Learn how to overcome your feelings of nervousness, unworthiness and doubt!

  • Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear when thinking about the stages of the cabin crew interview?
  • Are your hands shaking when you need to speak up in front of a group?
  • Do you doubt your appearance, education, skills or the worthiness of your experience?
  • Why do you expect the recruiter or the airline to see your potential when you can’t acknowledge it yourself?
  • Most people face a job interview feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I wrote this book to help you build the foundation of confidence. You must be the first one trusting that you are the perfect person for the cabin crew job. The rest will follow.
    -Kara Grand, author of "Confidence"

    Become Confident NOW

    In this book you will learn:

    - What is confidence and how is it related to the cabin crew interview
    - The four types of confidence
    - Understanding where confidence and lack of it are coming from
    - What are the consequences of having low confidence
    - How to increase your confidence
    - How to deal with your emotions if you have failed at a cabin crew interview
    - How to redefine your presentation in front of the recruiters and other candidates
    - How to tame your inner critic
    - Four techniques used by the most successful people in the world to manifest the future they desire
    - 18 powerful exercises to help you achieve a more confident self
    - two guided visualization exercises you can listen to during your preparation or just before the interview (mp3 audio files)

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