At Flight Attendant Central we believe in dreaming big and going after these dreams. We support candidates to prepare for the Cabin Crew Interview through our course.

Every month we award 5 scholarships and free access to all the materials.

Scholarship winners list

It was a day of torment triggered by loads of bad news alongside the anxiety and fear of the upcoming exam at the university. Sitting in that state on my dorm room balcony, clenching my still closed book, a short thought ran through my mind “I give up”.
After four long years of sweating and bleeding for the highest grades in order to ensure financial help to my parents while studying the language which I have always loved, the English language, I was ready to toss the book away. In that moment of despair, I looked up towards the azure sky and a small white beam of hope was sliding, leaving a white long straight line behind it. Suddenly, it happened, all the pieces of my life puzzle perfectly came together forming a beautiful picture. Immediately, all that invested hard work, discipline, hunger for knowledge, passion for languages, multicultural environment in which I grew up made perfect sense. I want to, no, I need to be a flight attendant. Namely, being a Croatian girl with Hungarian origins in the Serbian environment, I have always striven to become a bond among friends of different nationality and cultural background. Now I understand the origin of the urge of constant learning in order to serve and help people especially when they are overwhelmed by the emotions of fear and uneasiness. All of a sudden, motivation appeared from nowhere and I started enthusiastically reading through the pages of my book. After this exam and many later ones, my graduation day came. Slowly, the university days were over, but one dream born in that period is still alive and continues to grow each and every day providing meaning to my acts, a dream of serving and helping people high above the ground.

Stela Ivkovic from Serbia

It was a few years ago, my college years were coming to a gradual end and I must say it hadn’t been a smooth ride. The truth is I never really thought I was cut out for science, my soul yearned to get out there and I mean really get out there. This was never my path. I was never the person to lock myself in the laboratory trying to make sense out of rabbit blood or even guinea pig. I always had pictured myself walking down the corridors in my heels and fitting suit, pulling my suitcase close by.
My heart was heavy, not because I wasn’t good in science, I was amazing. They always said I was smart and knew my biology too well. It hardly found ways to please me. It was more boring than exciting, especially the days when I’d have a rerun and another of a tapeworm’s life cycle. Argh! This wasn’t the love of my life; it was the second best thing that I had decided to settle for. It was “good” for me.
I wanted to believe I was more vibrant than a lab could accommodate. I smiled quite too often for a scientist, and I loved heels a bit too much for the quietness of a laboratory. I wished I could get a chance to tell the world of my undeniable longing, undying love for it.
I’m not saying that hospitality is all rosy. I’m just saying that I know I’ve got the right patience to handle an arrogant client, I’ve got the right amount of empathy to wait upon that man using crutches and another girl in a wheelchair. I have just the widest smile to reassure that stammering young boy. I have quite the ears to listen to that disillusioned teenage girl, who thinks the world is hers for the taking, but yes, for a moment I’ll let her enjoy being young and wild. Oh, what about that brilliant billionaire, who skips pleasantries because he’s too smart to share small talk with the regular person? I have just enough stupidity to take his ego up a notch. He will go home smiling. These ones don’t even smile, do they? Like I said, I was cut out for this service.

Wanjiru Kinyua from Kenya

Life is dream. You grow up saying “if only I reach 18…” When you are 18 years old, you realize the world is full of dreamers, which is really cool because when you get to listen to other dreams, they are pretty interesting and you’re like “wow”! But having someone dream for you, overshadowing your own dream is such an annoying and disturbing experience. All you hear is discouraging words, you can’t and you won’t make it, “is being a flight attendant a job worth dreaming?”, and other such comments. Amidst all the insults and verbal abuses, there is a voice within that tells you to ignore all these negative forces and not to give up but to purse your dream. Sometimes you even scream at that voice (Shut up!), and when it does, confusion sets in, so many voices talking, you don’t know which one to listen to then you end up screaming again, then you burst out in tears. When all is done, you put on your make up and the person in the mirror tells you, “you deserve to be a flight attendant”, you overlook at the person and you just end up nodding your head in acceptance with a smile and boom, you’re back up on your feet again feeling like the best flight attendant anyone could ever hire. In spite of all what I’ve been through and still going through, I feel glad to say I’m still in the running towards becoming the next flight attendant. I am working out my way to the sky office and am sure I will get there with all the help that I can get. I have to prove them all wrong. It will be a day in days, a month in months and a year in years that I will be in that pretty uniform, wearing the perfect makeup matching it with the perfect smile. Surely it shall come to pass. Giving up is not on my schedule no matter what because I can’t help the feeling of not being a flight attendant. This is MY DREAM. It is what brings me hope. Just the thought of it makes me happy and to me, that’s Life.

Sandra Tibaga from Uganda

We all trust in something regardless of how small or big it may be. Personally I trust in life. Being alive we all have to accomplish our heart desires and dreams. Being a flight attendant in an international airline has always been my life time dream. Although I am a Tanzanian, where opportunities like these are rarely offered, I will strive until I accomplish my dream no matter the hindrances and discouragement that are thrown on my way. A wise man once said the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to do great work is to love what you are prepared to do. And since being a flight attendant is what I love the most, I won’t settle and I will keep looking until I achieve my dream. As the law of the universe says: when one is grateful for what he or she wants, what one wants will magically be moved to the gracious one.

Dariah D. John from Tanzania

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I am a passionate young man clutched in the arms of despair and poverty. Born into a conservative family which curtails the dreams of the young man of the family, I am no different. Being conservative, I was demoralized, humiliated, and looked down when I shared my dream that I want to become a Flight Attendant. But I am not letting my dream of becoming a Flight Attendant die down till I breathe my last. I am alive to live my passion. I want to overcome all my hurdles, right from financial to mental, to become a flight attendant and succeed in front of all the eyes which put me down saying a person from poor family can’t make to such a glorious job like that. The hunger and passion inside me to become a Flight Attendant keeps increasing every day. I have decided to work hard to hone up my skills to become an eligible candidate for the Cabin Crew position. My dream and desire to work as Flight Attendant and land in the land of UAE is immeasurable.

Shriniketh V from India

As far back as I can remember life has never been easy for me. I grew up in a foreign country, raised by a single mom, but I was determined to somehow make it and shine. Back then, my mom was a primary school teacher and didn’t earn much. There was never a day when I didn’t go to bed crying for God not to forsake people.

Unfortunately, I lost my eldest brother and mom to bone and intestinal cancer, because of poverty, my twin brother and I weren’t able to give both of them the best medication, perhaps we would have saved both their lives. The truth is I wanted them to someday live to see me wear that flight attendant uniform.
I believe in heaven and I also believe that wherever my brother and mom are, they will one day smile proudly when they see me fulfill my dream.

Babirye Irene from Uganda

I wrote a letter to you a few months ago about this scholarship, but I haven’t been chosen. I will never stop to find an opportunity like this to reach my dream to become a successful flight attendant. Honestly speaking every time I am on a plane going away on Holiday and seeing those flight attendants all dressed up in their uniform looking all professional, I can’t help but see myself being a flight attendant myself. It’s always been my dream and my passion to serve people and travel the world at the same time. I believe that one is never to pursue your dream and I am not giving up on mine. I am the last born of my siblings me getting the scholarship will be a huge achievement and I know my family will be proud of me since they know that this has been my dream since I was but a young girl. I have attended an open day for the first time to get the feel of what is expected and be able to mingle with others that were there as well, unfortunately I did not make it to the second round but hey it was an awesome experience and I’m definitely not giving up I’m going again until I make it to the finals.

Mary-Anne Mat-Hope from South-Africa

Life indeed is a journey, the directions you sway are determined by the sign posts. It’s no wonder a little 9 year old girl who was part of a field trip to a local airport grew up with only one dream- to be a cabin crew. The sound of the moving plane, uniform apparel, ensuring the safety of passengers, mingling with different people, different cultures (which is the beauty of life);rolled up in my head at first as a childhood fantasy but now, as a lifetime goal.
“Dreams can be very frightening and unrealistic”. That is what logic and friends chorused into my ears. Though I strive without thriving, I believe my dream will come true even if am a Nigerian with lesser opportunities, even if my dream airline does not recruit in my country, I will keep striving hard toward my passion till my dream becomes a reality. I will sharpen my abilities because I never doubted the viability of my dream. Although people believe the sky is their limit but to me it is my dream home. And I won’t rest till I get home.

Barakat Bamidele from Nigeria

I am stuck in a village of a small population with unwritten values of hard work and service, where we speak one language of love and respect bonded by poverty. At times, looking up is all I need, to envy the birds with the ability to fly as high and free to every corner of the world, whereas all I know is to walk and run without the runaway to fly. And to fly is all I ever wanted.
I visualize my dream as an adventure to many cities, smiling with people of different cultures, conversing in different languages, sharing in their frights and flights, connected together with the hope of reaching our destinations. Imagine the renewed commitment I would ignite in all young girls with vast dreams that the village cannot hold? I won’t imagine anymore. I want to be like the birds in my village. I have spread my wings all I need is a runaway where I will launch my flight.

Evalyne Albert from Kenya

I heard stories about life changing careers, but never did I care about. I was told several times that I meet the qualifications of a flight attendant, but my vision wasn’t established yet to take this idea into consideration as the ideologically poor environment I grew up in didn’t allow for such a bright vision for the future. Gradually, as I started meeting up with foreign cultures, the idea of becoming a flight attendant started shining in my mind.
As a University student at the English department, I had the opportunity to discover a broad world of exciting knowledge about the different cultures, which has motivated my will to travel, learn further and discover more about the world. Today, a flight attendant has become not only my dream job, but my one and only life goal. This has definitely become my obsession. I find myself now, excited, writing this email ever since the moment I came across this link. I always wanted to have a special job that makes life colorful and offers exciting experiences every now and then.
A flight attendant is that one job that would allow me to display how good I am at performing my role and bringing solutions when there is no solution. This is definitely the job where I’d feel honored to complete my task and, willfully, offer help and assistance.
After getting my BA at the university, I applied for a job. I, now, save money and work hard to acquire more skills so I make myself ready to access the world of sky traffic and seize the opportunity of becoming a flight attendant at any moment I find a chance.

Mouncef Elasri from Morocco

‘Life is so difficult, but we must live.’ I grew up with this thought and still hear in my environment every single day. Self-pity and discouragement everywhere! I say no!
Life is difficult but only when we don’t believe in ourselves. A suitcase, my best friend who knows all my secrets and traveled kilometers. My lipstick and my smile, my strongest weapons and I am ready to win the world! That’s my dream that slowly turns into a sweet nightmare from which I’ll never wake up until I feel the sky under my feet. It’s hard but when someone believes in himself even miracles occur. Faith moves mountains! It’s true that things do not always go as we want, but that is the meaning of the life. If you have a life, live it, if you have dreams, then fulfill them! Nobody can break your wings. What God gave, people cannot destroy. Remember, only the sky is the limit!

Daniela Daniloska from Macedonia

My dream of becoming a flight attendant has never been easy. But once I started this dream, I built on it.
No doubt, I had my share of insecurities. How could a Sudanese skinny girl like me with a (brown) skin color ever be able to walk in an airport pulling a trolley while wearing that prestigious uniform of a flight attendant?
However, I never stop believing that a simple girl like me could be a flight attendant someday. I realized that sometimes it isn’t all about physical appearance. It’s about character and attitude.
I will keep pushing myself till I get what I want, everyone was telling me in my home country you just can’t do anything and you can’t even leave this place, and I decided from that day I will do my best to build the career I want and to live the life I want. Well, here I am working in Dubai with the biggest companies inside UAE, living the life I always dreamed about, and am sure I can reach my dream specially my dream job which is to be a flight attendant.

Reham Smir from Sudan

Having a dream is one thing, keeping it alive and eventually living the dream is another. In my quiet moments, I dream about my dream job. I see myself in a beautiful cabin crew uniform, with wings spread wide enough to touch the ends of the world. My heart races in excitement each time I think about it. The thought of becoming a member of a powerful cabin crew team has kept alive this dream of mine.
My friends have discouraged me countless times to give up on this dream that I have been waiting on for too long. They say this because of the constraints and disappointments I have faced in the past, coupled with the fact that my dream airline does not even recruit in my home country. I have decided to adopt another strategy. I have refused to shroud myself in negativity. I know I can do this. I have decided to adopt another approach. Now I am working hard, studying hard and saving money to travel to the nearest country, where my dream airline often recruits. The passion in me hasn’t stopped me from doing all I can to live my dream. If my dream doesn’t come to me, am leaving everything behind in pursuit of it.

Chiogo Okani from Nigeria

A friend once told me, “if you don’t build your dreams someone will hire you to build theirs.”
Since the day I saw those fascinating objects in the sky, taking people to places unknown, I knew that I wanted to be a part of that adventure. It’s like being a bird in the sky. I have grown up in a family where even necessities were luxuries. I went to a boarding school when I was only 8 and have been moving around ever since. I have tried to make the most of the opportunities that I have been presented with. Being a flight attendant is and has always been my dream. I have learned that you can chase perfection relentlessly, and you will never achieve it, but along the way you will achieve excellence. I wanna be a flight attendant and will work towards achieving that goal. There is nothing more exciting than waking up every day and going to work knowing that you are living your dream.
Our wings already exist, all we have to do is FLY.

Sarineh Vartomiyan from Armenia

I wrote a letter to you last June 2016 about this scholarship, but I haven’t been chosen. I will never stop to find an opportunity like this to reach my dream to become a successful flight attendant. To be honest, I haven’t experienced being on board the plane and that`s why I want to experience it while wearing a flight attendant uniform.
I was a dishwasher for almost 3 years on the restaurant near in our school. I also experienced being a Maid at the age of 15 until I graduated in High School. No matter how hard life got, I fought with my dreams.
Here`s a line there that really inspired me:
‘No matter how much I love that sleepy little town, none of my dreams were waiting down there. They were waiting up there. And frankly, people, no matter where you’re from, no matter who people think you are, you can be whatever you want. But you got to start right now. Don’t ever let anything get in the way of your destiny.’ from the 2003 movie View from the top
On the day I heard that I decided to pursue my dream as a flight attendant no matter how difficult it might be to become one because I really believe that my dreams are waiting up there.

Noemi D. Broncano from the Philippines

Believing in oneself is very important. Its all about what you want in life not what other people want for you. My dream, when I was little, was to be a pilot. And my mother would tell me to be one; you must have and maintain good grades, character and work very hard. One weekend while in high school, I was in the dormitory reading some magazines. I came across a page with this elegant air hostess ladies, and all I wished for was to put my own image among them. And that’s when I told myself, ‘this is it, Janet.’ I felt like that was something I am supposed to do after my studies. After high-school, as I had a great passion for it, I told myself to stop wishing and just do it. Being raised with a single parent, my mother supported me in everything I needed. She supported my wishes and dream, and she was ready to take me to college to pursue my cabin crew course. While in the process of finding a school, just two months after receiving my KCSE results, I lost her. But what I have within me, the strength, the patience, and the passion for reaching for the stars and for changing my world didn’t affect any of my dreams. This is what I want and someday am gonna get it! All I have to do is to believe and push harder.

Janet Mankone from Kenya

I had to give up my dream once because I am my family oldest child, my parents expecting me to get a good job so that I can help my younger brothers and sisters. I got to be on a plane back in college when I was representing my college on track & field across the state. I knew for sure, at that moment, that my dream was going to come true. As time passed by, again nothing happen. I’m waiting and waiting, but I know that without action it will be impossible to come true. Sometimes I think I should give up on my dream because my family is my priority. But when a friend of mine was asking me what is the goal of my life, for days I couldn’t answer him. Last year I sent my resume for an invitation only assessment day. After that, not even an open day was held here in my state. But I want to believe that I was not ready to be a flight attendant back then and I believe the opportunity would come to me again, and when it happens, I will make sure I am ready physically and mentally for the Big Day. I will not give up my dream.

Cyrilen from Malaysia

“A smart person told me once: ‘It is only you Klara,who can make you happy.’ A very big truth.Happiness is what all we want.. A winner is the one who feels happy while working.
I decided to dedicate my free time to get myself ready. I have been improving my English skills daily. I study all your clues, tips, and recommendations. I do collect information but still, I miss the confidence to apply for a particular assessment event.
I believe in faith – nothing is happening without reason. But I also believe that the luck happens only to those best prepared.”

Klara Eckova from Czech Republic

“Ever since was a child l have always been fascinated with planes. Growing in a community where my passions and dreams seemed way out of reach to my peers even my parents, the desire and dream of becoming a pilot or flight attended debilitated. When l moved to South Africa from Zimbabwe because of economic hardships, l saw this country providing me with more opportunities. l then became a mom of a beautiful girl and trying to study and look after my daughter as a single mom after my husband died has proved impossible financially.

l still have a lot to give the world and as much as l love being a mother l do not want it to be the center of my life. l would really love an opportunity to live my dream of being a flight attended. l want my daughter to look up to me as her role model because of my tenacity and accomplishments. Whenever l see adverts for cabin crew l submit an application but have not been called for an assessment yet but it has not deterred my determination.“

Jane Boka from Zimbabwe

“I want to see the world. Actually, I need to see the world. There is so much beauty that the earth has given us. Growing up I’ve always wondering how I’d be able to see as much as a can and still ‘make a living’. Needless to say, being a flight attendant fell into my lap my accident. I’m from a country where by having dreams to travel as much as possible is not easily understood. ‘You should be a lawyer’, they say. ‘You’re ruining your life’, they add. But I know that as I take time to volunteer and grow into a better person and learn more about customer service and selfless giving that they are wrong. Being a flight attendant is the one career that I know can fulfill me, and with this scholarship I know it’ll take me to a whole new level of eligibility for the part. I refuse to give up and I hope that this yearning and dream of mine can come true.
I know so little about the aviation world and this course will truly broaden my expectations and ability to express myself to recruiters in the best way possible.“

Lonê B. Tsie from Botswana

“I strongly believe that ‘Everything comes to you at the right moment, we just need to be patient. Ups and downs happens in life and I have always overcome my problems by taking them positively. I do not have the habit to bounce back in difficult times and this spirit has motivate me to move ahead in life working towards my goal. Maybe you might find it funny but every time I see a flight attendant I get goosebumps. Being part among those gorgeous ladies have always been my dream.

Three years ago, my mother got breast cancer and at that time I felt so helpless for not able to help her financially because I was still studying. Then after high school, I wanted to join an aviation school but I prefer to help my parents with the household expense. Actually, I am working as an accounting officer in a company but still there is something missing in my life. Deeply inside, I feel that I am not made for this job.My friends want to become accountant,auditor,lawyer, but me i want to do something else and no one can stop this obsession in me.I want to touch the sky like a free bird. Every time I see an airplane in the sky, I smile and wish that one day my dreams will come true.

Well, I decided to stop wishing and better start doing.”

Choovina Pooja Rambhujun from Mauritius

“I see myself in the cabin crew uniform aboard one of the planes smiling and helping passengers every single night. It is the last thing I see before I close my eyes to sleep. It is a dream I have heard since I was young but nobody seems to understand why I want it so bad. They tell me am good at so many other things (especially sales) that I should concentrate on making a thriving career out of it and stop with the ‘flying-thing’.
What they do not know is that its not that simple when you want something so bad that only you can visualize it and even live it in your dreams every day, you do not just put it aside and stick to what you are good at. I understand why they are like that because where I come from being a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a banker is what’s perceived as having a career and so for me to proudly say I want to fly, I want to be a cabin crew portrays me as a lost cause.
I want to be a cabin crew because I refuse to be mainstream, I want to follow my heart and prove them all wrong. I will not stop dreaming,  watching youtube videos and reading blogs because I want to be a successful candidate. I refuse to lose hope even after several unsuccessful applications to Emirates and Etihad. I will keep applying to them until I get it right (hopefully with your help). Someday I will get there. Someday I will receive that golden call because I am not a lost cause… I am a girl with a dream. “

Virginia Mutua from Kenya


“Nothing worth having comes easy” is a quote I’ve carried with me. I want to be a successful candidate, I want to be one of those lucky ladies receiving her golden call, but don’t we all? I’ve tried numerous times but I’ve been unsuccessful, and that hasn’t and will never deter me. I’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant and NOTHING can change that. I will strive to make that dream come through. I want to correct my wrongs, I want to find my errors, I want to better myself because I want to capture the eyes of the recruiters my next attempt. I believe if you want something you have to work for it, it’s not all about luck it’s also about determination and I’ll find my weak areas and work towards improvement. I’m not getting any younger and every day I pray that I’ll be successful my next try because I’m desperate to fly. All my life I’ve been watching planes land and take off from my backyard, imagining myself being inside sharing my bright smile and generosity to the guest onboard, telling my mom “Someday I’ll be up there watching you waving from here” With determination and hard work I know I’ll be there someday because “nothing worth having comes easy”

Shaneice Yearwood from Barbados

Ever since my first flight from my country to The Netherlands I had a feeling in my stomach that I wanted to be like “one of those ladies on the plane”. After my graduation, I started working a full-time job, went to college just to drop out because those feelings of the younger-me were trapped and just wouldn’t go away. I was unhappy with my life. I knew it wasn’t normal for a young woman to feel this way. While my feet were firmly on the ground under my desk, my head was somewhere high up. My heart was full of dreams, and I wanted to follow and fulfill all of those. The reality was that there was no way for me to accomplish my goals by staying in my comfort zone, and not straying from the right path. And also because my dream airline didn’t recruit where I live. It took me a while to figure out that following a traditional path might be right for most, but it most certainly was not right for me. I started doing some research on where would be the best and most nearby country for me to go for an open day. Last April was the biggest leap of faith I had ever taken… I was on a flight to Argentina to attend an open day but unfortunately didn’t pass the final assessment round. The following months I was disappointed and really mad at myself. I started thinking I’m the biggest failure and didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. I was in a bad situation, but last month has forced me to grow and taught me so many things I never would have learned about the industry and myself had I not started out somewhere. This was exactly where I needed to be. Everything will happen at just the right time, and I will NOT give up on my dream until I accomplish it.”

Xandira Rogany from Suriname

“Since I was a child, I like to discover all places around my city, visit others cities and speak to foreign tourists.
I was waving to any plane I see in the sky. My dream was to touch clouds and fly to the furthest place.
Earlier this year I took my decision and went for an open day of Emirates airline in another country because its office had already closed in my country due to war. I passed a long way and took me about 7 hours to arrive only to have the chance and attend the open day. It was a difficult trip and dangerous way but that did not prevent me from going on to achieve my goal.
But unfortunately I was not so lucky that day, my number wasn’t listed with other successful numbers although all preparations I made. Being a cabin crew is my passion and dream job so recently I’m preparing for the next open day and working to improve my CV and qualification as much as I can. I’m trying to read everything about cabin crew interview, job, training, and lifestyle. I follow up all news and photos of Emirates airline, watch all videos at YouTube regarding taking -off and landing, all my family and friends say “this is driving you crazy”, Ohhh yes I’m crazy with flying and happy to be like that.

Should I get this opportunity, I will go there with full preparation to make my dream true, to fly beyond war and sadness and be what I always want to be.
I gonna go there again and again, I’m not gonna give up. That’s not all, I still have more to say about my dream.”

Aroob from Syria

“Living in Kenya all you learn to do is study to the highest level, get a job and then get married and raise a family.That is the ultimate dream for most people, but not me.
For some reason, I have never really felt at home here in Kenya. I always had a great desire in me to travel the world and meet new people and learn new cultures. Every time I just think about how the world could be my home.
I have never had an opportunity to attend an open day let alone get invited for an interview. The Middle-eastern airlines do not come to my home country often so I have been saving up to attend an open day in any other country to increase my chances.
I believe I have what it takes and I am willing to do anything just to get this opportunity to be better prepared.”

Maria Buluma from Kenya

“When I talked to my mom about how I wanted to become a flight attendant all she said to me was ‘dreams change as you grow older’. I am a ATH(Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality) graduate student now and to be honest there wasn’t a single moment of my life where I didn’t dream of becoming a flight attendant. Everybody in my family wanted me to become a lawyer and weren’t very happy about the course I was going to take when I joined college, but I needed to pursue my dream. The course I decided upon, there was always someone telling me that I was wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempted me to believe that the critics were right, but that didn’t stop me from doing what I was doing because in the end, I knew what I always wanted in my life.
After one month of graduation, I attended an interview with Qatar Airlines and I made it through the final interview and reached till advance candidate zone and just when I thought I was one step closer to my dream I got rejected. I was heartbroken but that failure didn’t discourage me at all because I knew if I keep holding onto my dream, one day or another I will be there. I want to become a flight attended because I have been sincerely holding onto the dream for exactly nine years of my life and I want to believe that I have the potential. I want to become the person who actually gave me the reason to dream , that is the first flight attended I saw 9 years ago.
I want to prove my family and rest of the people that dream doesn’t change as time goes by, it only gets one step closer as you grow older. “

Sonam Deki from Bhutan

“I won’t lie to you, I haven’t been dreaming of becoming a flight attendant since I learned to speak.(I wanted to become a singer instead). I knew about this industry when I was 13 and my mother told me that she wanted to become a cabin crew before she had me.
I have decided that I’ve been born to become a flight attendant when I got my first job at 17, I had so much pleasure serving people, I was always excited when going to work even if it was extremely tiring. I am brown-skinned, and here in my country (morocco) I’ve been told many many times that my skin color will be a barrier to my ambitions and that I’m not beautiful enough to be a flight attendant. I’ve heard that many times that I started to believe it was true. Lately, a few months ago, I took a decision : I AM NOT GOING TO LET OTHER PEOPLE DECIDE WHAT MY LIFE HAS TO BE LIKE ! ENOUGH !
I started making researches on the net, and I found your Blog, I instantly fell in love with your concept, because I started to gain back the confidence I have lost earlier in my life. I’m  tired of people laughing at me whenever they ask me about my dream and I tell them I want to be a cabin crew. “

Nissrine Jennifer KANATH from Morocco

JULY 2016

When I was 5 years old, I flew from Cape Town, my hometown to Johannesburg by myself to meet with my mother. There was an air stewardess who took care of me the whole flight through. What an amazing woman!
I wanted to be like her and thought about it on and off for years…
One year ago, after I struggled for 1,5 years unemployed searching for a job, I realized one thing: all I thought I wanted & needed was to have a job to pay my bills like everyone else.
And then I found your website!
Even though I’m happy to have a job, a loving mother, supportive friends, I still have a longing need to chase my own dreams.
I have been hiding behind the negativity that dreams are just that and there’s no point in following them.
I want to grow more as a person. I need to broaden my horizons. Meet new people.
I would love to be like that air stewardess who took care of me.

Kim K. from South Africa

“Salam dari Indonesia!
Every time there’s an opportunity to drop off my aunts or pick up my cousins at the airport, I’d be the first to offer to help. Why? Simple. I love seeing cabin crews and I’ve aspired to be like them ever since I was little. Due to financial reasons, I’ve never had the opportunity to fly on a plane, and so the only chance I can see them is at the airport. When I see them, I try to study as much as I can about them. The way they walk, how they groom/dress, the way they talk to customers and then practice it at home. I’ve just turned 21 and I can now apply for the airline of my dreams, but I want to be fully prepared for my first interview. I need help.  I believe the preparation course will bring out the best version of me and help me achieve my dreams.

Quote from my favorite movie: View From The Top
‘As much as I love my hometown, none of my dreams are down here. It’s up there.'”

Vanessa from Indonesia

“It’s really funny that now I’m so passionate about becoming a flight attendant because it has never been my dream job. To be honest, I’ve never been good at any foreign language and there were always people, who were constantly telling me that I’m not good enough. Therefore, I tried to find the easiest way how to succeed and overcome any difficulties. It worked and I graduated from university with a diploma and soon after I found a full-time job. Four years passed and I realized that this is not what I want. I literally hated my job. Then everything happened so fast and I found myself sitting on the plane heading to Australia for further studies. OMG! And when I got back home with my better (I hope) English, I decided for the biggest step in my life and that was attending an open day for Emirates. I made it to the first round of assessment and then I finished. But I was proud of myself because I know that before I wouldn’t be able to apply or attended the event because of my inner fear of being rejected. Now I set my heart on this and I want to carry on improving myself and I’m not gonna give up.

Petra V. from Slovakia

“Growing up in remote areas of Zimbabwe I have seen young people failing to realize their dreams because of financial reasons. I wanted to make a difference. I got a scholarship to study human resources management in South Africa. I worked as a waitress and guest service attendant as my part time job that meant welcoming guests to functions I worked at. Upon completing my studies I knew human resources was not for me, I didn’t see myself as a human resources manager.When I took my friend to the airport one day, I saw cabin crew members checking in, that was the turning point. That was my job. I have always been that person when I am in a bus, taxi or anywhere I wanted the person next to me to feel comfortable, offer my seat to someone I felt needed it more than me. Then  I came back to S.A to chase my dream. I had my first assessment with the Emirates and made it to the final interview. I was heartbroken when I failed at this stage. Where did I go wrong I would ask myself. I realized I had not prepared enough. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. I came across the Flight Attendant Central page which I found helpful and informative. That’s when I realize my mistakes and I am willing to work on them. Now I am waiting for my now assessment in August. Being a cabin crew member is my passion and dream. Should I get this opportunity I will be representing my employer and those who believe in me, that’s being an ambassador what I have always wanted to be.
Shyline G. from Zimbabwe

“I’m the youngest child of our family and the only daughter too. I have graduated last March 2016. I am the first one in my family to obtain a high education. They are expecting so much from me because I know that they believe in me and know my potential.
The days, weeks and months went by. Still nothing. After trying everything to get a job, nothing happened. I was ashamed to go home and announce to my parents that I got rejected. But they told me to never give up on things and keep trying. My faith was dropping to zero. I had negative feelings and thoughts. I know we’ve all had those days, moments and times when we think, “I just can’t do this anymore. I’ve tried. I can’t take this anymore.” I hope that someone is going to help me but no one does. There are ways to help make things easier and there are good, kind people. Sometimes, we find them just when we need them the most. Until one day I read about the tips of Kara Grand, which inspired me a lot. I told myself I would keep on trying no matter what. I also had these feeling and thoughts that something was going to happen for me within time. Despite my situation, I was going to get up and give it my all. I know that this course will help me to achieve my dreams. I know that this is my stepping stone. Giving up is for the weak people, and I didn’t want to be seen or known as weak. I didn’t want to be seen or known as a person who gives up easily.
So thank you so much for all of your inspiring posts, phrases and quotes. I’m sure you have helped, supported and inspired a lot of people around the World as you did inspire me.
‘He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand, walk, run, climb and dance. One cannot fly into flying.’ – Friedrich Nietzsche”

Ma. Isabel O. from Philippines

“Throughout my life I have always gone through bad times and happy days like every single person on this planet, but the only thing that kept on pushing me forward is believing that I can achieve my goals and fulfill my dreams one day. Discovering the world, interacting with different cultures, trying new foods and seeing new places had everlastingly lured and attracted me, thus from when I can remember, I dreamt of becoming a steward. I could have chosen to become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer or a teacher cause I really had had great grades but for me, I would devote myself to work only if its fun and challenging. So flight attendant was the exact thing that I saw myself doing. I’m a real caring person and I do help my friends and whoever asks me for help or assistance but until now, all I have been facing is rejection from multiple airlines and I’m extremely sad about it because I know that I have the potential, they just didn’t see it and I would appreciate if you would help me because I want to make my family proud of me and I want to achieve my still-hanging dream … I’ll be so grateful…”

Achref M from Tunisia

JUNE 2016

“Living in Hanover Park, one of the highest crime and drug related areas, never stopped me from dreaming big and demonstrating to others that your dreams are not based on where you come from but what you make of it.
I remember my first trip to the airport and I was mind-blown with everything there was from airplanes to air hostesses and even the announcements being made.
That day, I had my first encounter with an actual cabin crew member and since then I wanted to be an air hostess. Finance has always been in my way of doing what I wanted.”

Fatima Petersen From Cape Town, South Africa

“I wasn’t aware of the interview stages so I went home unsuccessful. What was heartbreaking was that out of more than 50 candidates I made it to the top 10, then during the last stage I messed up!
From that day, I thought my dream was over! I changed my career path and totally buried my flight attendant vision. That was three years ago! Then, a typical day at the office pantry, I saw an advertisement from a newspaper that literally changed my life. It was a cabin crew job opening for Etihad Airways. My buried passion once again ignited. I’m praying and as well as doing the best that I can to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a cabin crew by doing online research; saving money in order to buy a decent pair of business attire, make up, and for my photo shoot. Each day, I’m claiming that I will become an air hostess. I firmly believe that my past doesn’t define my future.“

Rafaela Lozano from Bahrain

“With each passing day, I have come to realize that I was destined for greatness and no matter how many rejections come my way, and there has been a number of those. I told myself that someday I will eventually reach my goals.
After my father was diagnosed with cancer it was frightening and heart-breaking but at the same time it gave me courage and increased my hunger even more. I finally realized that if he is able to wake up each day and still put up a fight, then my fear of being rejected for the job comes to an end. I stopped being scared of what could go wrong and started being positive of what could go right. I made a promise to myself that as hard as its going to get I will make sure that he lives a full life, I make him proud and I get to share with him the world and the beauty it has to offer and what better way to do that than live in the skies and have the world at the tip of my fingers. After all in life, the best view comes after the hardest climb.”

Lauraine Thandeka Ncube from South Africa

“I read through all the stories other people wrote to win this scholarship. I wanted to write something similar but realized that is not really who I am.
Here it is: I’ve never been to a cabin crew interview. I’ve never tried and failed. I have zero experience of how everything goes. And that’s because I’m too scared to even try.
I admire deeply all the people who put themselves up there willing to gain experience from “just trying”. I freeze in front of the application. I fill it all in at least 10 times but never submitted. I want to have that feeling of confidence. I don’t want to go to try. I want to go to SUCCEED. I think this course will help me achieve exactly that.”

Antonia Popelea from Romania

“I want to share with you my favorite quote from writer Marianne Williamson: “We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”
I am 27 years old and my inner dialogue was composed by the words the people around told me – we were poor, I wasn’t the prettiest girl, my chances of making it in life were not looking too good. For me to change my condition it would mean to completely revolutionize and challenge the norms of the society I grew up on. I am the first one in my family to obtain a high education, all through scholarships. I am the first one in my family who moved away from our neighborhood. And I want to be the first one in my family who flies. I know that if I have this chance, it will make it possible.”

Fabiana Guasco from Brazil

MAY 2016

“I belong to a small Gujarati family. So, I pursued my high school from small gujarati institution in the year 2013. Moreover, I’m pursuing my graduation in However, I was happy with small things that time. Now, the time is different, all my friends seeing my ambition towards achieving a Cabin Crew job says, ”you are the one made for this job, even your name has ‘Crew’ in it when pronounced” All of these, makes me unhappy at the same time because of lack of action and financial needs. I still yearn and strive for gaining success in a Cabin Crew interview.”
Krunal A from India

“I remember how, when I was young, a plane would fly over our home and I would tell anyone who cared to listen that I would become an air hostess when I grew up. However, this sounded like a farfetched dream as it was considered a job for the well up and city girls and not for a village girl like me. Having come from a large family of peasants was also a major limitation.
Many years have passed and that dream has yet to be realized. I found new hope and I am now convinced more than ever that my dream will soon become a reality.”
Joyce M from Kenya

“I went to my first Open Day, but I was unsuccessful. I expected this result because I wasn’t totally prepared. However, I didn’t give up. Since I was a little child, I always follow a theory: Nothing is easy in my life, if I want something, I need to fight with all my forces to achieve this goal.
And I always act like this. I fought to enter and finish my university, I fought to find an internship, and nowadays I am fighting to become an Emirates Cabin Crew. I went to a second Open Day and I was unsuccessful again. But at this time, the NO seemed like a punch in my stomach. After I left the venue, I cried a lot. And I thought I would never been approved. But, I held my head high and put on my mind that if lots of people receive their Golden Call every month, one day my phone will ring with a call from Dubai too.”
Jean B from Brazil

“Since I graduated from High School, my body and mind was set to the aviation school when I entered college. But then again due to financial problem, I chose to enroll AB Psychology and I have no regrets of my degree. Studying Psychology made me realized that I was capable of understanding the differences of personality of one person to another, yet there are too many aspects to be who you are and what you are, we must need first to understand ourselves before others. I tried to apply online, and in just one try I got it! I once got called and texted by Philippine Airlines for an impact interview, but I chose to focus with my review for Psychometrician Board Exam. I was not able to attend the schedule for impact interview, and I think that was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.  It was my dream that I let pass.”
Agnes E. from Philippines.

“Before my mother died I promised her that whatever goal she could not achieve, I will achieve mine and keep myself at the top. I wanted to be a Flight Attendant.
I enrolled myself at the aviation academy where I studied Air Travel And Customer Services With Cabin Crew. Somehow while studying, I struggled so very hard financially. I asked for help everywhere, from anyone but no help was available. Then I remembered my promise, I got up and dusted myself off then continued until the solution presented itself. When I was about to graduate I had nothing to wear. I could not attend the graduation ceremony, but I was proud to have made it through the worse storm.
Two years after I graduated, I am still looking for my rightful position even this day. Should I be afforded an opportunity I would not hesitate to take it. I belong up there. I would not want to change my dream career for anything.
The worse part of all is that every year, each part of the course expires. It feels like going back to square one to nothing.”
Refuwe C M. from South Africa

APRIL 2016

I honestly do not have a sad story, however, i do regret not being able to pursue this dream sooner. After completing high school, I approached my dad with the idea of pursuing cabin crew but he dismissed it arguing that it is not a serious career. My dad is one of those African parents who strongly believe to make it in life you have to be either a doctor, engineer or lawyer.
I know dreams don’t become reality through magic but through hard work, sweat, passion and determination. This opportunity will be a second chance to redeem myself and pursue my dream and passion.

Judy Muhilana from Kenya

When I was about thirteen years old I decided that I want to be an interpreter.  I thought that it was good idea as this profession helps you to travel and communicate with people from many countries.
After my graduation I have been working in different companies as customer specialist.  It always was an office work. I understood that I wasn’t satisfied with what I have now. And suddenly I have realized that cabin crew job is what I want and always wanted. I remembered how glad and excited I was on the way to the airport every time I went abroad. I liked everything: from the pack of luggage to the waiting room, from the registration to take off. Being a little girl I was always looking for the planes in the sky. I have grown up now but still look at the clear sky in search of white lines from the planes. I know I can make my cabin crew dream come true.

Dishka T. from Russia

For as long as I can remember,  I have never truly felt at home -anywhere. This feeling of being a wanderer has been with me my entire life, that was until I went on my first flight at the age of 14. The joy of seeing different cultures and different parts of the world has always had my heart and that is the reason I have travelled since that first flight out of my country, but now I want to find my place and I know that place, is in the sky. Now more than ever, I know to my core that I will not be content with an ordinary life, the thought of waking up in a new place every day will forever follow and haunt me, that’s why I am making this change -now. To. Be. Free.

Danielle Van Rooyen from South Africa

During high school I came to know about fighter jets. My heart was set on being in the sky. The common jobs for ladies was staring me in the face -teaching/nursing.
After school being the eldest daughter I couldn’t go to university -I found a job in 2013 as a receptionist. I started off wobbly in the field of client service. The first week I was shown what to expect, the next I was left to my own fate. Each day was a walk in faith, smiling learning and absorbing. My first staff party I got an award for being Ms.Manners (4 months after my appointment.)
I knew I had to work with people. Namibia nurtured me to serve others.

Lerato Klassen from Namibia

During my college days I supposed to study in an aviation school to achieve my dream. Unfortunately, due to financial problem I wasn’t able to make it. However, studying Hotel and Restaurant Management is something that interesting too. I finished my study and worked in a hotel up to now. I leaned so many things when it comes to customer service. I have been facing so many different situations and I love it because I love challenges. Now, its not too late for me to achieve my dream. To be a cabin crew is something that i wanted to do right now.
Dion Pepito from Philippines