The online video interview is now a mandatory step included in the online application for the cabin crew position with Emirates.
After you create an account on the careers portal, you can start building your online application.
You will be required to provide:
Personal Information – name, contact information, date of birth, nationality, languages, weight, and height.
Work Experience – all work experience, including traineeships, internships, and voluntary experience.
Education and Certification – all academic and professional certification.
Photos and Documents – updated CV in English, formal full-length photo, casual full-length photo, casual half-length photo, formal passport size photo – if you do not have this photo, then it is ok to upload just prior to your assessment, education Certificate (highest level completed) – if you do not have this document then it is ok to upload just prior to your assessment. Here are the photo guidelines.
Job Specific Questions – questionnaire about your willingness to wear a uniform and work shift duty.
Digital Interview – this is the Online Video Interview which we will explore in depth in this article.

Here are the 7 steps of what will happen during the online video interview for Emirates:

1. The video interview consists of three questions that are applicable for all levels of experience.
2. You will receive these questions one by one.
3. From the moment you see the question, you will have an opportunity to rehearse your answer for up to one minute, then record your final answer and submit it for the recruiters’ review.
4. Each video screen has a head and shoulders shape that you can use to position your camera correctly. Once that is done, go to the next step.
5.Click “start recording”
6. Record your answer and submit.
7. Once all questions are answered and submitted, you will be automatically redirected to the main application portal for the next steps.

That’s all!

Once you submit your interview, you will not be able to modify it.

Some examples of questions:
Explain why your background and experience would be a good fit for this job?
Tell us what has been your best work achievement to this point in your career. What made this achievement important?
Describe a difficult task you were faced with and how you addressed it.
What is great customer service for you?
Tell us how you recharge after a busy day?
What was the best thing about your school exprience?
What is the one country you really want to visit and why?
What do you think is exceptional customer service?
What are your hobbies? Tell us about one in detail.
At this stage of your career, why is Emirates the right opportunity for you?

The online video interview is an opportunity for the airline to get to know you better.

Here are some things to know so you can show your absolute best self during the cabin crew online video interview:

1. It does not require special equipment

Other than a computer equipped with a camera or a mobile device – smartphone or tablet with a front camera, you will not need access to a professional video camera or a studio.
It does not require uploading a video on YouTube or independently recording a message for the recruitment team. Every single step will be given to you while filling your online profile, so don’t start working on videos before the application.

2. The online video interview is not a live conversation

The questions you receive are randomly chosen by the computer from a collection of questions. There isn’t a person who will be listening to your video immediately after you press “start recording” and there will not be a follow-up to your answer, so whatever you’re planning to answer, it must be well structured, clear and concise.

3. You will have time to rehearse your answers

Once you receive a question, you can rehearse your answer for up to 1 minute.

4. Exquisite appearance

Regardless of the method of selection, any appearance in front of the airline should be spotless. You should wear business attire (you can skip the shoes), put on makeup (ladies only) and neatly arrange your hair.
The way you present yourself during a standard interview should be the same way you behave yourself during the video interview.

5. You don’t need previous experience doing video interviews

Most people who own a smartphone have used applications that allow video calls, and many have been using them (Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Live, Snapchat, WhatsApp Video, etc.).
A video interview is not much different than that.
The airline is not looking for perfect video performance, but genuine, prepared and enthusiastic candidates willing to share important parts of their lives and personality.
Because many candidates get nervous and often self-aware in front of the camera, there is also the option to hide the video while you are answering the question, so you won’t be seeing yourself while responding.

6. First impressions are lasting impressions

While previously candidates were required to come in person to Open Days to establish a first impression, an online video interview gives the candidates an opportunity to do so without traveling, taking time off work or wait in line for a long time.
Moreover, from the recruiter’s perspective, they will not be pressured by time or the number of candidates in attendance to decide who gets a chance to participate in an assessment.

7. Your video interview is included to support your application, not to make it

Your CV is still the strongest pillar of your application. Your photos are as well essential. The online video interview will address other aspects such as:
-spoken level of English is advanced enough for an extended interview (clear, simple and easy to understand)
-a high level of personal presentation and compliance with interview etiquette (wear business attire, put on makeup and do your hair)
-the way the answers are structured will establish you as a strong candidate (talk about relevant experience, what you can do for them and not the other way around and generally, just ignite their curiosity in your profile). After they have watched your presentation, the thought they have should be “I want to know more about this candidate.”

The video interview alone will not be a deciding factor for the recruiters, but it will add tremendous value to your CV.

8. The more you rehearse your answers, the better they will get

Even though you are not required to submit an independent video, the more familiar you get talking to your computer or phone camera, the better the presentation will get and the more relaxed you will be.
Download the free 25 Questions and Answers, put on the camera on your phone and start answering the questions provided. Ask a good friend or family member to watch your videos and offer helpful feedback. When the day comes, you will be fully ready!

9. No question should come as a surprise

A strong candidate thinks in advance and prepares answers. During the interview, the one feeling you should not get is surprised.
You’re already here, reading about this stage. Now get yourself familiarized with the questions that might come up and how to answer them.

The cabin crew online video interview is an excellent addition to the cabin crew recruitment process.
It is good for you, because instead of spending valuable time waiting for your turn to get 2 minutes with a recruiter, hoping she will notice you and by comparison with the other candidates, consider your CV, you can now decide on the time you want to start the application, rehearse your answers and polish your presentation.
When your application gets shortlisted, and you get invited for an assessment, you already know that they consider you a suitable candidate.

It is also useful for the airline. Instead of spending valuable time in person, with candidates who may not be what the airline is aiming for, the pre-selection will be done remotely.

Here is where you can learn more and practice the Emirates online video interview.

To apply for Emirates Cabin Crew, click here.

Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

    81 replies to "Emirates Cabin Crew Online Video Interview Explained"

    • Maria

      Hello Kara,
      After I finished digital interview and sent an application how much time usually takes to get the answer? My application few days in a condition “under review “ ,or Emirates doesn’t sending anything in case if you are not shortlisted?
      Thank you

    • Sibil

      Hi Kara !!! Thank you so much for all your help . It means a lot to all of us . I would really like to know if a recommendation by my friend who is Emirates cabin crew would help me out with the process or if you could tell me something about the walk ins happening on Mondays .

    • Suzana

      Hello Kara! Question is about eye-sight. In your book, it’s written that it has to be 20/20. From childhood, my right eye became lazy and my vision can’t be corrected on it. The left eye was stronger and I see normal on it, but the right one has no cure. Is that a problem for me now? BTW I am a professional driver and I have no issues by driving. Thankful in advance!

      • Kara

        Your vision is acceptable if
        -Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye
        -Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm and N14 at 100cm
        It is unacceptable if you have
        -spectacles for visual correction (only contact lenses are accepted)
        -visual field defects
        -functionally monocular vision
        Have a lovely day Suzana!

        • Suzana

          Thank You Kara so much for simplification. Wish You all the best!

    • Ella

      Hi kara!! Can i still apply now online for cabin crew even the assessment day is on th 23rd of February? Thanks

      • Kara

        It takes 6 weeks for an application to be reviewed, Ella. Just do the online application. There will be more assessment days in the future.

    • Eyolia

      Hi kara,
      Thanks for make this site to help us and make it easier for prepare our interview.
      I have a question, i did the online interview just now, i am wondering if i answer the question less than a minute will make a less point for me to be invited in assasement day? Because the answers i have given during the online interview were less in a minute and i stop the record by my own.
      Anyway thank you in advance,

      • Kara

        No, Eyolia, the length of your answer is not a deciding factor. Of course, you must have had a compelling answer, however, that is the only requirement. Try to think positive! 🙂

    • Evita

      Hey dear Kara !
      Thank you for all your priceless information ! I was wondering something and I would appreciate it if you could help me. I wear braces, would be that a problem ? I don’t want to wait to apply because I’m already 30( if I m not wrong they accept candidates until the age of 32,33) . What is your opinion ?
      Thank you in advance, many regards !

      • Kara

        Hi Evita,
        When working as a flight attendant, braces are not permitted. I highly recommend that you don’t wear them either during the interview or when taking the application photos.
        If you need to wait a bit longer until your braces come off, take this time to prepare better for the performance part of the interview.
        There is no upper age limit to apply for the cabin crew position.

        • Vanessa

          Hi Kara. I would like to ask for help. I am applying for Cabin Crew online. I was able to input information but when I reached to the point where I had to upload the attachments I logged out to prepare my photos and when I returned, I was not able to do the digital interview and declaration. The status of my submission is still “draft”. And when I open it, I do not see any Edit link. Can you please help me?

          • Kara

            This is very weird Vanessa. You should be able to browse the different steps of your application from the grey bar on top of the application page. What information do you get if you click on the Photos and Documents tab?

    • Dhan Maya Pradhan

      Hi Kara,
      Thank you so much for the information you provided. I completed the digital video interview but I was not directed back to the application page. So, now it says you have to contact Emirates group. Please advice me what to do next. Thank you

      • Bruna


        If you finished all steps and your application was already sent, you will receive an email of Emirates Group Careers thanking your interest in working for them and saying that your application was received and you need to wait their contact about what are the next steps if shortlisted. However, if you didn’t receive this electronic message it means that they didn’t receive your application, so you need to come back to their website and click on “submit”.

      • Kara

        Return to the application and try to restart it. If the digital interview was submitted, you will receive a message saying that you can’t submit a new one, in which case all you have to do is finish your existing application. I hope this helps you Dhan.

    • Romanah Maroof

      Hi Klara what is the closing date for applications?

      • Bruna


        for Emirates there’s no deadline.

        • Sofia

          hi Bruna ,

          how about last assessment on 23rd which means i can not apply for this time and have too wait on the next time, isnt it?

      • Kara

        There is no closing date published. We are hoping the portal will remain open for a longer period of time.

    • Pond

      When will be the last day for applying this cabin crew job opportunity?
      Thank you so much in advance. 😁

      • Kara

        Currently, there is no deadline to receive applications. We are hoping the portal will remain open for a longer period of time.

    • Marie

      Hi, if I can’t reach the 212cm, should I still pursue applying as cabin crew or i’m just wasting my time?

      • Bruna


        For Emirates, It’s a prerequisite reach 212cm and minimum 160cm of height to apply. Nothing prevents you of applying for Emirates, however, as it’s a prerequisite, I’m not sure if you will be successfull. If you achieve the minimum height and don’t achieve the 212cm, try some yoga it helps our posture.

      • Kara

        Well, reaching 212cm is a minimum requirement. If you are unable to do it you won’t qualify for an interview.
        The better news is that arm reach can improve in time with daily stretching and postural improvement exercises.
        I hope this helps you Marie.

    • Youcef

      Hi ,
      Thanks for help and informations 🙏.
      Can u tell plz how many days emirates reply to applications approximately and in case the application not shortlisted will receive also mail or no .

      Thank you!
      Youcef Bouzar.

      • Sofia

        Hi Kara,

        Thank your very much for your helpful information and respond our questions.

        i would like to know that is it still have chance for me to apply now because 23 is the last assessment ?

        • Kara

          Hi Sofia. 23 is the last assessment for this month. If the online portal remains open, new assessment days will be organized in the future. So go ahead and apply. Good luck!

      • Kara

        Hi Youcef, it usually takes 6 weeks to receive an answer. You will receive an email in both cases. Good luck!

    • Kelsie mitchell

      Hi Kara ,

      I’m summited my application on the Monday 12/02/18 when I go back into it says the following information will be submitted once I click the submit button , there is no submit button for me to click ? I already did the digital interview ?

      I am just hoping my application has gone through ?

      Kind regards

      • Bruna


        It happend to me too. What I did (and worked for me) Instead of click on Search and Apply I went to the end of the page and clicked on Cabin Crew, after that I clicked on Login, then I started signing in out, and the submit button appeared. Hope it works for you too.

      • Kara

        Hi Kelsie, did you receive a confirmation email?
        The submit button is usually the last step of the application, after the digital interview and the declaration. Are you able to see it?

    • Sibil

      Hi Kara, does training start in April . So does this mean that applications will stop being taken by April . Thank you

      • Kara

        Where did you receive this information Sibil? The details of the available training courses are communicated to the successful candidates only AFTER they passed all stages of the assessment.

    • Annally

      Hi Kara. Regarding the Emirates recruitment, I am a fresh graduate and I do not have much experience. Will this affect my application? I have not submitted yet because I cannot complete the work and experience field. What should I put in there? Though I have experiences as an intern when I was still in college. Will that suffice? I am worried about this. Thank you.

      • Kara

        Annally, one of their minimum requirements is 1-year experience in the customer service or hospitality fields. This can be both paid or unpaid work. If you don’t have this experience, your application won’t be selected, so I suggest you look into ways you can gain the necessary experience before applying.

    • Bonik

      Hi Kara , me and my friend both applied together on the 3rd and she got a mail for an assessment day while I still have my application status as received. Any idea what might have happened .
      Thank you

      • Kara

        It takes a while Bonik. Not all people who applied on the same day will get an answer on the exact same day. Try to do some positive thinking and exercise some patience. I hope this helps 🙂

    • Evelyn

      Hi Kara, your doing such a good job . Thank you so much . I had applied online on the 8th and got a confirmation about Emirates receiving my application . Is it true that 23rd of feb is the last assessment day . Because i really need to know if i should wait in Dubai or leave as I need to be in Beijing by the 25th . So is it advisable to wait till the 23rd or could take longer as my application status still shows “Application received”

      • Kara

        Hi Evelyn,
        The 23rd is the last published assessment, but it is not the last assessment ever. If you have commitments, you can make your travel arrangements, however, keep in mind they need at least six weeks to review your application. I hope this helps you make a decision.

    • Anna

      Hi, I just have a few questions regarding the new Emirates application. So I was wondering about uploading the pictures, I haven’t done it yet but there is a comment that the attachments are not allowed to exceed the size 1MB and if I resize the pictures, they are going to be with low quality I’m sure, so I don’t know what to do. Also, so far I haven’t submitted the application yet but there is no video interview mentioned, so far so is it going to open after I submit the application?


      • Kara

        You can use this tool to resize your photos
        Also, the online interview is called Digital Interview in the application flow. You will get to that step eventually before submitting the application. Good luck Anna!

    • Samu

      Hello Kara,

      I just have a question, I have applied and didnt provide my best. My photos and interview I was just wearing a semi formal shirt. Unfortunately I received an email from Emirates that my application will not be shortlisted at this time. Now since the application is still opened. Can I apply again and this time do it better?

      I really want to try out again.

      • Kara

        Hi Samu. If your application was not shortlisted, you can reapply after 6 months. I’m sorry I can’t give you better news.

      • Cha

        Hi Samu , sorry you did not make it.

        How long did you wait to get a response from them?

    • neda aliakbari

      At first I want to thank you for informing me about the cabin crew recruitment but I have some questions:
      the first one is I have customer service experience but I have never worked as a cabin crew so I did not have any flight times I want to know is it going to be a problem for me?
      and my second question is when is it going to be a last time for sending my CV for emirates airlines?
      I really appreciate for your help.

      • Kara

        Hi Neda, they only specify customer service experience and not previous airline experience, so you should be fine.
        There is currently no deadline to submit your applications.
        Good luck!

      • Anna

        Hello dear, I have really good news: u don’t need any flying experience to apply for Cabin crew position at any companies. Just beleive in urself, prepare carefully and good luck!;))

    • Bruna

      Hello Kara,

      Can I use headphone? because my computer is very old, just the webcam works well, so I need to use heaphone to talk to people, and also my mobile phone doesn’t have frontal camera… I am really afraid I can’t use headphone because If it is not allowed I will have no way to record my online video interview.

      • Kara

        What are you worried about Bruna? That they won’t hear your answers?

        • Bruna

          If I don’t use headphone they’ll not listen what I say because my computer microphone doesn’t work well. So I’m afraid about my image itself, I mean, if I use a headphone it will, somehow, “disturb” my appearence.

          • Kara

            If you are so worried about this aspect, could you borrow a smartphone from a friend to complete the application? Or a laptop with a built-in microphone?

    • Mary Kimberly

      Hi Ms Kara 🙂

      Thanks for all the info you’ve been posting! It really is very helpful..

      I would just like to ask why I can’t submit my application form for cabin crew in the website, cause I have already submitted my digital interview but it in “Review and Submit” section, it says “Complete the questionnaire before submitting your application” in the digital interview section..

      Is this normal? Should I wait for a call from them before submitting my application fully?

      Thank you so much and hoping for your response..

      • Inelia Fuenzalida

        The same for me! Mary if you know what to do please let me know! D;

        • Mary Kimberly

          Hi Inelia, so sorry that I haven’t checked your reply earlier. I have already submitted my application, when I realized that the cause might be the email I used 😄 Please make sure that you use the same email when you submitted your digital interview and the email you have written on the first part of your application..Hope it works for you too.. and goodluck with your application 💕🙏🏻

        • Kara

          Just click SUBMIT Inelia.

      • Gül Arslan

        Same error applies to me! It says my interview is received but I just cant submit my application due to an error on digital video interview section. How can I solve it out?

        Thanks in advance!

        • Mary Kimberly

          Hi Gül 😊 Just make sure you used same email you have written on the first part of your application form and the email you used on you digital interview.. hope this works for you too and goodluck!! 🙏🏻💖

        • Kara

          What is the error?

      • Kara

        If you already submitted the video interview, the only thing left to do is press Submit. This message is shown to all. I hope this helps you, Mary.

      • Kara

        If you already submitted the video interview, the only thing left to do is press Submit. This message is shown to all. I hope this helps you Mary.

    • Sherif

      Hi Kara,

      I am now 31 years old, I already attended a final interview before with EK for the cabin crew Position on December 2015 and unfortunaltely was not succeded, would you advise me to apply now?

      • Kara

        Well Sherif, if you still want the job, you should apply. I’m sure you’ve learned and grown since December 2015, haven’t you?

    • Niamh

      Niamh Power 

      Ursuline College

      hiya just wondering for Emirates I am ready to complete the first stage which are the photos and the online interview I’m wondering do you need your passport for this ? as I am only sending away for my mine

      • Kara

        You won’t need a passport at this stage Niamh. Good luck!

    • Greta Pinto

      Hello Kara.
      Where I have to search or send my Cv for receive the invite of the Online Interview ??
      And if I send the request, how many days pass between the request and the Interview?

      • Kara

        For which airline are you asking and for which recruitment event?

    • hadia moroa

      hello Kara,
      Warm greetings. i want to ask if emirates has an age limit for applying because am 29 at the moment and still intrested.

      • Kara

        Hi Hadia. The only age limit is the minimum 21 years old. Good luck!

    • badra

      hello Kara 🙂 It’s so confusing .. so, the online interview it’s similar to the open day , right ? in the open day they asked us just 1/2 questions . So, what about the online interview ?

      • Kara

        It really depends. It’s different from candidate to candidate. It can be anything between 6 and 10.

    • Klara

      Hello again, Kara I’d like to ask you if you have any updates on what is going on with Emirates, since it seems like they aren’t hiring anywhere. And also, if you have any idea on when they’re gonna start to hiring again.
      I saw a comment from a young woman here on your page saying that the questions asked by Emirates weren’t any of yours on the book. I’d appreciate if you could address that comment.

      Best Regards, Klara.

      • Kara

        We don’t have any updates for the moment, Klara. Keep an eye on their page or come back here to see what’s new.
        As for the comment, I already addressed it, however, I want to remind you that in my book you will find 101 Questions and Answers for the Cabin Crew Interview. Most of the questions asked during the final interview are included. Of course, you will never be able to find something that covers every single one of them, but my hope is that you will learn they TYPE of questions that are asked and the DESIRED reply, which you will then be able to adjust and perfect to match your personal situation or the different questions you might get asked.
        As for the online video interview in particular, the article addresses the topic in general. We don’t know for sure how it will look like in the format that Emirates is testing, as they are still not ready to use it for the new candidates. As soon as they open their platform, we will be able to be more specific with the advice we offer.
        I hope this helps you 🙂

    • Amrin

      Hi,pls do update if emirates is hiring for cabin crew.I’m watching their website every second day.

      • Kara

        We don’t have any updates for the moment Amrin. We will let you know as soon as we know something.

    • Sophia

      Thank you so much for so useful tips.
      But the emirate has not posted any cabin crew recruitment till now.
      Or I am not finding it at the career cite …
      If you know any information about current situation of emirate’s cabincrew position employment,please
      Let us know..

      • Kara

        Hi Sophia. Currently, there is no cabin crew recruitment organized by Emirates. We will keep you posted as soon as we know something.

    • Tâm Hồ

      Kara, the video will be recorded lively in front of the assessors or just will be prepared to shoot by the applicants before submitting?

      • Kara

        Please re-read point 2 of the article:

        2. The online video interview is not a live conversation
        The questions you receive are randomly chosen by the computer from a collection of questions. There isn’t a person who will be listening to your video immediately after you press “submit” and there will not be a follow-up to your answer, so whatever you’re planning to answer, it must be well structured, clear and concise.

    • Klara

      Kara, the video should be recorded while sitting down or standing up?

      • Kara

        Sitting down Klara. You will need to speak close to the microphone.

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