Empower yourself with the confidence to show up at the cabin crew interview prepared for EVERYTHING!








The Cabin Crew Interview Preparation Course is an online course consisting of 12 video lessons spread over 4 weeks:

Week 1
Session 1 (Day 1) - Introduction to the airline industry
Session 2 (Day 2)- 10 Key success mindsets
Session 3 (Day 3)- The cabin crew selection and recruitment process

Week 2
Session 4 (Day 8)- The cabin crew assessment process
Session 5 (Day 9)- Building your CV
Session 6 (Day 10)- Online application

Week 3
Session 7 (Day 15)- Introduction (self and others)
Session 8 (Day 16)- Group exercise
Session 9 (Day 17)- Assertiveness

Week 4
Session 10 (Day 22)- English test
Session 11 (Day 23)- Final interview
Session 12 (Day 24)- Confidence

You will learn how to prepare your CV, receive sample CVs and photos, learn how to introduce yourself in a group setting and how to stand out when you are one of five hundred candidates, how to negotiate a role play when you deal with an angry customer, how to prioritize, how to get better at the English test and of course the very popular 101 Questions and Answers for the final interview to help you become familiar with the questions that come up during the interview and how you should formulate your answers.

We will work on changing mindsets, attitude, and improve assertiveness.You will know yourself better, understanding what subconscious patterns stand in your way of success and how to get past them.

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