Hi, it’s Kara Grand. I want to take a minute to introduce myself and tell you how I got to Flight Attendant Central.

As a little girl, I was always looking up at the sky admiring the white traces left by the planes and wondering if they could see me waving. I thought the most brilliant thing in the world is flying. My mother told me that lovely ladies who always wear lipstick, who are smart and speak many languages work in these planes.
“While the plane is moving?” I asked in complete wonder.
“Yes, you can not even feel it moving when you are up there. You can even watch TV and eat as we do here in the kitchen” my mother replied amused.

As I finished high school, I started looking for ways I could be working “up there, in the sky.” I went to my national airline and asked how I can get a job. My chance was so slim that the lady in HR looked at me with pity and told me that the last interview was over four years ago and they didn’t need any new crew. But she informed that before the meeting with the airline, I was to pay for a flight attendant course and independently get a flying license and then just hope for an interview to happen soon. The course was $3000, and I did not have that kind of money.

My parents advised me to go to college and meanwhile start looking into other options. So I did. I started school, but I was always looking for different airlines and their requirements. I was sending my application to every airline that was hiring, but I got no response. I was discouraged, and I started thinking perhaps I should settle my mind towards a different career.

Going through all the websites, I noticed that there was one thing required by every single airline: Customer Service Experience. I realized that maybe that’s why they were not calling me: I was 19, and my only experience was going to school and helping around the house.
From then on, I took every single job that would give me the experience I needed. I worked as a waitress, sales associate, survey keeper, newspaper advertising salesperson; I was the yogurt sample girl in the supermarket and the promoter of chocolate powder. By the time I graduated, my CV had an impressive number of jobs, all in the Customer Service field.

One day I received an email titled “Invitation to our Assessment Day.” Finally, my chance had arrived!
The Assessment Day was approaching, and it daunted me that the hard part was just starting: I had no idea what to expect from that day. I started reading everything that was out there on how to prepare for an interview. I even took out my dusty Geography books, as I found an article on a professional flight attendant website saying that a flight attendant should know all the capitals of African countries. There are 54 countries in Africa, and I know the capitals of all of them even now, but no one asked me a question about that. Ever!

All the flight attendant websites were a disappointment to me. The content was old and incomplete with no specific examples of what will happen during the Assessment Day, and the appearance was also strange: bright screaming colors, cartoons of flight attendants wearing mini-skirts and long blond hair under a pilot cap and other sad occurrences.
Only a couple of days before the Assessment Day my lucky star stroke again: I was introduced to a girl who was already working for an international airline and has been through the same process. She told me what to expect from that day. And guess what? I made it!

I can not describe my joy and pride the first day at the training academy, or the time when I put on my uniform for my first flight!
Since then, I had a lot of people approaching me to ask for information on how they can also become flight attendants for an international airline. I put everything I learned together, and I advised them on the exact steps to follow so they can be successful.

I know its a confusing world out there. I know there is lack of really valuable information. I know you have been looking everywhere and found nothing you can count on. That’s why I created Flight Attendant Central. I want you to come to this website and find the most reliable information on what it takes to succeed.

The airlines are continuously expanding and in need of new crew. They desperately need you to be an excellent candidate. Make it easier for them to hire you! Be prepared, know what to expect and what is expected of you. Rehearse, read interview questions, draft your answers, adjust your responses and just show the best possible version of who you are.

All the information in here can be used IMMEDIATELY!

Download the free 25 Questions and Answers for the Cabin Crew Final Interview and read the articles on what it takes to pass each stage of the assessment.

“How to Become a Flight Attendant for the airlines in the Middle East” eBook will give you 298 pages of extraordinarily detailed advice on every single step of the process, from the first thought to becoming a flight attendant all the way to the interview and what comes after. You will get sample CVs and photos, sample online applications, sample group exercises and how to solve them, 23 English tests, Math Test, 101 Questions and Answers for the Final Interview, an important chapter on confidence and so much more.

Enjoy your visit here, and I hope to see you soon “up there”!

To your success,