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"Everything in life is a skill we can learn how to master. We learned to count, ride a bicycle and use a computer and we can also learn how to become successful at the cabin crew interview. I will teach you how."
-Kara Grand, author of 'How to Become a Flight Attendant for airlines in the Middle East' eBook





In this extraordinarily detailed guide into becoming a flight attendant for the airlines in the Middle East, you will learn step by step what needs to happen from your first thought into this career all the way to your first flight as a cabin crew:
-What are your options if you want to get hired as a cabin crew by Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways
-How to apply online
-How to make a perfect CV, including 3 sample CV to download
-How to take application photos, including sample passport and full length photos
-What to do during the Open Day so you get selected
-How to pass the Assessment Day Group exercise, including 4 scenarios and role plays and how to solve them
-How to pass the English test and 3 sample tests
-101 Questions and Answers for the Final Interview
-How to become confident and let go of pre-interview nervousness
-You will get 298 pages of powerful information you can start using right away to maximize your chances of passing the interview from the first try.

This book has helped thousands of candidates be successful at the cabin crew interview and you can become one of them now.

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Readers are saying...

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First of all: THANK YOU!!!
Today I received a mail (ON-HOLD e-mail) from Emirates that I was successful. I can’t tell you how happy I am. It was the second time when I applied in March. First I tried to do it in Russia, but was unsuccessful. Went out after the first round. In several month there was a very first AD in my country (Belarus). And I managed.
I would like to say you THANK YOU 100 times as your book was extremely helpful. Those advises, those tips on the point of behavior were absolutely 100% useful.
I will recommend your book to those of the girls who were not successful. I do hope they will try it next time and be OK.
It is more interesting that I am the only male from AD in Belarus who is successful. That’s pretty cool, yeah?
Thank you a lot. You and your book are awesome!!!

Kiryl Tsikhan

I would like to thank you for everything, the information I received from your website really helped me like none before. I even bought your book and it was more of a bible for me.
I am working with Emirates as a crew for the past 2 months.

I would like to thank you and ready to give out any recommendation to other people can realize it's so real and they can get the job only when they are serious and put their heart into following whatever advice you give them.
Once again thank you very much.

Mimi Areme

I'm pleased to inform you that I joined Etihad Airways,
Finally the dream comes true, and Big Thank to you and your book it was very very helpful for my assessment day and especially for the last stages of interview which means the Face to Face, it is very remarkable what you are doing for us with all your support. Thank you once again!

El Marhar Hamza

I'm so glad and happy for all your advice and helpful information which helped me to be where I am today. I'm really proud to announce that I am now part of Qatar Airways family.

Kenny Mafole

I got the job!!! Thank you so much for your kind advice, guidance and the great book! I passed even though I wasn’t so sure. Thank you Kara!

I will go to Dubai on 26th February 2016.

Thank you so much.

Liyana Eddie

I am writing this email with great happiness because I m now a Cabin Crew with Emirates and the whole credit goes to you. I have been trying for middle eastern airlines for more than 4 years, But after I bought your book and followed your guidelines...I couldn't believe that I got through....I am so thankful to you, may your book be one of the best known.

Ben Chandran

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