CCIPC StaticThe Cabin Crew Interview Preparation Course is a 12 sessions online course which breaks down and explains the interview in easy steps, so it no longer feels like an overwhelming process. The most useful skill students learn however is how to become more confident.

I know there many people who cannot afford the tuition and I want to help as many as I can see this dream become reality. Every month Flight Attendant Central will be giving away 5 scholarships and free access to the course. Just write to us with the subject line CCIPC SCHOLARSHIP and in maximum 300 words describe why you should be the one chosen for the scholarship. The winners will be announced by email at the end of each month.



Here is what we will go through:

Week 1
Session 1 (Day 1) – Introduction to the airline industry
Session 2 (Day 2)- 10 Key success mindsets
Session 3 (Day 3)- The cabin crew selection and recruitment process

Week 2
Session 4 (Day 8)- The cabin crew assessment process
Session 5 (Day 9)- Building your CV
Session 6 (Day 10)- Online application

Week 3
Session 7 (Day 15)- Introduction (self and others)
Session 8 (Day 16)- Group exercise
Session 9 (Day 17)- Assertiveness

Week 4
Session 10 (Day 22)- English test
Session 11 (Day 23)- Final interview
Session 12 (Day 24)- Confidence

You will learn how to prepare your CV, receive sample CVs and photos, learn how to introduce yourself in a group setting and how to stand out when you are one of five hundred candidates, how to negotiate a role play when you deal with an angry customer, how to prioritize, how to get better at the English test and of course the very popular 101 Questions and Answers for the final interview to help you become familiar with the questions that come up during the interview and how you should formulate your answers.

We will work on changing mindsets, attitude, and improve assertiveness.You will know yourself better, understanding what subconscious patterns stand in your way of success and how to get past them.

Previous students are saying…

During the time I sent you emails to ask about the course and finally decided to apply for it, I was hoping that one day I would be writing you this email. When the time has arrived, now, I still couldn't believe it's actually happening and that I'm moving to Dubai this October! I got a job with Emirates, the only airline I dream to work for! It's one of the biggest life-changing events of mine and it's happening so soon!

I'm so thankful for how helpful you have been replying to my emails regarding the course. Without your explanation, I probably decided not to take the course and did not get one of the greatest opportunity in my life. My mindset changed and I have developed a lot, using techniques and knowledge you offered in the course. The interview with Emirates I succeeded was my second try, but the first try after I registered for the course. I would say your course is one of the biggest influences of my success and I'm really happy with my decision.

Wannida Kasiwong

I am so blessed to have been given such a prestigious opportunity and I can hardly wait to start flying in the next two weeks.  It is more wonderful than I could have ever imagined and I don't believe there could ever be a company better than this to be working for.  I have truly found my home here in Dubai and I would encourage anyone who has the same dream to hold fast to the course.  It is worth every hope and wish that one could ever have!


First of all I'd like to thank you for creating this amazing online course. I started the training as an owner and frequent reader of your How to become a flight attendant book. I found out a lot of things were repeated, HOWEVER your detailed examples, personal experience and common sense advice for each and every section were priceless. One of my favorite was the elevator pitch which was completely new to me. Thank you for taking your time and effort to help us, enthusiastic candidates with your precise and detailed course which contains everything we need to know.

Eszter Gottschall

The course really helped a lot, I can smile a lot more than before. I no longer feel intimidated being with people I do not know because I learnt a lot of tips from the Group Exercise. Not to mention, I had this annoying 5 page CV and I didn't know what to leave out but thanks to you I now have a one page CV that I'm so proud of.

Many Thanks!

Nqobile Sibanda

Hey Kara,

Geez I cannot thank you enough for this course, it has been an amazing journey, I learnt so much! Tomorrow is thee day and I have never been this sure I will get the job. A great feeling of confidence is overwhelming me. I just can't wait to let you know that I got the job. Again thank you so so much you have been the light I needed.

Open day for Etihad tomorrow...ahhh(excitement) I really cannot wait. I already feel like I got the job I'm just waiting for a confirmation.


Hi Kara,
I recently had an assessment day and they called me,to give me the great news,i was accepted...I m very happy, I learnt a lot from your book and the course..I wanted to be very prepared and i managed to do that with your help..Thank you..!

Geanina Rusu

I am very excited to write to you... With your advice and guidelines I was able to go through my open day and the rest of the assessment and am now hired by Qatar airways which is very exciting.. Am in abinitio training and I wrote my first exam which I passed with a 100%. I also have other exams upcoming which I need to pass..
Thank you so much for all the help and guidelines and advice! You are the best!