7 Ways to Stand Out during the Cabin Crew CV Drop Off Day

Cabin Crew CV drop off

The cabin crew CV drop off day is sometimes viewed as one of the most mysterious parts of the recruitment process. You prepare for weeks or months, you spend hours carefully choosing your outfit and rehearsing hair styles or makeup. You read books, articles, join Facebook groups and run sample English tests. When the day finally comes, you get to the venue with your documents. You go in, say hello, hand over your CV, smile and answer one or two questions. Then go home. That’s it! Wait a minute… THAT’S IT?!?
Technically, yes, this is exactly what happens during the cabin crew CV drop off day. You can arrive there anytime during the published time-frame. If they say anytime between 9:00 AM and 05:00 PM, nobody will judge you or disqualify your application if you arrive at 1:28PM.

The encounter with the recruiters is very brief, most of the times under 5 minutes.

Some of the most popular questions asked are “Why do you want to become a cabin crew?” or “Why do you want to work for our airline?” or “What are you currently doing?”
After you hand over your CV, photos and whatever other documents the airline requires at this stage, the recruiter will confirm your best contact number and will tell you the expected waiting time until they communicate with the successful candidates.

Not only this will feel like the fastest decision making, but it will bring you face to face with another hard to comprehend reality of the cabin crew recruitment process: you are now one of the many candidates in the same line - they are all beautifully dressed, perfectly groomed, polite, smiling and friendly.

Those minutes in front of the recruiter will decide if you move into another line, the one of the chosen candidates, the ones who are given the opportunity to show more of their personality.

So how can you stand out on this day of the cabin crew CV drop off?

1. Confidence

While two people can dress the same and have similar education and experience, what sets them apart is how they perceive themselves.
The way you carry yourself, attitude and drive to succeed, these are some of the components of what makes a confident person.
Confidence is dictated by many factors, such as childhood experiences, role models, success and failure perception as well as inner dialogue. There is no magical potion to take and become confident overnight. But confidence is a muscle and the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.

2. First impression

While the initial encounter with the recruiter lasts only 5 minutes, humans take under 30 seconds to form an opinion about a new person. We gather information from what we see and hear: posture, gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice. We make up our minds even before somebody starts speaking. So here is how to achieve positive first impressions:
-a genuine, warm smile
-stand tall and proud with your back straight and shoulders
-move your body in a harmonious way
-be aware of how your voice sounds and adjust the volume and pitch

3. CV

Especially in a busy location where hundreds of candidates come to present their documents, your CV will not be read. During the CV drop off day, CVs are scanned.

The more pages of irrelevant information you present, the less likely you are to be invited for an interview.

So your job is to present a relevant, concise, simple and clean CV. It shouldn’t be longer than 1 page. Include only Personal Information, Career History, Education and Skills. Nothing else. Learn here how to make the Perfect Cabin Crew CV.

4. English Fluency

While this is one of the minimum requirements, there are many degrees of fluency. This may be the only negotiable part.
If English is not your first language, here is what you should consider to be fluent:
-you can understand most of what is communicate to you at a normal speed by a non-native English speaker
-you can communicate your opinions, thoughts and feelings in simple sentences
-you can answer questions in a correct way
-most of the people listening to you are able to understand what you say
-you can read and understand most of this article
-you can summarize this article in 10 sentences
-you can write and read correctly (remember, perfect shouldn’t stand in your way of achieving good enough)

Here are the things you shouldn’t worry about:
-complicated grammar
-your native accent
-speed of talking

5. Cabin Crew Personality

While many skills required to perform the cabin crew job can be learned, there are many personality traits you should ideally be possessing prior to the interview.
These skills are:

Think about how you can practice these attributes in your life.

6. Dress for success

It’s no secret that a polished image is a very important aspect of this industry. The flight attendants don’t go to work in jeans and sandals. Especially when trying to impress the recruiters and hopefully influence their decision to invite you for an interview, your appearance must be spotless. But more importantly than having the standard business attire of suit, collared shirt and polished shoes, you must wear something that makes you feel good about yourself.
It doesn’t always have to be a black suit. You can take a grey one if it fits you. You can have a formal business dress and a blazer instead of a skirt suit. You can play with color, take comfortable stylish shoes, add a dramatic element to your outfit (the most dramatic would be a scarf). Be flexible, but focus on being elegant and confident in your own skin.

7. Know the airline

The other day I asked my daughter (who has been raving about her friend from school Nicole) why does she like her. She replied “I like her because she likes me.”
The simplicity of this argument stroked me as probably the deepest reason for an alliance.

We tend to like people who like us. The same is true for organizations.

Show them you are a true fan by knowing the airline’s trivia, plans, expansions or even latest social media feed. Go online and research. If the question “Why our airline?” ever comes up, give them a unique answer.

While the CV drop off day might be one of the first steps you take in the journey of becoming a cabin crew, it is a very important one. It’s the door opener. Much more complex stages will follow. Prepare thoroughly and this dream will become a reality very soon.


  • Gen

    Reply Reply April 18, 2017

    Hi, Kara!

    I’m looking forward to attending a Recruitment Day fro Qatar Airways this Saturday, however , I did not apply online. Are walk ins allowed to go to the recruitment day? Also, can you give me some tips to nail this interview? Thank you, Kara!

  • Jrel

    Reply Reply February 21, 2017

    Hi. I’m planning to apply this weekend for Qatar. My worries is that my vision is 2.25+ for both eyes but I’m wearing clear lenses. Will it be a hindrance or a deciding factor for my success? Or will they notice it just in case I’ll pass until medical? Thank you in advance.

    • Kara

      Reply Reply February 21, 2017

      Hi Jrel,

      Here is the official information.

      Your vision is acceptable if
      -Distant visual acuity with or without correction is 6/9 or better in the better eye
      -Near visual acuity with or without correction is at least N5 at 30-50cm and N14 at 100cm
      It is unacceptable if you have
      -spectacles for visual correction (only contact lenses are accepted)
      -visual field defects
      -functionally monocular vision

      • Kiki

        Reply Reply March 30, 2017

        Hi Kara

        I will attend an open day on Saturday i do not currently own contact lenses as I cannot afford them at the moment, will it be a problem to attend the open day with glasses.?

        • Kara

          Reply Reply March 31, 2017

          No Kiki, that is fine. It would be preferable if you went without glasses or with lenses, however, if there is no other way, just go wearing glasses.

  • Nora

    Reply Reply October 21, 2016

    Hi Kara I hope you are well I I’ve a fringe bangs hair cut style I don’t know how can I brush it neatly can you give me some tips. Thank you very much for your useful information.

    • Kara

      Reply Reply October 22, 2016

      Nora, unfortunately, I am not a hairdresser. You can run a google search for fringe professional styling or something similar and see what looks good and more importantly what can look good on you.

  • Nora

    Reply Reply October 21, 2016

    Hi Kara I just receive an invitation to attend an open day I wanna ask you what chances do a married candidate have to succeed thank you alot

    • Kara

      Reply Reply October 22, 2016

      A married candidate has the same chances as a single candidate. Your marital status is irrelevant. Your ability to work well in a team, serve with warmth and respect and adjust to a new culture, team, and environment, are the essential skills the recruiter will be looking for Nora.

  • Jodie

    Reply Reply September 11, 2016

    Hi kara. Your blog is very helpful to us aspiring cabin crew. Can you pls help me, I only weigh 45 kls. a little skinny and what if I can’t reach the 212 cm? I’m applying for qatar airways.

    • Kara

      Reply Reply September 14, 2016

      Hi Jodie,
      Your weight and height must be in proportion. This is measured using a BMI calculator. Your BMI must fall between normal ranges. Calculate yours here
      As for your arm-reach, unfortunately, you will not be able to pass to the next stages of the interview if you don’t clean this minimum requirement. I’m sorry I can’t give you better news.

  • Bianca

    Reply Reply September 8, 2016

    Hie kara . i just want to thank you for what you do. i would like to ask somethimg. i have a mole just above my upper lip. like what some peopl call “beauty spot” its a small black dot above my upper lip. can i get rejected because of it?. also i saw somewhere peopl talkimg about the free ebook where can i get it as i cant afford the payment(college student problems). thanks in advance

  • Allison

    Reply Reply September 6, 2016

    Hi! My name is Allison. Am I going to be accepted? because I am only 19 yrs. old and I really wanted to pursue this field. Would that be possible?

    • Kara

      Reply Reply September 7, 2016

      Hi Allison. You must be minimum 21 years old when applying. Your application will not be considered valid before that time.

  • Antonella Xhaferri

    Reply Reply August 25, 2016

    Hi Kara. I bough your book and I read it in 2 days. Amazing and helpful. I have a question, I’ve never seen fligh attendant with short hair working for Emirates, can that be a reason why someone with shorts hair won’t be selected? Thanks

    • Kara

      Reply Reply August 31, 2016

      Hi Antonella. There are cabin crew with short hair, there is no requirement regarding the minimum length of hair. Just make sure your hair is styled professionally and everything will be fine. 🙂

  • katekani

    Reply Reply August 15, 2016

    Hi Kara,

    thanks for the very informative articles that you write,on Saturday i was invited for the Qatar open day, well i got a chance to be asked a question of which i beleive went well, what i would like to know is do you get invited for the assessment based on your cv or your appearance at the open day?


    • Kara

      Reply Reply August 16, 2016

      Both Katekani. You must have a strong CV, but also be able to make a good first impression.

  • Chiedza

    Reply Reply August 12, 2016

    Hie kara..l want to thank you for your information.your answers are so straight forward and helpful..I’m attending an od for Qatar on Saturday and I’m going to use all that l have learnt from your website…thank you so much kara..im so grateful
    Lots of love

    • Kara

      Reply Reply August 12, 2016

      Sending you good vibes Chiedza. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Good luck!

  • Shadab Rajput

    Reply Reply July 31, 2016

    Kra i am a boy 24 yrs old. but i want cabin crew but my on my forehead a dark spot, so what i do…

    • Kara

      Reply Reply August 1, 2016

      Is it very visible Shadab?

  • Anna

    Reply Reply July 18, 2016

    Hi Kara ,

    Do you think the wide hips can be a problem? In my normal life I usually do not wear tight skirts.I ashamed of my thighs. But in general I’m tall (178 sm) and thin (68 kg). My bmi is normal.Just such have a body structure that my body wide hips of wide bone.

    • Kara

      Reply Reply July 20, 2016

      Anna, every single one if us is different. We all come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and the size of your hips is not a deciding factor in getting a job as a flight attendant. Other more important aspects are, such as your empathy, communication skills, ability to offer personalized service with warmth and respect, teamwork and an open heart to bridging cultural differences.
      I suggest you start digging into the much deeper feelings of unworthiness, which I suspect have nothing to do with the size of your hips. Do you think you are deserving of the wonderful life of a flight attendant? Do you think you are good enough? If not, why not?

      • Anna

        Reply Reply July 20, 2016


        You’re right. I believe that I have an open mind and curiosity about life.But at the same time it is necessary to work on myself to overcome lack of confidence.

        • Kara

          Reply Reply July 22, 2016

          Confidence is key Anna. 🙂

  • Mariia

    Reply Reply July 3, 2016

    Hello, Kara!
    Thank you for your articles! )
    May I ask you a question about Etihad online application?
    What can you say about the Cover letter and answers they ask to provide about my desire to become a cabin crew and etc. Should I answer like for the interview, telling my own story?)and how long my letter should be ( do they read it?…)
    Thank you in advance! )

    • Kara

      Reply Reply July 6, 2016

      Yes, Mariia, make it as personal as possible. Talk about what you can do for them, and not the other way around. Use your first stories of encountering this career. Be respectful of their time.

  • Zizipo

    Reply Reply June 1, 2016

    Hi Kara please help. Im 155 cm tall should I go to the Emirates open day or will I be wasting my time?

    • Kara

      Reply Reply June 2, 2016

      Zizipo, they require you are minimum 160cm. You will not be selected to proceed if you don’t meet the minimum requirements. I’m sorry.

  • Zizipo

    Reply Reply June 1, 2016

    Hi Kara I’m 155cm tall, should I take chances and go to the Emirates open day or will I just be wasting my time?

  • Lara

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    Hi cara! Thanks for guidance. My English accent is more like French accent since my country is bilingual and I speak French the most. Is Accent an issue??

    • Kara

      Reply Reply April 12, 2016

      It’s not Lara if the majority of non-English speakers can understand what you say.

      • Lara

        Reply Reply May 1, 2016

        Thanks. What about the background colour of the passport photo for Qatar Airways?? Should all UAE countries be in white or there is specific recommendation? It is not specified in any website also.

        • Kara

          Reply Reply May 4, 2016

          Lara, for Qatar the background must be blue. For Emirates and Etihad it should be white.

  • nora

    Reply Reply March 10, 2016

    dear Kara can i asked about how i apply for the invitation only days held by fly emirates. thank you dear

  • nora

    Reply Reply March 1, 2016

    i forgot to tell you that the air line that i will go to their openday is emirates

  • nora

    Reply Reply March 1, 2016

    i went to 4 assessments days and got rejected at the first round i thought cause that i was so terrified but i will try not to be this time i will go wearing a trousers because it isn’t preferable in my country to wear a knee-length shirt so if i do so will i get rejected at that point.thank you for your respond.

    • Kara

      Reply Reply March 2, 2016

      You will not be rejected because you wear pants, however they will ask you to wear a skirt for the final interview. The photos you provide should also be in a skirt. Good luck!

  • nora

    Reply Reply February 29, 2016

    and can i wear a tight jeans more like a formal trousers

    • Kara

      Reply Reply March 1, 2016

      Absolutely not. The interview attire is formal business. Jeans are not included in this category Nora.

  • nora

    Reply Reply February 29, 2016

    hi kara can i wear a trousers instead for a skirt

    • Kara

      Reply Reply March 1, 2016

      You could, however it depends on the airline. It’s more recommended to wear a skirt or a dress.

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