How to Create the Best Cabin Crew Online Application

How to Create the Best Cabin Crew Online Application

Creating a successful online application is the first step necessary to reach the immediate goal of getting called for an interview. By applying the knowledge I share in this article, you will shortly be on your way to your cabin crew interview.

Big airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways receive 10,000 applications monthly. They will select only 10% of these applicants and offer them a chance to attend an interview.

They will get the best of the best based on how their online application is presented.

Starting with the work experience, let's say you work for Funky Pizza, where you are a waitress. When you are filling out your online application, in the job description, you may say:

Waitress – Funky Pizza

  • take pizza orders,
  • bring pizza and drinks to the table,
  • clear dirty dishes,
  • get the bill and take the money.

Now close your eyes and imagine this person: she sounds bored with her job, doing it mechanically and describing only the physical actions involved. She doesn't sound like she likes her career.

You may also say:

Waitress – Funky Pizza

  • welcome customers to the restaurant and show them to their seats
  • present the menu options and make recommendations based on the chef's daily briefing
  • deliver the order and check customer satisfaction with the dishes
  • ask for feedback and additional orders
  • handle the payment using cash, credit card, or coupons
  • farewell the guests and express the desire to welcome them again
  • tidy up the area and prepare for the next customers

Once again, close your eyes and imagine this person. She is smiling, welcoming, and knowledgeable.

Which one would you consider more professional and a happy worker?

Put yourself in your customer's shoes when you talk about what your job means. You could express almost any job beautifully from the guest's perspective.

Avoid stating facts about what your daily job assignments consist of, such as "move tables," "give menus," and "clean floors." Instead, use customer words such as "reassigned the restaurant setting whenever necessary," "distributed menu cards and presented the daily specials," and "followed up that restaurant cleanliness was respected at all times."

See the above example from Funky Pizza Waitress and adjust it for your field and experience.

Make it easy for the people who read your online application to call you for an assessment by choosing the right words when you present your experience.

The second essential aspect of your online application is submitting the best photos.

You must submit formal photos in business attire. You can have these professionally taken in a studio, or you may ask a friend or a family member who is comfortable using a camera to take your photo.

A good photo will maximize your chances for a successful online application.

Here are some points to keep in mind.


These photos are required for Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways. The number of pictures you must provide is different for each airline.

  • Full-length photo (the top of your head and your shoes must be visible) size is 10 cm x 15 cm or 4" x "6
  • Passport photo size is 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 1.78” x 1.38” 

✓Smile a big happy smile.

✓Hands straight to the side of your body with both legs together. Stand up straight.

✓You must be directly facing the camera.

✓ You cannot alter photos (don't use filters, Photoshop, or other apps to "improve" the quality).

✓Good lighting (no shadows).

✓Sharp and in focus.

✓ For the formal full-length photo, the top of your head and your shoes must be visible.


✓Visible makeup

✓Hair professionally groomed in a neat bun

✓ Closed-fitted jacket

✓ Knee-length skirt

✓High heels (closed-toed / no ankle straps)

✓Skin color stockings

✓No neck scarves, no jewelry

✓No glasses, no colored contact lenses

✓No watches


✓Hair neat

✓Cleanly shaven

✓Closed jacket

✓Suit, shirt, and tie

✓No piercings visible

✓No glasses

✓No color contact lenses

✓No watches

A picture says a thousand words!

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