanan,

        The online application for Emirates does not require you to have the CV attached as a separate document, as the CV is being built as you fill in the required information. There are 8 steps to fill:
        1 Introduction
        2 Letter of application
        3 Personal details
        4 Education and training
        5 Career history
        6 References
        7 Photographs
        8 Submit application
        Make sure you go through each step and click SAVE then NEXT STEP until you reach the last step to submit your application. Your application will only be considered after you go through all the steps. Also, from what I can read, you will need to focus on improving your level of English. One if the pre-requisites is fluency in English.

        All the best to you!

    • Ina

      Hello dear Kara,
      It was a pleasure going through your website and reading all these helpful articles. It really helped me in understanding and acquiring knowledge.
      I am thinking of attending the QA cabin crew recruitment next week and I really hope to do well.
      However I need to ask you some questions which is weighing heavily on my mind.

      Firstly, I am not sure if I will be able to reach 212 cm. My height is around 158 cm.
      Secondly, How flawless must your appearance/skin be? I do not have any pimples on my face but there are some tiny open pores.
      And lastly, I’ve read on the internet about QA treating their employees not so good and that they are being sent home for the smallest mistake.
      Is this true?

      Thank you Kara for your help. Stay blessed.

      • Kara

        Hi Ina,

        First of all, you need to make a mark on the wall on the 212cm mark and see if you can reach it. This is a compulsory step in order to be given the opportunity for an interview. Arm reach can improve with time if you do yoga and stretching exercises.

        Your appearance must be pleasant. There will not be recruiters with a magnifying glass looking at your pores before they offer you a position. Being a cabin crew is about team work, excellent customer service and the willingness to help others, as well as having a polished appearance.

        Qatar Airways has a strict code of conduct and very high expectations from their employees. When you start working for them, you agree to do the job at a certain level and in return being offered the benefits such as salary, accommodation, etc. If you don’t do your job they way you were trained to, they reserve the right to discuss your continuation in their company.
        I believe that regardless which airline you choose, if you love your job and do it with passion, it will show and your performance will be recognized and rewarded. If you don’t, well… no company wants to have under-performing employees.

    • Karolina

      Hello Kara,
      First of all, thank you for your tips, I found them very helpful and I actually managed to get into a final interview for Emirates.
      However, I am not sure, how should I answer the question “do you have any commitments prior to joining EK?” I am a Uni student right now, but I am graduating June 2014. I know that in total it takes 2-3 months from the time of final interview to actual start of training in Dubai, and they are aware that I am a student, because I obvoiusly mentioned it in my application and cover letter. I am just wondering, if I say that I’d like to finish my study first, wouldn’t the managment turn me down because they’d have to wait for me? There are many people who Im sure would be happy to join crew team as soon as possible in my place, so Im really confused right now. I am so close to getting a degree, and on the other hand I really care to get my dream job. What would you advise me ? Please, help.

      • Kara

        Hi Karolina,

        Being a cabin crew is an amazing opportunity, howeverit is not a life long career, especially in the Middle East. As excited as you are to start this chapter of your life, you need to ensure that you have something to go to when this chapter ends. Having a degree is extremely important for your peace of mind and future opportunities within the airline or somewhere else. When they come back to you with a positive answer, explain your situation and ask for a joining date after June 2014. You will not be turned down, I am sure.

    • Riduan Haslan

      Hello Kara, I’ve use to see you guiding and give some words to help out people whose going to walk in cabin crew interview,its really useful and helping us especially your “25 Question and Answer booklet” and absolutely i’ll promote to people and my close friends about your website, bytheway , i’m goin down to cabin crew interview in couple of weeks ahead, wish me luck, love you and Thank you Kara 🙂

      • Kara

        All the best Riduan 🙂

    • Puma.C

      Hello Kara! Does Emirates have an open day or assessment day in Thailand soon ? I really want to go for Emirates.

      Thank You !

    • farah

      hey kara:)

      I attended the EK AD last month and the interviewer said im short for the height requirement 🙁 i can only reach 209 cms but on the other side i was not talking at all so u tell me it it usefull to apply after 6 months again or they will reject me again coz what i believe is i am perfect in everything except height plz tell me what shall i do…thanks

      • Kara

        Hi Farah,

        The 212cm arm reach is one of the minimum requirements. If you are missing it, you do not qualify for an interview. Good news is that arm reach can improve with time: stretch exercises every day and yoga work very good. You might also want to look into Etihad. Their arm reach requirement is only 210cm.

    • Syaf

      Hey Kara.
      Came across your article and it was well-written!
      Tigerair is holding a mass interview in Singapore this weekend, & i’m going for it.
      What should i expect in a mass interview? kindly respond because im absolutely nervous

      • Kara

        Hi Syaf, sorry I can’t help you with any information about Tiger Air. My area of expertise is the airlines in the Middle East only. Hope it goes well on Saturday. Go through the articles here, they might help you 🙂

    • Florencia

      Hello Kara, my name is Florence from Kenya. I applied to Qatar aitways this month for their female cabin crew position. I have a few quetions regarding the process.
      Firstly what should the full length pictures look like on regards to dressing and the size of the picture. Secondly ,I would like to know how long it takes for the recruiters to contact potential candidates for the interview process.
      Lastly, what is the minimum required height for female cabin crew and will the posession of a degree in psychology affect selection in any way. Thanks and warm regards.

      • Kara

        Hello Florencia. For your full length photo, you should wear business attire. Knee length skirt, collared shirt and jacket, skin colored pantyhose and high heels shoes. The size of the photo should be 10x15cm.
        For the timing, it really depends of the type of event. If it is an open day, you will be contacted in the same day. If it is a CV drop off, it will take a while until the actual assessment. Anything from couple of days to couple of weeks.
        As for your last question, if you don’t have the minimum height, you will not be selected to participate in the interview. It is one of the first steps of the assessment. Your degree is a plus, as the minimum education requirement is a high school diploma.


      Hello Ms. Kara I am graduated of cabin crew in my country Tunisia and I have been work in many
      hotels in Tunisia as a waiter , actually I work as a guest service officer in Doha Qatar and I send my application to Qatar airways and I wait to organize recruitment event in Doha , so you think I have a good chance to get job with them ,kindly I have certificate of first aid and training of emergency and safety equipment’s .
      warm regard and appreciated for your supporting

      • Kara

        Hi Adel, you will just need to apply online on Qatar Airways Careers webpage and wait for an answer. Your background in customer service is definitely an advantage. Good luck!

    • zunaira

      Hi Kara. i always used to see your answers and helping others by increasing their spirit and giving them courage.
      Actually i got an email from emirates to attend an assessment day. i am 24. one child and husband, resident of UAE. kindly tell me what should i do. i have passed my Mechanical Engineering with distinction. every girl has a dream to join Emirates. tell me guide me what to do and how should be i prepare my self for the big day..

      • Kara

        Hi Zunaira, you can read all the articles here
        And also look into getting the book ‘How to Become a Flight Attendant for airlines in the Middle East’ for in-depth information about the assessment process, such as sample group exercises, English tests and 101 QUestions and Answers for the Final Interview. The book can be purchased here
        Good luck 🙂

    • Sharon

      Hi kara,am very name is sharon am from kenya.and have always wanted to be an air,do qatar airline have open days in kenya?or what always hapens for those being recruited from kenya?please advice me because i really want to be,am a university graduate and i qualify.

      • Kara

        Hi Sharon, last time Qatar Airways came to Kenya was this year in February. Emirates and Etihad haven’t been there in quite some time. If you have the possibility to travel, you may look into nearby countries. Emirates has an assessment day in Ethiopia soon, as well as regular sessions in South Africa, Morocco and Egypt.

    • lilly

      hi kara? I am really eager and got the passion of socializing and would wish to work for an airline as a cabin crew. I got all it takes to be one except fro one thing that worries me a lot. When I was a kid I used to play a lot and due to this I injured myself a couple of time on my legs so got scars left.
      will this make me not be considered as a cabin crew during the interviews which I have to be in a skirt?
      I really like to be a cabin crew attendant.

      • Kara

        Hi Lilly,

        As long as your scars are not visible while wearing skin colored pantyhose, you should be fine 🙂

    • Tanya

      Hi, Kara!
      My name is Tanya and I’m 21. I’m a Russian citizen but from Sept 2013 I have a one-year contract with a company in Turkey. Is it possible to attend Global Assessment Day in Turkey and prepare all the documents there in order to become a Cabin Crew? Or is it necessary to come back to Russia and do it there?
      I’m also wondering how much time it usually takes before a successful assessment and joining the company for training and working?
      Thank you!

      • Kara


        You can participate in any recruitment event you like. You can go to Turkey, however note that it is an Open Day, not a Global Assessment Day (your CV will be submitted in person and screened on the spot).
        You will be able to join the company from Turkey, provided you have all the necessary documents with you.
        Depending on the training courses available, it can take anything from 4-8 months to join the company from the date of your interview.
        Good luck 🙂


    • kate

      Hi kara,i am 32 a mum and i am married at the same time i only hold a high school cert.Which airlines can consider me and can they allow me to relocate with my family and if hired who is resposible for footing my family’s bills?

      • Kara

        Hi Kate,

        Both Etihad and Qatar Airways hire cabin crew on a single status contract. That means that the company provided accommodation is for your use only, your family can visit but they can not live with you there. You can apply to live outside the company provided accommodation after the first 6 months of probation if your spouse is also a resident.
        For Emirates, it is pretty much the same, except you can apply to live outside the company provided accommodation without other conditions.
        I don’t know how old are your kids, however you should keep in mind that schooling in the Middle East is very expensive. Most companies offer education allowance for higher positions, so you should really look what other options are there for you. As a cabin crew, you will be away from home days at a time, so you need somebody to look after the kids. If they are small, you will need to hire a nanny, which is also an extra cost. Browse the expat communities forums and gather more info.

        All the best,


    • Adrian

      Hi, Kara. I have a little silly question :). As you can see, my name is Adrian and I’m from Romance-speaking Europe area. I’ve been wondering what is the appropriate pronunciation of the name when you introduce yourself. The english (a-dree-un) or the latin one?

      Thanks for all these informations!

      • Kara

        @Adrian, this is a very interesting question. It really is up to you which pronunciation you choose. Are you proud of your heritage? Is your name easy to understand for people who are not from your nation? You can perhaps break the ice in a very original manner and say, ‘For my romance speaking peers, my name is Adrian (your accent), for those of your coming from exotic lands such as UK (or whatever country the assessors or other candidates come from), my name is Adrian (English accent). Or just call me Bob. Whatever sticks in your mind.’ They will for sure remember you 🙂


    • Sarabel

      Hello. I went to a recruiting event in Dallas/Fort Worth just yesterday. We met at a hotel and there were about 50 folks and 3 recruiters. Since I was one of the ones that flew in they arranged me in some of the very first few to do my one-on-one interview with. Once I answered a few questions and read an announcement I was dismissed and asked to leave without speaking to any of the others that had not yet interviewed. Understandable. They do not want you preparing others for the interview. So that makes sense. I was told I will get an email or a phone call in 3 to 5 weeks. I’m really nervous because I think I did “ok” but really could not tell at all. I wish I knew something- the suspense is killing me : P

      • Kara

        @Sarabel, hang in there! 🙂 You did just fine! Fingers crossed for your success.


    • joy

      Hi! I saw the comments here and I admire how you respond to each of them.
      I am a newly graduate from the Philippines, 19 of age. However, it is my DREAM to become a flight attendant since the day I spotted an airplane.
      I want to ask if I have a chance in getting a job in my age or should I wait for more years and will my nationality be a conflict( i really hope not) ?

      • Kara

        Hi Joy,

        All airlines in the Middle East hire cabin crew over 21 years old. Cultures from all over the world are represented, respected and cherished, so where you come from is irrelevant, as long as you are customer centered, friendly, approachable and have a can do attitude. Use these years wisely and gain customer service experience, learn a new language and pursue your studies. And of course prepare for the assessment 🙂


    • Marvels

      Thnx Kara,m gon giv it e best shot!ths nids practice in an evryday lyf so tht we get used 2 it!

      • Kara

        @Marvels, you do that, and you will succeed 🙂


    • kimmie

      Hi, im goin to have an AD with EK next month. English is not my mother tongue so im a bit worried rightnow 🙁 anyway, i found that your sharing in this site is really helpful for me and all FA wannabes 😀 thank you for sharing, Kara <3

      • Kara

        Fingers crossed for you Kimmie! Just being here shows that you want to be the best you possibly be, and that gives you a great advantage. All the best with your assessment!


    • Mohamed salah

      Hi Dear,, I want to ask only one question.I’m ok with all thing need to be as cabin crew member at Emirates,But i wear Glassess or lenses for my it’s problem or it’s ok,However i can see without it,but with it more clearer.
      THANK YOU,,,,,,,

      • Kara


        Corrected vision is fine as long as you are comfortable wearing contact lenses in the plane.


    • shahd

      can i ask something i would love to be a flight attendant and am muslim so i wear hijab. am i allowed to wear hijab and be a flight attendant thank you.

      ps: hijab is not the face cover its the hair cover

      • Kara

        Hi Shahd,

        For Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways you can not wear the hijab when you work as a flight attendant. The only airline that allows it is Saudi Airlines.


    • Nico

      Thank you for you answer, Kara! I’ll definitely come back with other questions and I’m sure you’ll have the answer!

    • Nico

      Dear Kara,

      I just found your website and I am already loving it!
      I have a question. I want to apply for a cabin crew job for Emirates. I have visited Dubai three times so far. Do you think this can be an advantage or I should omit to say this?

      • Kara

        Hi Nico,

        You can say that once you visited, you gained tremendous admiration for the local culture and you felt welcomed and at home. You can also say that Emirates is a growing company that sets an example for the rest of the aviation world, and you would be proud to be part of such an ambitious team.


    • ale

      i read through all d procedures n i question myself.. i got nevours.. thank u make m to look on m bck.

    • Mai

      Dear Kara,
      Would love to thank you deeply for such a lovely help. thanks god I have this nature passion for the cabin crew job.I just have a questition that mighht sound silly but very important for me.I had a milk fang that taken out and left a small gap in my bottom jaw, Do you think it could affect my medical assessment?. when I talk or smile no one could observe it any way but I am still afraid of that dental check…any advice!!

      with love
      Mai 🙂

      • Kara

        Hi Mai,

        The medical assessment is a necessary process to establish that you are fit for the demanding job of a cabin crew. You will be tested for transmittable diseases, possible back problems and infections in your body. If your tooth is just a cosmetic issue, there should not be any problems during the medical exam.


        Good luck,


    • Buddy

      Tip top stuff. I’ll expect more now.

    • Latesha

      So true. Honesty and everything recognized.

    • Amel

      Dear Mrs Kara,
      Thak you for your reply on my question. Stewards was really my dream. Unfortunately in our country the veil was the only cause to refuse my application. Actually, I thaught that I would work in the Middle East with my veil. Yet it still forever my dream.

    • Amel

      Hello thank you for all these infomation. I want to shed the light on the discrimination that could be in the cabin crew assessment. I think that veiled girls because of her religion could not be involved in that groups even she had a good qualification and very nice appearance. Is that true.

      • Kara

        Dear Amal,

        I really don’t think this is the case. Anybody can participate in the group exercises because they only involve solving general tasks. The veil is a major part of the culture in the Middle East and everybody perceives it with great respect.
        Nothing should stop you if this is really your dream.


    • Zara

      Extremely useful… Thank you again, this is an amazing site!

    • jo

      how true…..

    • LisaMara

      This is really good advice! Thank you

      • Kara

        Thank you LisaMara!

    • anais

      I went to an od last week and went through to do an ad and the final interview. But when they started to fire questions at me I lost it and I became so nervous that I had to really look for my words. English is not my first language and I felt like I lost all my ability to express myself. I am really scared that I did not make it because of this. The lady who did the interview was barely looking at me, she was writing all the time 🙁 Do you think I will make it?

      • Kara

        Dear Anais,

        First of all congratulations! You made it to the Final Interview, which is an incredible achievement. The recruiters understand how stressful that day might be for you, and the fact that you had to think about your answers is not a bad thing. As long as you gave the right answers and you were honest and passionate about having the job, you have nothing to be concerned about.
        About the writing, the interviewers have to record everything that you say so they can make an informed decision afterwards. Do not worry about it!
        Let us know how it went 🙂


    • julius

      this article is super helpful, thanks!

    • chris

      the other tricky question is what value will you bring to the company and the other one why do you want to be a flight attendant?

      • Kara

        That is indeed a tricky question and a very personal one as well. There is no tailored answer that will fit everybody, there is just personal stories that mean something to you and hopefully to the interviewers.
        So you tell me why do you want to be a flight attendant?
        You can refer to my previous article on how to create the best online application

        Good luck!


    • chris

      they say there are no wrong or right answers in the interview,but really there is.these are the questions they ask and i dont know what to reply:What do you enjoy the most about working with customers?*
      What skills or qualities are important for dealing effectively with customers? Please provide an example of when you have displayed these.
      i dont want you to tell me the answers,just give me a idea what i must write

      • Kara

        Dear Chris,

        The flight attendant assessment is a complex interview. The only thing I can say about the interview questions is that there is no exact answer and there can not be only one answer that fits everybody, but there are right and wrong answers.
        To focus on the answers that will bring you great leverage, your concern has to be shifted towards the customer and the extraordinary service you provide them.
        Also, what most people find very difficult is to talk about themselves and how good they are. Forget about modesty at this stage and praise yourself, talk about your happy customers and how much they loved your work.

        ‘What do you enjoy most when working with customers?’
        ‘I love the satisfaction that I get after I solved a particular challenging situation with the customer. >>>Insert here an example from your field>>>

        Hotel Experience: ‘I once had a very large group of tourists to check-in, and a family of 8 had rooms on different floors. They were quite angry, but I managed to shift some of the rooms around and eventually came with 4 rooms not only on the same floor, but next to each other. They were very grateful and praised my efforts’

        Restaurant Experience: ‘I had a family visiting with a small child with many many allergies. He could not have absolutely anything from the menu. I asked the parents what was he allowed to eat and based on that I talked to the chef and designed a dish that the little boy could eat. I ensured them that the food was not cooked near any of the foods that the boy couldn’t have.They were very impressed with the effort that I put in accommodating their requirements. This gave me great satisfaction as I made somebody happy.’

        ‘What skills or qualities are important for dealing effectively with customers?’
        ‘First of all, I believe that for an effective communication with customers, the most important skill is active listening. Not only hearing what they say, but also trying to understand what they are going through. Only this way you can really help somebody.
        Patience is also very important, as customers need you to be there and each of them has a different concern.
        Team work is a crucial aspect, as most of the times I could not be assisting the customers all by myself. Knowing which person from the team would be able to help, and where to address my concerns is vital.’
        And again you can insert here examples from your field.
        Be specific and keep it very simple. Use your own words and stay away from complicated and long sentences.
        I am sure you are doing these things on a daily basis already, but difficulty arises when you have to express it. May I suggest you approach your supervisor and ask them when do they thing you displayed good customer service skills.

        Good luck!


    • M

      I went to an assessment day for EK and made it all the way thru the final interview, but unfortunately didn’t make it. I realize after reading this that what was missing at the end was my passion. I was too exhausted from the all day event and too nervous to make it right to show any of my true self. I will try again, no doubt, but as the best advice for those of you who are interviewing soon, is just be yourself especially when you get the chance of face to face with the interviewer and talk about how much you would love to fly, travel, see places, meet people, learn how to serve and everything else that comes into mind that will make them feel how badly you want it. And don’t be afraid (like I was) that you might seem desperate 🙂

      • Kara

        Dear M,

        Thanks for such a great insight! Showing your true colors, your passion to follow you dream and the desire to fulfill it is one of the greatest assets you can show during your interview. Do not hide it!

        Great advice for everyone who is having the assessment day soon!


    • Lee T.


      I have an interview scheduled next month and I am very nervous about it. Every time I read this article I become more and more scared not to make the mistakes that were mentioned.
      At the part of how to dress, it only tells advice to ladies. How do men are supposed to present themselves during the interview?
      Thank you, loving this site, its very usefull.


      • Kara

        Hello Lee,

        Awareness is the key! By knowing what you should avoid doing or saying, you dramatically increase your chances of having a great interview and being offered the job. Don’t be nervous, I am sure you will do very well on your assessment.
        As far as the dress code is concerned, for men is quite simple. Business attire means a suit with collared shirt and a tie. Stick to darker colors for the suit, such as black, navy, grey or dark brown, and match the color of your shirt nicely with your tie. You can never go wrong with a white shirt and a colored or black tie. Ask your female friends, colleagues or family members for advice if you are unsure how to match colors. Try to keep it as simple as possible.
        Ensure that your shoes are clean and polished. Black or brown shoes only.
        Shave on that day and arrange your hair neatly, using some hair product if necessary, but without overdoing it.
        Take a look at your nails as well, make sure they are short and clean.
        No jewelry (earrings, rings or neck chains).

        And that’s about it…
        Good luck and keep us posted!


        • jana

          thanks kara to give us information god bless you…….

          • Kara


            • Greene

              Hi Kara,
              Just wanted to know if i can be qualified for FA position in Qatar Airlines have a small scar on my nose because cause of smallpox. Dont have any experience on being an FA always been wowking as a customer service in a call center

            • Kara

              Hi Greene,

              Qatar is a well-known company that is very particular about grooming. I believe they will be asking you to submit various photos of your scar post interview and they will then make a decision. Nobody will be able to tell you in advance if what is acceptable. If it’s only a small scar, go ahead and apply and focus on delivering an outstanding performance during the interview.
              I hope this helps you!

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